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  1. Bad Red Bull

    Would you take Coutinho Back?

    At the bottom of that rumour is the name of that paper hence my message mate.
  2. Bad Red Bull

    Would you take Coutinho Back?

    Pasting something from the scum paper? I thought you knew better man
  3. Bad Red Bull

    Would you take Coutinho Back?

    Exactly. I don't want him back irrespective of how good he is because of how he acted during the later part of his years here. He disrespected the institution that is our club and we are far bigger than him.
  4. Huh what? Moreno is brainless but he tried his best not like Glen Johnson. Cuntery is too harsh a word for him. He just didn't grow a brain.
  5. Bad Red Bull

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Please be true
  6. Bad Red Bull

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Matip has been good but not exceptional. He can be improved upon if we are planning on competing on all fronts next season. Would be easy to rotate among 3 first class CB's with one good one among Matip/ Lovren. Maddison or Brooks?
  7. Bad Red Bull

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Pic or link?
  8. Bad Red Bull

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Zielinski is not a #10 right? Wouldn't he replace Hendo in the XI
  9. Bad Red Bull

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Good call man. He's a big unit at 6'3 and his speed is incredible. He was in MK Dons before moving. Werner called him as a Colossus. Think he chose to represent Austria
  10. Bad Red Bull

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Even the ground is peeing at Big Dunc being there among the legends.
  11. Bad Red Bull

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Haha.. I wish!
  12. Bad Red Bull

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Well, Bundesliga is throwing up very interesting options. Ji Dong-won plays as a winger for Augsburg and is very similar to spurs' Son. Scored a brace against Dortmund last week with the second one a cracker of a chip. I liked their other striker Gregoritsch but he is very inconsistent and has gone off the boil this season. Other one to watch out for in a CM role would be Leipzig's Marcel Sabitzer (his name autocorrected to sanitizer, lol). His stats don't say much but whenever I've seen Leipzig play, he seems to be involved in some capacity for their goal scoring. Brandt, Havertz, Ginter are all cool options. Brandt is two footed and he's my first choice 3S - You are right about Haller. He's more mobile and has more technical ability than Giroud. He's gonna be a bargain for whoever gets him coz the focus is on Jovic there for now. Btw, one guy I am not impressed with is Pulisic. I think Chelsea have spent too much on him. Let's see what he does. Been watching Grujic and to be frank, he's not a Klopp player in the sense that there's no urgency when he doesn't have the ball. He's seen strolling around most of the time. I would love for it to work out for him but he needs to start working harder.
  13. Bad Red Bull

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Brandt has been absolutely superb this season especially after the manager change. Assists for all their 3 goals last week too. Brandt and Steve Bergjwin to rotate between the front 3 we have now. Both have very less release clauses. Brandt can also play the #10 role, I didn't realise he was only 22. One more first team player for CB to replace Matip/ Lovren and we would need a 2nd choice LB, RB and GK. As for Firmino's replacement as in when he needs to be rested, this is where I don't have a clear idea who. Werner won't come to be second choice. Brewster will get minutes next season. I've been watching Bundesliga a great deal and Jovic would do a job but he would also want to be first choice plus I guess he'll cost a fair bit now. I wouldn't mind his team mate Sebastian Haller though. 14 goals this season and stats not skewed by 5 goals in a single match. Similar number of assists, not too slow, clever and skilful too. He'll give us good ariel presence.
  14. Bad Red Bull

    Bayern Munich 1 Liverpool 3 (Mar 13 2019)

    Klopp also was shouting mad and gesturing to someone (Robbo probably) to "push him" after we conceded the goal. Good if we are being taught to be a little snidey.
  15. Bad Red Bull

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Real Madrid have agreed to sign Eder Militao from Porto. He was linked with us a few months back.