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Israel - A Rant


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Never more than an arms length away. 


Ex lifelong tory cunt Cristian Wakeford.




More on the Labour MP who made complaints to thd police about harassment from Palestinian activists. 





It's a wonder where they find the time. In between looking after their constituents. Unless the people who vote Labour in Barnsley and Glasgow are all also Israeli shills. 






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The Israeli influence, never more than an arms length away. You wouldn't think the country is in the Hague on charges of genocide. 


British protesting rights to be decided by John Woodcock, a man in Israels pocket and who was forced to resign over sexual misconduct allegations.  No prizes for guessing who he's going to instruct the police to protect. 






We're being played. 




Here's the future health secretary and friends of Israel Labour MP Wes Streeting on how upset he is over a poster in his constituency. Fair enough..




However in now deleted original message seems Wes wasn't concerned in the slightest. He poked fun at the ad.  Maybe the penny hadn't dropped on how he could use it to his advantage. 


'A lot of people move to Redbridge to get away from this sort of politics"  Sure they do Wes.






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5 hours ago, Nelly-Szoboszlai said:

Other issues re: her credentials as a “journalist.” (Thread)




The only 'journalist' over here who had the courage to ask questions received a torrent of abuse by almost every other journalist in the country and is now subject to a smear campaign. 

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8 hours ago, Nelly-Szoboszlai said:

Big Rach saying the quiet bit out loud when asking for a clampdown on anyone who shows anti-Israeli sentiments? 





"Certain communities" wonder which communities she's referring to? My guess is she's not referring to the affluent ones. 



"Give police all powers possible" very tommah robbo that by Rach. 


"Anti Israel, Anti Zionism"  Not sure where to start with this one. Very odd from a senior British politician. 


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^ her speech was only a few days after the Hamas attacks so maybe still raw but her words are ill judged at best. She's conflated anti semitism with anti zionism for a start. Plus every British citizen has the right to criticise whatever country they like. Talk of using police powers to halt free speech is dangerous territory. 

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I’ve asked this before but take a second to ask yourself “why are our government allowing this?” There’s your answer. If you actually answer it then you’re anti-semitic of course. Stop thinking it. 

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Arron Bushnell. American airman who committed suicide in front of the Israeli embassy. He was 25. 




Israeli agent trains a gun on him whilst others try to save his life. 


The vid doesn't show the poor fella fully but it's still upsetting so watch at your discretion. 




And here is the response from an official Israeli agency. The man is an American citizen who may have had mental health problems and may have a family who care for him and love him. 


What a disgusting comment to make. 






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Palestinian PM Shtayyeh hands resignation to Abbas over Gaza ‘genocide’

Shtayyeh’s move comes amid US pressure on Palestinian Authority to work on a political structure that can govern a Palestinian state after Gaza war.


Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh has announced the resignation of his government, which rules parts of the occupied West Bank, due to the escalating violence in the occupied territory and the war on Gaza.

“I see that the next stage and its challenges require new governmental and political arrangements that take into account the new reality in Gaza and the need for a Palestinian-Palestinian consensus based on Palestinian unity and the extension of unity of authority over the land of Palestine,” he said.


Last week, Israeli lawmakers backed Netanyahu’s rejection of any “unilateral” recognition of a Palestinian state.



But the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs slammed the vote and accused Israel of holding the rights of Palestinians hostage due to the occupation of Palestinian territories.

“The ministry reaffirms that the State of Palestine’s full membership in the United Nations and its recognition by other nations does not require permission from Netanyahu,” it said in a statement.



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