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  1. Get him his own emoji, and sell him to Madrid for squillions!
  2. Maguire looks good because he has a decent midfield in front of him for club and country. He'll not be great with their midfield helping out.
  3. Lario

    Philippe Coutinho

    Won't make our starting 11.
  4. Lario

    Virgil Van Dijk

    I'll probably get negged to fuck, but here it goes. He reminds me of Cantona. Not in the way he plays, or being a massive thundercunt. But the fact he was always a decent player, but once he moved to a massive club*, he just grew in confidence and moved on to the next level. Kinda the opposite of "the weight of the jersey can destroy a player". Our jersey has made him immense. * - not that I'd call that shower a "massive club".
  5. Lario

    Father Ted

    " If you say that to me again... I'll put your head through the wall"
  6. Lario

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    So we can't sign new players because we gave current players new contracts? Sounds like bollox to me.
  7. Lario

    Alisson Becker

    Sexy goalkeeping bastard. 2018 season, Roma finished 3rd and conceded 28 goals. 2019 season, Roma finished 6th and conceded 48 goals. 2018 season, Liverpool finished 4th and conceded 38 goals. 2019 season, Liverpool finished 2nd and conceded 22 goals. Some might say that's a coincidence. Some people are as thick as two shorts planks.
  8. Lario

    2018/19 Season Report Card - Sadio Mane

    Nobody seems to have mentioned/noticed the part he played in the first goal against Barcelona in the 4-0. The ball was coming long, and he made a move as if to challenge Jordi Alba (?) in the air. But instead, moved forward away from him. Alba had already committed himself to the header, and ended up heading it to Mane, who had acres of space to play it to Henderson, and the rest is history! Drop it!
  9. Lario

    Report: Reds re-enter Coutinho race

    What country to they play in?
  10. Lario

    2018/19 Season Report Card - Alisson Becker

    All that, and he can ping it 50 yards to set up counter attacks! All his saves are pushed out wide and away from danger. They don't just hit his gloves. Except for one against Barca in the 4-0 game. Think Messi hit a shot across the goal, and ordinarily Alisson would've palmed it wide. But Courinho was out wide. So he palmed it straight out in front of himself to where Matip (I think) was standing. He took a touch and cleared. Any other keeper, you'd think he'd fucked up by parrying the ball into the "danger zone". But at that time, that was the safest place in the box.
  11. Only just finished going through this thread now. Great stuff one and all. Allez allez allez.
  12. Lario

    Terry Mac...

    I was actually thinking of the header at the back post after running the pitch. Scored some goals.