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  1. Keane is a much better player than Crouch, and Dossenna has a bigger reputation than Riise - other than that I think it is quite the same. But the players will be one year older and more experienced. My main concern is that we haven't improved the wide areas.
  2. Bang on the money and those suggesting he doesn't know this or that, might want to ask whether he does? How do you know?
  3. If we win the league I expect those who say we can't compete as Chelsea/Manchester United are billionnaires etc to kill themselves.
  4. Rashid

    Rafa on Net Spend and Squad Players

    Except DIC make money from the money markets not property. This is the perfect time for them because they get to take advantage of hard up businesses in trouble - as Ansari said "The Credit Crunch doesn't impact on our investment strategy"... they are cash rich.
  5. Rashid

    England v South Africa

    Adil should get a chance as soon as possible too.
  6. Rashid

    World's best 'illness'.

    Lamisol Once I think it's called. 24 hours and it's gone.
  7. Join the gym yourself or start excercising saying "I am getting fat" - that will do it.
  8. Rashid

    Next Seasons Starting 11

    Keane on the right is silly IMO, he scores goals and links play put him closer to Torres and tge goal. Play Gerrard right as we know he can score goals and link play from there.
  9. Rashid

    Luke Chadwick

    He has put on weight and lost the spots.
  10. Rashid

    Rafa on Net Spend and Squad Players

    real red - I really enjoyed reading that mate - I have nothing else to add to it except to say it was class from start to finish.
  11. Rashid

    Rafa on Net Spend and Squad Players

    I think asking someone's age and then suggesting they may be 12 is a little insulting Dave. It's also nothing to do with this thread and you are usually the first to point the finger at people who ruin threads. Bit of consistency eh.
  12. Rashid

    Rafa on Net Spend and Squad Players

    His NET spend in his time here has been higher then Arsenal and Manchester United but TEAMS net spend if probably far lower so he has in fairness had to create a team to fight them starting off with a shit base. The issues some of us have is this "Rafa has no money and has shopped in the bargain basement". Now unless you want an Abramovich (which many of you have said you don't) - then competing with United money wise in the time he has been here is pretty fair. My issues are that he could have kept some of the Houllier players as squad players and improved the first team then slowly shifted out the shite. e.g. I'd have kept Cisse than buy Benayoun, Voronin, or even Pennant given the system he wants to play - as he is quick, scores goals and loves it here. Kuyt doesn't apply here as he was bought as a frontline striker. Once we had the money to get a top class right handsided player then sell Cisse and buy one with the extra cash. I am not saying Cisse is good enough but some of those who have played in his position have not been significantly better. Anyway he hasn't done that, he has done it his way, he admits the squad is now equipped so we can expect a title challenge at last. I find that article is like a post on TLW forums by Rafa and fair play to him - it's a good post!
  13. Rashid

    Garry Barry

    Everyone repeats themself mate, and a lot on here. It's just that some things are allowed to be repeated more than others. If I posted why I love Gareth Barry a millions times I wouldn't get stick...
  14. Rashid

    Garry Barry

    Yeah McClaren, Mourinho etc are going to be fantastic when I already have a problem with Rafa's style of play.
  15. Rashid

    Garry Barry

    It's easy ban everyong who doesn't rate Rafa, Kuyt or Gareth Barry and you can then own the forum.