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  1. Red Phoenix

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 (21)

    I thought this was a good read : Simone Biles is forcing us to think about what sporting success really means
  2. Red Phoenix

    Cyberpunk 2077

    They've been updating the testing build on steam quite a lot recently, way more than they've ever done before since the game was released. Hopefully that means that there's a big patch and/or some DLC about to be released soon.
  3. Red Phoenix

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 (21)

    You seem frustrated because you can't see what's wrong with her and the reaction from others to why she's chosen not to carry on. Of course because we can't see it or have 100% proof we can never be 100% sure. That's something that always plays in the back of my head when I have to tell someone anxiety has prevented me from being able to do something. I'd rather deal with that though than give someone the proof by pushing myself until the colour starts draining from me or I'm going to the floor unable to move further or I pass out or something. If they don't believe me that's up to them, I'm often too busy feeling ill to add that to my head too much. Attempting to give proof is instantly risking something a lot worse taking place that could take a lot longer to recover from. This is also why we're starting to focus more on mental health. The risks and the dangers are starting to become accepted more. Yes there's always the chance that I could push through it and end up feeling ok when it starts, but the risk becomes a lot bigger the worse it gets and that's me doing normal stuff, not gymnastics where serious injury would be a lot more likely. Sometimes knowing when it's time to stop can be one of the most important things. Someone who's won a "pile of gold medals in the past" though would in most cases attempt to turn things around if they don't really have mental health issues I'd think instead of faking it. Especially when they've trained years to be in the exact place they are in and could be hours away from another one of those medals. I'm surprised that several people in sport have had this same problem recently though, I think it could be that the pandemic has pushed things over the edge and made a normally stressful situation that they could otherwise just about manage to deal with a lot worse to the point that they've had to stop. What can be a difficult mental challenge to a healthy person can be like an invisible brick wall to someone with mental health problems. An outsider can't see it but they'd soon sense it if they were going through the same thing.
  4. Red Phoenix

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 (21)

    For fellow gaming nerds : Olympic athlete wins gold medal while wearing a Witcher medallion
  5. Red Phoenix


    Jezza should tell his brother to get down to his allotment and smoke some of his weed. He'd probably be better being a hippie than peeling safety stickers off trains.
  6. Red Phoenix


    Ah I'm mainly meaning the first things as I don't watch tv apart from some footie usually. I've seen clips of them on tv from social media though and would probably be sick of them if I actually watched it often. I'm not saying it's balanced between left and right, more that I think there's more from the left and center than we usually think with the focus being so much on the right.
  7. Red Phoenix


    I don't get this thing about anti-vaxxers being far-right. There's anti-vaxxers on the far-left and far-right and I'm sure there's plenty inbetween too. It's maybe just that the far-right are the best at making a twat of themselves in the process and making the most noise.
  8. Red Phoenix

    Upcoming Films

    Still no Matrix 4 trailer and it's supposed to be out in December.
  9. Red Phoenix

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Haha, must have been those anti-Semites he warned about in the hustings.
  10. Red Phoenix


    A rare case of good news for workers. Warhammer maker Games Workshop hands staff £5,000 bonus after lockdown sales surge. I know very little about Warhammer but remember liking Dawn of War II on the PC over a decade ago and I hope the Eldar won a decent amount of battles as those sales took place.
  11. Red Phoenix

    Keir Starmer

    I saw this party earlier on and thought it could be amazing, something that if done properly could completely transform politics in this country. Then I start checking the tweets and they're ranting about "crypto nerds" and "terfs". Fuck off.
  12. Red Phoenix

    Keir Starmer

    I'd not be surprised if the end game here is expelling Momentum.
  13. Red Phoenix

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    What fucking planet do you have to be on to think something like that? That's beyond sick. It makes me cringe wondering how many likes that got before he got banned too.
  14. Red Phoenix

    The Latin America thread

    Good old UK spreading "democracy" : Too busy promoting corporate development.