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  1. Red Phoenix

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Thanks for that, time to switch phrenologist I think.
  2. Red Phoenix

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    What fucking planet would you have to be on to believe that bullshit.
  3. Red Phoenix

    War with Iran is it imminent

    US Oil Administration at it again by the looks of it after the Venezuela oil grab fizzled out. Bolton and Pompeo are off their fucking rockers and so is Trump for choosing them.
  4. Red Phoenix

    Nintendo Switch

    Switch has a Panzer Dragoon remake too that I'd like to play. If I ever get one will at least have a good amount of games to choose from. I thought if SMT V ever got released (we've heard nothing in ages now) and I got a Switch there'd only be a few other games I'd be interested in, looks like there'd be quite a lot now though.
  5. Red Phoenix

    Nintendo Switch

    Am a bit gutted that Switch has Ultimate Alliance 3 as an exclusive. I have zero interest in the Avengers one which seems to have only a handful of characters and hardly any gameplay at all shown from what I've seen (and I don't like live service stuff at all if i'm wanting to play a single player game), while Ultimate Alliance 3 looks like it has loads of characters to play and like it'd be a lot of fun. I don't like the graphics as much and would prefer it without more infinity stones stuff, but would instantly pick this if I had the choice of this or Avengers.
  6. Red Phoenix

    Upcoming Games

    Trailer for The Outer Worlds seeing as I forgot it :
  7. Red Phoenix

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I don't know how I put new deal there instead of no deal, edited. Maybe so sick of the whole thing it's a stuggle to even focus and write properly on the subject. Or maybe my head's still boggled at the sight of so many Tories actually voting against stopping it from happening. No idea what their reason/excuse is and not sure if I'm bothered. The closer it gets maybe more of them will start defecting, especially if Johnson is about to become PM or has done that already by the time a similar vote is in place.
  8. Red Phoenix

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    It's almost like most of the Tory party are happy to fuck the entire country over and go running off to the US to line their pockets with one of the worst trade deals we've ever done. If it's not that it's probably something equally bad. They're supposed to be split over the EU to whatever extent but they can't be allowing Corbyn's party to win a vote to help us stop no deal, maybe they're more bothered about the news being focused on him being stitched up as an anti-Semite so he has less chance of getting into Downing Street and causing their tax havens problems. Bunch of scum.
  9. Red Phoenix

    Upcoming Games

    Am usually the same with preorders, can't ever remember doing it before but might do it for Bloodlines 2 and Cyberpunk (although it'll be done a lot closer to the release date I think.) Outer Worlds doesn't really bother me but would've done if I didn't have a PS4 with it being from the creators of New Vegas and the type of game I can usually get into. And yeah if the pressure from gamers doesn't change anything with Epic maybe it'll make one or two developers wary about the backlash (and the pirating) at least too.
  10. Red Phoenix

    Upcoming Games

    Had thought at first it was timed anyway, didn't realise they were planning on just leaving it Epic only. Glad that's at least been sorted out, but yeah it's a shitty way of doing things agreed on that. Glad I have a PS4 too so I don't have to do the waiting thing for the games they have as exclusive for PC.
  11. Red Phoenix

    Upcoming Games

    Agreed with the exclusives thing, that's been doing my head in a bit because I was wanting to play Outer Worlds on PC but not buying anything from that store. I haven't read about all of the things you mentioned, but am familiar with some of it, especially after reading the Fuck Epic reddit. EA piss me off too, would've liked to have played Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda but am not making an Origin account as I can't stand the company. Especially after Bioware didn't even finish Andromeda properly because EA wanted them to move over to Anthem for their live service gaming attempt bullshit. I've never even played a Shenmue game either, I just knew that it was a well liked old game and that it'd be cool to see a sequel being successful after so long via kickstarter. Maybe it'll still turn out fine for PS4 players, can't see the PC version going well though unless they reverse what they've done here and let people play via Steam.
  12. Red Phoenix

    Rate the last game you've played...

    It does seem to have a decent sized one if you're playing as pacifist, but most players won't be doing that and I'm not sure what it's like when there's a focus on building up fleets to attack with. I got the game in a sale on GoG as well (part of a collection in this) and the dlc is still on sale too so am ok there, thanks for mentioning it though.
  13. Red Phoenix

    Upcoming Games

    Yeah have just been reading about that, great way to create an absolute shitstorm. Their kickstarter comments page is currently being flooded too, will be interesting to see how they respond after tons of people report them to kickstarter and a lot of them are talking about fraud. Apparently it might be possible to switch to PS4 according to this for PC users, not that it helps those without a PS4 though. Quote is from a kickstarter comment : Sad to see it turn out like that for PC backers anyway.
  14. Red Phoenix

    Upcoming Games

    New FFVII trailer :
  15. Red Phoenix

    Boss music in games

    This was posted by Cyberpunk 2077's composer (who also did Witcher games), sounds awesome nearer the end. There was a techno track from the start of the demo I'm still really wanting to hear too, hope it makes it to the final soundtrack or if not he posts it as part of tracks that didn't make the final game.