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  1. Lario

    The Rugby Thread

    Brought 24no. 10 year olds up to the Ireland game with our local rugby club. Their first match! Made sure the parents had given them cash, and made sure they all bought a program and half-and-half scarf just in case! An absolutely incredible game with an atmosphere to match. Might just pack it in now!
  2. Lario

    Kate Beckinsale

    Hot women are boss.
  3. Lario

    Loris Karius

    Is there anything to be said for saying another mass?
  4. Lario

    James McClean refuses to wear poppy

    Fucking trial by PC mad, agenda driven, social media types. If he doesn't want to wear it, he shouldn't be forced to. What ever happened to being yourself?
  5. Lario

    Power (Netflix Series)

    Sets reminder to watch later.
  6. Lario

    Report: Reds set transfer fee for Origi

    £20m? I guess he better like it in the footballing wilderness.
  7. Lario


    Guy in the red is a proper sneaky cunt. Not it bothered about anything else. As you were.
  8. We'll field 11, and I reckon they'll do the same. After that, it's anyone's guess.
  9. Lario

    Carabao Calamity will help Klopp Focus

    What a fucking RiS up.
  10. Lario

    Sick of being Fat

    From what I read, he's fasting every second day, so he's way below daily maintenance. @Anubis : That's great stuff. Fasting is the key. Dare I say it, you'd be better off having a massive day of 4600 calories, and then fasting for 2 days if you can manage it. Someone mentioned a guy on YouTube called Snake Diet. He's all about fasting. He's worth a watch.
  11. Lario

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Off topic, but is that the guy that upped the price of the drugs by 1000% or some shit?
  12. Lario

    Virgil Van Dijk

    I love the way Alisson didn't even clap the lads for making up the ground. Pure like "shur I knew ye'd get there!".
  13. Remember when we used have Karius in goal!
  14. Lario

    Chelsea (h) 26/09/2018 - Carabao Cup

    Keita was already on a yellow. Are you saying that if he'd gotten another one, the suspension wouldn't have counted in the league?
  15. Lario

    Roberto Firmino

    Not bad for "not a real number 9".