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*Shakes head* Everton again.


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On 13/02/2024 at 09:11, Harry Squatter said:

"we aren't a tourist club whose matchday spend per fan is on a par with Burnley and Norwich yet we lost more during Covid than anyone else in the league"





I know its not the point of the post or even the thread, but it would actually great to see independent businesses profit from having an ostentations big footy ground in the middle of Anfield. It's so juxtaposed with the surroundings. Dunno how it would work, but it always amazes me that the best meal I can get before the game is pie, mash and gravy from the homebakery. 


Great pies tho!!

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4 hours ago, Harry Squatter said:

What they can't seem to grasp about the war in Ukraine ending their sponsorship deal is that they were funded by a mate of Moshiri who seemingly wanted to put a lot of money into the club without ever owning it. Their fans were all laughing about him being the real owner and just using Moshiri as a front man. They've always been cagey about him being involved yet what company would offer £30m naming rights for a stadium that had had yet to even be started?. It also conveniently appeared when the club were that amount short of meeting ffp and they announced it at their AGM with a straight face. 


So he blagged his own money into the club with inflated sponsorship deals which no one else would pay. Since then they've been unable to get equivalent deals or even replace them with anywhere near what he put in. 


Spurs despite being based in London and using the stadium for other things like NFL and concerts still haven't been able to secure naming rights a few years after they built it. 


If AXA or Standard Chartered got liquidated Liverpool would still be able to get a similar deal from another sponsor yet Everton want you to believe that they lost all their funding from one dubious source because of the war. 

He wasn't offering 30m for naming rights, he paid 30m for the right to first refusal on naming rights. It's fucking scandalous that was allowed by the PL. 

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16 minutes ago, Barrington Womble said:

He wasn't offering 30m for naming rights, he paid 30m for the right to first refusal on naming rights. It's fucking scandalous that was allowed by the PL. 

Even more corrupt. And the cheating twats still think everyone is against them.

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19 minutes ago, Tenfolder said:


Still the owls ex assistant or whatever though, think they couldn't have an easier win on the cards tonight.

Tenfolder meet Everton, Everton this is Tenfolder.


The most Everton thing is them getting turned over tonight against a managerless and injury hit team.


Then tomorrow lose their appeal.

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5 hours ago, AngryOfTuebrook said:



Every free kick Everton have had tonight they’ve moved a laughable amount forward.  They moved it so far forward before that they then had to start complaining that the one man wall was too close to the ball because he was about 6 yards away.  He hadn’t moved since they first put the ball down.  The refs hardly ever pull it up but they’ve done it that much Tierney has started telling them to take it back.  We’ve had a few dives from them already as well.

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