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  1. Lario

    FSG are not shit

    A New Balance, if you will.
  2. Lario

    Sick of being Fat

    Ketostix are little yokes that you pass through your piss to tell you if there are ketones in it. If there are, then you're using fat for fuel. They're not an exact science, but can give you a good boost when you see you're body's doing what it should.
  3. Lario

    Sick of being Fat

    @Em City Try destroy your legs in the gym. Will help you a lot more that the upper body stuff. As for the IF/Keto thing, have you noticed any weightloss? Have you bought ketostix to see if you're in ketosis?
  4. The new Gilette advert. What say ye?
  5. Lario

    Sick of being Fat

    Irish. I use pounds as it's easier to see any minimal weightloss. OMAD isn't calorie restricting. It's basically eat your daily calorie allowance in one sitting, allowing just one insulin spike in 24 hours. So the "usual" Intermittent Fasting routine is 16:8. Some people push it to 20:4. OMAD is basically 23.5:0.5. I usually eat around 12pm. That way you're pretty much full until bedtime, and it's only a few hours in the morning that you're felling hungry if at all. It's actually ok to feel hungry for a while. And a lot of time it isn't even hunger, it's thirst. Checked in at 206.6lbs this morning, which is down nearly 6 pounds. Seeing as tomorrow is a fasting day, I was thinking about maybe having a bit of a blowout this evening. But ploughing a load of sugar in will probably make tomorrow all the harder. Will play it by ear.
  6. Lario

    Sick of being Fat

    Same as. I was was down at 178 just over two years ago, and was in pretty good nick. Then I crept over 180 and thought to myself "as long as I stay below 190!" Until I crept over 190! And on it went until i tipped the 211 a few days ago. When I was fit, I had to drill a new hole in my belt to keep my jeans up. That's now 3 notches away! Fairly depressing shit. Went to to buy clobber last weekend 'cause most of my stuff is uncomfortable now. But came to the realisation that I'd be better off keeping my money, and just losing the fucking flab.
  7. Lario

    Would you take Coutinho Back?

    Do they still owe us for him don't they? So what about we've used the money to buy Alisson & VVD, take Coutinho back, and write off the debt? If Edwards can pull a stroke like that, he needs his own religion.
  8. Lario

    Sick of being Fat

    Can't believe this thread hasn't been bumped given the time of year! I'm blue in the face from starting and fucking up weight loss, so now that the brother-in-law has done an Ironman in Barcelona (fit cunt), I've decided I can lose a few stone. Gonna go OMAD with Keto, and throw in the odd 36-48 hour fast and see what's what. Had a load of sweets on Sunday night to clear the cupboards, and started a 37 hour Snake Juice diet to get straight into fasting forced ketosis. Worked a treat. Monday Morning - 213.8lbs. Nothing to eat all day. Had 1.5 litres of Snake juice and played a game of 5-a-side. Tuesday noon - Meal of 6 rashers & 3 sausages with a can of coke Zero. Also had a Grenade Carb Killa bar to keep the sweet tooth at bay. Wednesday (today) - Tipped the scales at 211.2 this morning. Had the same meal at the same time as yesterday. to add a bit of science to it though, I got the diabetic lad in the office to take some bloods. Pre food - 3.6 mmol/L 1 hour after food - 5.8 mmol/L 2 hours after food - 5.4 mmol/L So my blood sugar "spiked" to 5.8 millimoles per litre of blood, which is pretty good in the "keep insulin level low" fight. Onwards and upwards...or downwards as the case may be.
  9. I, like most, wasn't a fan of that midfield trio. But people saying Klopp "got it wrong" are using scoreboard analysis. Mane scores (which he should've) combined with Kompany walking (which he should've), and everything would've worked out. Lady luck was the only difference between the teams the other night. And Lovren ballwatching.
  10. Lario

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Where's that cunt with the magnet conspiracy when you need him?!
  11. Lario

    Dejan Lovren

    Buy Alderweireld for his £25m release clause. Sell Lovren for the guts of £20m. Job's a good 'un.
  12. Lario

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Well if the guys sat around you were screaming at him constantly, he should be fucking sold immediately.
  13. Lario

    Alisson Becker

    Alisson is miles better than Mig. Even his mistakes are better. As I see it, the Leicester one was a fuck up. Don't know what you'd call the United one. To my eyes it wasn't an error or a mistake. It was a freak occurrence where he collected the ball, and knocked it out of his own hands with his knee. Would rather him in the goal than anyone else in the league.
  14. Lario

    Arsenal (H) 29/12

    It's for deceiving an official. So the poor ref was the innocent party in Mo's tyrannical plot to win a penalty.