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  1. Red Phoenix

    General Election 2019

    Gap back at 8 points with a poll from same people : Explained here :
  2. Red Phoenix

    Election 2019 - The TV Debates

    Seeing this definitely made up for some of the shitty debate :
  3. Red Phoenix

    Election 2019 - The TV Debates

    When I say I thought it was a stalemate I don't mean that in a centrist way of I don't know who I thought was saying the better stuff for me personally. Of course Corbyn was fucking leagues ahead in that to me. I meant more of how effective I thought either of them were when it came down to saying things that made them appear better to people who've not decided, and I didn't see anything new or either of them clearly scoring big hits that caused problems for the other. That's maybe because I think people are used to Johnson waffling his way out of shit and that I think people just accept that at this stage and don't really care.
  4. Red Phoenix

    Election 2019 - The TV Debates

    That was one of the most boring hours of anything I've seen in ages, should've skipped it. It seemed like a stalemate for me because even though Corbyn was easily the best on social issues we know the Brexit shitfest is one of the main subjects and Johnson asked several times who'd even be negotiating it for Labour and Corbyn couldn't answer. I think he did this effectively too when he said (can't remember exact times he said but roughly) "we're 40 minutes in and I/we still don't have an answer", "we're 50 minutes in and still don't have an answer", that if dragged out over time would've got worse. Johnson's main flaw there was not doing it from earlier on, glad he didn't. Why couldn't Corbyn have simply said what MP's would be dealing with this either? Maybe Johnson would've attacked with him the line that remainers are negotiating an exit and how could that be credible. Why couldn't Corbyn explain why even as a neutral person it's still in his best interest to be one of the people getting the best deal possible for the welfare of the country? He didn't and avoided the direct answer, which seemed odd. We're weeks into the campaign, surely someone could've prepped him with a better response. So for every bumbling stupid fucking answer strawhead came up with or avoided the Brexit thing seemed to balance it out, along with a few other things that probably worked like bringing up automatic release for the terrorist. Glad it's over. As good as Corbyn is with policies and vision (and just not being a complete cunt like Johnson) I crave him being a bit more like Bernie when debating and speaking, as he'd hit home with clearer points and be more effective.
  5. Red Phoenix


    Was thinking the same thing, glad it ended with people just saying decent things mainly. Good contrast to how they started with all the get Brexit done BS.
  6. Red Phoenix

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    The Campaign Against Antisemitism is also having a rally on Sunday which will probably be in the news as well. They recently did a poll with YouGov that suggested antisemitism is worse on the left than it is on the right, some of the flaws on that are explained here : https://jamiesternweiner.wordpress.com/2019/12/03/fake-campaign-against-antisemitism/ The Jewish Chronicle went with the recent poll to attack Corbyn too, here they are trashing some of their previous work though : https://www.thejc.com/comment/analysis/the-caa-poll-debate-these-figures-are-not-to-be-trusted-1.64697
  7. Red Phoenix


    Was waiting for some idiot to have a go at Corbyn at the end, glad that didn't really happen and that a couple of people instead pointed out that he's actually at a homeless shelter (or on Christmas eve) instead of watching a speech most of the country don't watch anyway. It at least balances out so much of the crap we've seen from morning tv and other media about this earlier on.
  8. Red Phoenix

    General Election 2019

    I'm in David Davis's area (my brother has had 4 leaflets through the door for that cunt now, and he told me a bit ago he's literally spat on every one of them, still makes me laugh.) and you could say my vote means nothing, but still voted Labour because not ever having voted for Corbyn if he's out after this would be something I'd always regret. Also though : If enough people vote Labour in an area they have no chance in (unless Libs/SNP can take the seat this time), those votes might add up to a decent amount and the party might start taking that area more seriously in the future/put more focus on campaigning there, weakening it for the Tories. The 2nd bit for me isn't as strong a thing though and I'll probably be back for Greens next time. Or will I? I don't know any more, the Tories have become that bad that maybe a change in the voting system or a total center-right, corporate loving twat being Labour leader is the only way I'd move back over. What a shit system we're dealing with.
  9. Red Phoenix

    General Election 2019

    I argued the same last US election with Stein and voted Green in the UK election. In this one I think it's too important to keep Tories out. There's not been a government as bad as this Tory one for a long time. Molly Scott Cato is a Green that I've always liked and think she's a great MEP. But she's currently campaigning in Stroud which is a marginal and enough votes for her could let the Tories in. I think it's fucking stupid and her along with any other Green doing similar should have a good think about what they're doing. Or as would be more fitting here : to give their fucking heads a good wobble. Corbyn does not compare with Johnson. The difference between the two when it comes to the environment is huge, or even the chance at a 2nd vote on the EU, and the Greens again should be well aware of this. It is really so hard to just stand down in marginals? Apparently even for the Greens in some cases, even when faced with what Johnson could do, it is. Well fuck that this time around.