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  1. Red Phoenix

    This forums political compass

    Think I disagreed with that too, mainly because Marx should've shaved his beard off. It was a poor attempt at copying Bakunin's beard and he should've been fucking called out on it at the time.
  2. Red Phoenix

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    You can't say that, he's the Father of the House! And he was a Bilderberger, what better person to help sell the country out? He must have some great contacts to do that with and I'm sure he'll do an excellent job if chosen.
  3. Red Phoenix

    This forums political compass

    Haven't heard them all but self-titled first one is my favourite from the ones I've listened to. If I've still got it somewhere it could be one of the only albums, or the only one that I bought on tape and still have a copy of.
  4. Red Phoenix

    This forums political compass

    Some questions like "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" have agree or disagree only when that would depend on several factors clearly, so it could do with some neutral options at times but gave it a go again and am still in the bottom left.
  5. Red Phoenix

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    If it's really going to work and it's agreed that they're only getting the power to stop no deal for an extension then call an election, it might be best to just get Swinson or Sturgeon to do it. I'd rather that than a whole load of arguing that leads us to no deal.
  6. Red Phoenix

    Metal, Punk, Grunge etc.

    Haven't read NME in ages, could be an issue but hopefully if it really is someone clueless that reviewed it they got lucky and it's not too far off.
  7. Red Phoenix

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
  8. Red Phoenix

    Metal, Punk, Grunge etc.

    Thanks, after reading the first link descriptions I'm going for three songs from the off instead of listening properly, especially with it being such a long album : Invincible, Descending, 7empest. Great to read some mentions of Meshuggah type riffs in there too, at least we know it'll get heavy in places.
  9. Red Phoenix

    Donald Trump

  10. Red Phoenix

    Lib Dems

    The final test might be something like "Do you support our super special relationships with the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia?" If answer yes : "Well jolly good then, let's get started!" If answer no : "Well fuck off then. NEXT!"
  11. Red Phoenix

    Lib Dems

    Yeah, exactly how they planned it. At least Boris gets away with Tories not being investigated for Islamophobia because that's a lot more acceptable around here. Lucky Tories. If he said he supported Palestine him being out as PM would just be a matter of counting down until he's smeared too or they voted no confidence on the first day back at parliament. Conservative Friends of Israel would make sure that was the case, along with the Israeli embassy too I suppose, and the Board of Zioni....I mean erm Deputies. JC's a big ol' racist, he might be a Reptilian too people so watch out. He also grows weed on his allotment but I raided the place for his most recent crop so he's safe with that for a while. Jez isn't a former Bilderberg drone though so it's not all bad.
  12. Red Phoenix

    Lib Dems

    You know the Lib Dems are in the shit when they'd rather support Ken the Bilderberg Beast Clarke than Corbyn for even a temporary PM. And yes if Lucas did the same I'd say the Greens I support were in the shit too.
  13. Red Phoenix

    GTA 5 announced

  14. Red Phoenix

    Metal, Punk, Grunge etc.

    I think they will, am mainly concerned about how much won't feel like that if every single song is over 10 mins long. Have heard a live version of a song known as Descending that can be found on youtube and some of the guitar sounds really good, but again it lasts 10+ mins and am not sure about the rest of it. At least we can find out in just over 2 weeks anyway.