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  1. Lario

    Sadio Mane

    Now we're talking. Bobby's the acest.
  2. Lario

    Nike deal

    What if we all stop being a lot of hysterical fannies, and wait until stuff is released before having a go? I realise that's not TLW's way, but maybe try it for a change.
  3. Lario


    Well I got my tonsils out when I was a kid, so I obviously can't be tested! *phew*
  4. Lario


    And by nature, you mean some lab in China.
  5. Lario


    A couple of my personal favourites (only 'cause I made them!)
  6. Lario

    Sick of being Fat

    Exactly the same. Have gained the guts of 2 stones since lockdown, and I was already plump before that.. Even started drinking at home, which I'd normallly never do. Got into an awful habit of eating "normally" during the day, then when everyone was gone to bed, stuffing myself with chocolate, crisps and ice-cream! I must've been eating over 3,000 calories just before going to bed on top of what I ate during the day. Plus zero excerise since footie was cancelled. So at the minute I'm alternating between fast day (with salts) and keto day. If I can't make it the full fasting day, I have something small that's keto friendly. The salts have made a big difference. Very little fatigue and no "keto flu". I've a ferocious sweet tooth, so the keto can be a bit of a challenge. I always keep a lash of Coke Zero in the fridge, and I've a stash of Grenade Carb Killa bars on hand. Both of them satiate my sweet-toothedness. Holiday to Spain has been cancelled, so only goal left is be in decent nick for the yummy mummies when the kids go back to school in September. Hoping to be down a few stone. Fat cunt.
  7. Lario


    Looks like a chastity belt with the fuzz.
  8. Lario

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    It seems to be a very first world problem. Don't think there are many starving people in the third world thinking "I wish I was a woman".
  9. Lario

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Bound to happen. If I "decided" I wanted to be recognised as a woman, why do I have to have surgery, etc. and conform to what a woman should look like? Isn't it enough that I feel like a woman? Obviously devil's advocate.
  10. Lario

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    The world's gone mad.
  11. Lario

    Boris Johnson

    Watching a bit of his press conference there. He really is a bumbling mess.
  12. Lario


    With the lack of a TK, let me chime in with...masks!!!!
  13. Lario

    John Barnes...

    I always think he speaks sense. Those that have an issue with him are probably the folk that get offended about everything, and God forbid somebody in the public eye isn't as offended as them.