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  1. Red Phoenix

    Global Warming

    You can tell we're in the shit, Frank from Donnie Darko has even turned up.
  2. Red Phoenix

    Global Warming

    Nope. Scifi, fantasy or marvel/dc films, rarely watch any other type of stuff. Used to like them as a kid, but after watching one or more Hellraiser films I didn't think those could be topped very well and it all got kind of boring to me for the most part.
  3. Red Phoenix

    TLW Science Thread

    Communists did that, they said it'd put us all on a level playing field.
  4. Red Phoenix

    Global Warming

    House of Usher? Who he? edit : nm, probably another Hades alt. Or a member of the momo collective.
  5. Red Phoenix

    Donald Trump

    Off we go again : From here, you can sign in with google for free read if you get the "subscribe" block : https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/16/us/politics/bernie-sanders-democratic-party.html
  6. Red Phoenix

    Upcoming Games

    Control finally has a release date of 27th August, still think it looks great too. (This clip has "it's time to take back control" near the end which might grate a bit with the current BS going on, thought I'd menton it so it doesn't surprise/bug you near the end.)
  7. Red Phoenix

    The Notre Dame

    CIA innit. They're attacking the EU. The media coverage to me is completely over the top, even now Guardian has 8 different stories in the top section along with one of them being a live one. I do think it's sad though despite the media bullshit and people going so over the top. The way some of these churches have been built is amazing, and I'm not going to celebrate things like that being destroyed/close to destroyed. I lived near Beverley Minster not long back and even with something like that which is so much smaller it's the level of detail and wondering how much time and effort has gone into creating something like that, even if the bells used to drive me mad. Have got to wonder about the double standards though, if an equally amazing Muslim building went up in flames I don't think they'd be too bothered. And planes crash in other parts of the world that get a small section at the top of the page at times, even when loads of people have died. Nothing like this is getting. And then there's journos on twitter flagging up people suggesting it could've been arson to twitter's main accounts and so on, even though there's been several cases of vandalism that's hit churces recently. Gets to the point where I start wondering why they're doing it. Maybe it's partly a left vs right thing in some cases, but if we're going to start cleansing people from social media at the suggestion that a church might have been set on fire deliberately then I think that's quite a bit more of an issue than the church itself.
  8. Was just uploading an image to imgur when I found my new hero : https://imgur.com/gallery/h17qSSz I also found a cat which I think is stoned : https://imgur.com/gallery/DCIMsyi
  9. Red Phoenix

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Fuck the EU! While I'd maybe prefer to remain for the time being to stop this bunch of right-wing and racist idiots from feeling even more justified with their garbage, I do have two problems in mind at the moment (along with the dozens connected to the operating of the EU of course) : 1) When we voted to leave, I remember one or more of the people in power at the EU saying something like they're going to have to have a look at themselves after the result and make some changes (maybe I imagined it or remember wrongly?) Have the EU changed a single significant thing to make anyone more assured that things have improved since we left? If not it's not exactly showing that they give a fuck is it, or maybe they think the same old same old is good enough and fuck the leave voters. Or just fuck the plebs in general. What do a few million plebs matter when we control the entire EU? 2) I've gradually started seeing how bad this is and have even changed my views on us leaving as well I think, because things are taking a sharp turn to the right lately and us leaving could make it worse. Or maybe us remaining will just make them more angry and annoying too. But does this mean we should always stay in the EU in fear of what the bunch of selfish racists in the leave section will do? Because if so that means those same selfish racists are controlling us. Even if the EU turned into a clear nightmare we'd just have to suffer so that the racists and the right-wingers don't feel empowered? Shorter version : 1) The EU should make changes seeing as one of the biggest countries in it voted to leave, they should accept they've fucked up and do something to improve it. 2) If we can't leave because of fear of racists, then that means those very same racists are controlling us because of that. Their "taking back control" could be classed as reverse psychology that actually makes us remain! If the EU goes to shit, we're trapped in there because of the fear of them. That's obviously not good.
  10. Red Phoenix

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    Haha, what a relief that's over, feel like I've aged a few more years watching it. Well done Red Men.
  11. Red Phoenix

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    Can't believe that just happened (Robertson), as if our nerves aren't fucked enough.
  12. Red Phoenix

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    Holy shit. Now that is luck.
  13. Red Phoenix

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    Fuck, just went back to the stream to see that going into the net. Fucking awesome!
  14. Red Phoenix

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    Awesome. Hopefully we won't sit back too much letting them attack us, and keep going at them.