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  1. Red Phoenix

    Russia v Ukraine

    Explainer: Ukraine looks for ways to get its grain out
  2. Red Phoenix

    Russia v Ukraine

    I'm not taking everything they say they'll do or offer at face value. Russia aren't currently moving away from the routes but they're saying lifting some sanctions could allow the grain to get through. Do we gamble on taking out Russia's ships and then no more arriving then the grain getting out (big risky escalation), or do we talk about lifting some sanctions to see if that helps? And yeah if other countries don't lift any sanctions (never even try this option that Russia say will lead to grain getting out), people later starve because this isn't resolved and we also have no proof that they were lying then yes it's definitely 100% on our side as well because we never even tried with the one option that Russia said would resolve this, we never even attempted to see if it'd work. It's insane to think otherwise and it makes no sense at all.
  3. Red Phoenix

    Russia v Ukraine

    Wow. Millions of different people all over the world have been starving throughout the course of our entire lives, in part, because our leaders are fucking psychopaths! This is just another episode that makes it worse. The Ukraine war hasn't changed our leaders into angels. There's also the question of Ukrainian mines that need clearing : "Mined Ports, Red Tape and Russia Risk Stop Ukraine Grain. Lithuania says clearing mines around Ukraine ports is tricky"
  4. Red Phoenix

    Russia v Ukraine

    Our psychopathic leaders have many ways of negotiating with Russia and finding a way that people around the world could avoid starving. Russia have suggested lifting some sanctions to open up the port so maybe there's some solutions to this that can be solved without either more sanctions or more weapons. The port doesn't have to be a part of this conflict, it can be a safer area where that grain can get out. It's on both sides to resolve this and no amount of Putin apologist or guilt tripping changes that. I don't think it's wise for people around the world at risk of starving take the gamble that "more weapons kill the bad guys more quickly" when so far it doesn't seem to have changed much. This could be solved peacefully (the port) and quickly, that's likely the best option for poor and starving people in need of food.
  5. Red Phoenix

    Russia v Ukraine

    The results of this war are really starting to spill out of Ukraine now and effect us all. We're Human beings, at some point we should have the intelligence to solve this in better ways than it just dragging out with more war, weapons and sanctions.
  6. Red Phoenix

    Russia v Ukraine

    If that grain doesn't move anywhere near as well as it could have if both sides had worked something out, and lifting some sanctions could've helped then it's on both sides and there's no way around it. I have no intention of going back to my old regular posting but this is just one of the latest things that's completely over the top. That people around the world could starve, in part because Russia are blocking the ports but also because we can't entertain lifting some sanctions, then it's clearly become insane.
  7. Red Phoenix

    Russia v Ukraine

    Ask yourself the same question.
  8. Red Phoenix

    Russia v Ukraine

    I really hope these more weapons more war more sanctions people are in a serious fucking minority soon because this is becoming completely stupid now.
  9. Red Phoenix

    Russia v Ukraine

    Let me guess, the answer to the chances of people starving around the world is more weapons and sanctions. The only thing this guy ever focuses on.
  10. Red Phoenix

    Russia v Ukraine

    War in Ukraine: WFP renews call to open Black Sea ports amid fears for global hunger Ukraine war live So we take part in people starving around the world because we can't let up on sanctions? Ben Wallace is a massive fucking clown and so is Truss. Pair of idiots. Now that the Russian gov, still being cunts, have at least offered a solution but it requires us dropping some of the sanctions we're addicted to it'll be interesting to see where this goes. Because this is now on both sides, people around the world at risk of starving. Because both sides, not just one, are refusing to back down. And if people starve then we can be clearer that this was never about Human lives being a priority in the first place.
  11. Red Phoenix

    Joe Biden

  12. Red Phoenix

    American Politics

    Yeah I was never a fan of that guy and would've been happy if he'd distanced himself from the protests once they gained a lot of support (his ego was probably too big for that though.) Just went and looked for this one that often comes to mind when I see him mentioned :
  13. Red Phoenix

    Russia v Ukraine

    Uncle Schwabby Wabby talking about a multipolar world! Watch out Klaus, you'll have the "rules-based (US based) international order" mob out for you with that kind of talk : With no A-listers, can Davos still play a part on the global stage? Silly old Davos/WEF fucking twat. Get your mates to pay some taxes and stop trying to place your gimp forum above world governments. If that isn't Ukraine related enough there's always this : Davos day one: Ukrainian MPs call for more support as WEF begins
  14. Red Phoenix

    Wolves (H) - Sun 22nd May 2022 (4:00pm)

    I'd feel a decent bit better if Gerrard wasn't in the situation he was in today. 2-0 up against them near the end of the game and just hoping for us to win, then that happened. My head was fucked refreshing livescore never mind actually watching us. As soon as they got one goal back though I guessed it was over then the rest happened. Another win for the oil club and Newcastle could be at the top in the coming years too. Total joke and our league is almost fucked. It feels almost like a miracle how we've rivalled them in recent years too, we've been amazing.