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  1. There goes the Leverkusen late comeback I guess. Sad to see them fail right at the end like that.
  2. If they don't get a 3rd goal things could start getting worse for them as this half goes on.
  3. I'd watch the 2nd half but haven't seen Leverkusen play this season, can't be jinxing them. Livescore will have to do.
  4. Utd can't sack Ten Hag, we need a season of baldy vs baldy first.
  5. The cases have mainly focused on Africa : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Criminal_Court_investigations Maybe things are finally changing though with what's been going on in recent years.
  6. Apparently a leader recently admitted that to them the ICC is mostly about Africa. Never thought I'd hear the actual ICC prosecutor publically say they'd been told that, crazy times.
  7. I think I noticed him do that at one point but was mainly meaning earlier on where like Remmie said he'd not been hit by much. I'd not be surprised if he does it again a bit in the next fight though because if he doesn't he might think Usyk will see it as a sign that he's already got to him.
  8. I've hardly seen anything about this. Am hoping it's an accident due to bad weather like most people are doing, don't want to imagine the alternative with all of what's already going on in the region.
  9. The bits of clowning around he was doing, maybe he was playing mind games a bit as well with that to appear more relaxed. I've not seen a lot of his fights though so it could be something he does no matter what. I think he at least underestimated Usyk a bit which he'll surely avoid doing if there's a rematch.
  10. I don't know, don't even watch boxing much and have only seen a few of his fights but he seems bored of it from parts of this and not even that bothered about money : Tyson Fury: ‘There’s a lot to be said for a normal job. Me? I can’t go anywhere. I’m tortured’ Am mainly wondering if losing will give him motivation for a rematch at least.
  11. I hope he focuses on the first bit you said instead and maybe his first defeat will make him determined to prove a point. It could be a great fight in october or whenever if that happens.
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