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  1. I hope that’s a battle you are winning mate.
  2. I forgot to add my dad loved Jurgen and his attitude to poor officials . Thanks Jurgen for making watching the reds a sheer pleasure.
  3. Yeah ,that was a very interesting comment from him.
  4. My mum passed in 2018 a victim of dementia and the same year my dad was diagnosed with liver cancer . He told me he didn’t want to go through chemo as he had had a good innings. In 2020 myself and the missus discussed flying back to see him , we debated whether to go over for his birthday in January or go for Easter. We decided on his birthday and I tried to get tickets for the game against the Mancs . I knew it would be tough and that’s how it proved to be so we watched it together on the telly ,It was the last time we watched a game together. We flew home to be hit with the covid lockdown before Easter and my dad passed in very early April. I consider myself fortunate to have known him and to have made the call to make our visit in January. He was also one of the most biased reds I knew .
  5. If you’re looking at women that old , get down to the post office on pension day . You never know your luck!
  6. Play for the mighty reds then drop down to the under21’s at 34 .
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