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Man City (H) - Sun 10th Mar 2024 (3:45pm)

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Work-rate. Incisiveness. Nous.


I don't ask for much.


This is how it's gonna be. Build from the ground up.


Note the kick-off time. The game that the media are claiming will decide the destiny of the league title, the UK general election, Trump V Biden, the Six Nations, and whatever overhyped boxing match is coming up. While the coaching staff and players will be wanting to prepare for and treat a game at Anfield against City as just another game, it's almost impossible not to think that the outcome will set the tone for the remainder of the season. City barely have any injuries anyway, the likes of Rodri never seem to get injured (or suspended), they're in that post New Year mode where they put together a run of wins, any talk about their off-field transgressions dies a death outside of LFC-friendly platforms, and the line-up of officials will shortly be due an all-expenses-paid jolly to referee a friendly in the UAE in the coming weeks.


Last season's corresponding fixture was a month before the World Cup break. Jurgen created a bit of a stir by having us sit back more and soak up pressure rather than apply our usual pressing game on them. The first half was a game of very few chances, with by far the best being a Haaland (aka Blobfish) header straight to Ali when unmarked at the back post. In the second, we had the best chance so far when Mo raced through, only to see Ederson (aka Drunk Banksy Exhibit) get the faintest of touches to his effort, which of course the officials gave as a goal kick. To be fair to them, in real time it did look as though Mo had missed the target. City thought they'd taken the lead when Foden (aka Council Estate Scrote) fired in off Joe on the line from the angle after Blobfish had wiped out Ali when trying to latch onto a through-ball from De Bruyne (aka Prince Harry). Ali and the defenders protested with Professional Game Manchester-based Officials Limited's representative Taylor (aka Bald Manc Bastard) for a foul on the keeper, but VAR were telling him to have a look at something else. Blobfish had also fouled Fab in the lead-up to the goal. Bald Manc Bastard went to the screen and ruled the goal out. Guardiola (aka Bald Weirdo) went mental, not quite "Twiiiiiice!" territory, but he was clearly peeved that Bald Manc Bastard had failed to stick to the script. Following that unexpected reprieve, Mo played an exquisite cross with the outside of his foot to the unmarked Diogo at the back past. Perhaps seeing Drunk Banksy Exhibit rushing out, he hurried his chance and headed it wide.


Then we got the two big moments in the game. Prince Harry uncharacteristically overhit a simple free kick into the arms of Ali. Ali looked up, assessed his options, and saw Mo up against Cancelo (aka How Did I End Up At Barca?) in the City half. Everyone else was still in our half. It was a great goal kick, but even better was Mo's first touch. Honestly, to kill a high dropping ball stone dead, fend off the attentions of HDIEUAB, spin his man and get his sprint on in one movement was just about the most outrageous bit of skill I've seen by a Liverpool player for impact. The only other instance to immediately come to mind is Suarez against the Geordies when he raced onto a long pass, controlled the ball with his shoulder on the run, touched it past the keeper with a deft feint, and rolled it into the net with the outside of his foot. That one was almost exactly a decade earlier! Mo raced through and this time Drunk Banksy Exhibit could do nothing to stop it. Another amazing goal for Mo against that lot. In David Coleman speak, "One Nil!" The next talking point was yet another example of Mo not getting a free kick for the most blatant of fouls right in front of the linesman. Linesmen at that end struggle to see stuff that happens right in front of them. Remember when Bosingwa (aka Monobrow) came charging in and jammed his studs into Yossi's back by the corner flag? Chelsea got either a throw-in or free kick after that one! Anyway, this time it was Bernardo Silva (aka Casa De Merda Português) who wrestled Mo to the ground, tried to elbow him, and then backheeled him when the ref's back was turned. The officials let play go on. Mo was furious but Jurgen was absolutely incensed, letting the linesman have both barrels. Bald Manc Bastard decided that was red-card worthy and sent Jurgen off. How often do we see officials ignore what initiated a scuffle or verbal tirade, and just deal with the retaliatory action? They always cover their own backs too. Remember when Robbo was elbowed by linesman Hatzidakis (aka Roid Of The Rovers), with the immediate narrative being peddled that the Scot had manhandled the lino? Anyway, the game practically fizzled out after Jurgen was sent to the stands, and we had 3 very welcome points.


Despite what I wrote about City earlier, it's not like we don't pose a serious threat to them. We have shown time and again that we can nail them. As I write, I'm not sure where we are on the injury front following the Sparta game, but I'm hoping we have much more in the way of availability than in recent weeks. We can build a welcome 4-point gap between the sides with a victory, which will also keep us at the top of the table when league action resumes following the international break. We have the Sparta return leg followed by the trip to the Red Mancs in the FA Cup to come, and the Sparta games affords Jurgen a chance to rest a number of players, particularly the ones that have pulled double duty over the past few weeks. I am expecting maximum motivation, concentration, attitude and application for this one from first minute to last. 3 points please. Get it done!

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12 minutes ago, Barrington Womble said:

I think most people would take a draw now. And while it would be a decent point, a win, we are properly in the driving seat. Just fucking win reds. 

A draw wouldn't be the end of the world, but it wouldn't be good enough on the aggregate, against the "top 6". 


City are great, but if this is to be our season, we have to take it. And this sort of game at Anfield with all the stakes and emotions is one where we can perform and get a big result.

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4 hours ago, Barrington Womble said:

I can't see any way robbo doesn't start. Gomez may be needed at centre back yet. 

Let’s hope his form improves. I would feel much more comfortable defensively with Gomez there rather than Robertson. He just hasn’t looked right for a while, understandable since the injury but even pre-injury it wasn’t classic Robbo. 

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5 hours ago, johnsusername said:

If we want to win the league then at some point we have to beat our rivals. 

I think so. Weve put in a lot of poor performances been put on the back foot by really mediocre teams but still find a way to grind out a result. City can make every team look terrible.  They can be got at but so can we. I think we need 3 points to have a chance of winning the league. 

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