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The Local News Thread


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Florida man arrested after trying to cross Atlantic in hamster wheel vessel


r/Damnthatsinteresting - Florida man arrested after trying to cross Atlantic in hamster wheel vessel


Mr Baluchi's voyage began as officials were preparing for the arrival of a major hurricane.

Officials said he refused to step off the vessel and threatened to kill himself. He also claimed that he had a bomb on board, according to court papers.

On 1 September, he eventually surrendered and abandoned his vessel after being brought to a Coast Guard base in Miami. Officials later determined that the "bomb" had been fake.

He is now facing federal charges of obstruction of a boarding, and violation of a Captain of the Port order.

It is unclear whether he has obtained a lawyer to represent him in his criminal case.

This was not Mr Baluchi's first arrest for taking to the ocean in his vessel, which he calls a "bubble". In 2021, he was arrested after being rescued while trying to ride from Florida to New York after drifting 30 miles south of his departure point.

In 2014, he had to be rescued from a similar contraption near St Augustine, and then two years later he again had to be rescued off the coast of Jupiter, near Palm Beach in Florida.

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Good job they weren't doing the downward dog when the police turned up, could have been disastrous.





Police called to yoga class mistaken for ‘mass killing’
A member of the public in Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire, called emergency services to report people lying on the floor

A yoga class was cut short after a member of the public called the police to report a “mass killing” after seeing several people lying on the floor.

Participants in the class, which was being held at the Seascape cafe, inside the North Sea observatory in Chapel St Leonards, Skegness, Lincolnshire, were in the midst of meditation when officers turned up on Wednesday night.

In a Facebook post, the cafe said someone had “reported a mass killing” after seeing people on the floor inside the building.

They wrote: “If anyone heard the mass of police sirens in Chapel St Leonards at 9.30pm last night then please be reassured …

“They were on their way to the observatory after someone had reported a mass killing in our building, having seen several people laying on the floor … which actually turned out to be the yoga class in meditation.

“Thank you to Lincolnshire police for their prompt response. I can’t imagine for one moment what would have being going through their minds on the way.”

The cafe regularly plays host to yoga classes in the evenings. The Facebook post added: “We are not part of any mad cult or crazy clubs.

“All in all, this situation turned out positive and we are of course grateful.”

The North Sea observatory has large, triangular windows that face the sea. A Facebook post on the cafe’s page says the venue holds New Moon yoga classes on Wednesdays from 7.30-9pm where you can feel “called to dive deep into the lunar cycle”. Pictures in the post show yoga mats next to the window.
Lincolnshire police confirmed to the PA news agency that the call was made at 8.56pm “with good intentions”. A spokesperson said in a statement to PA: “A call was made following concerns for the occupants of the North Sea observatory, at Chapel St Leonards.

“Officers attended, we’re happy to report everyone was safe and well.”



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Florida authorities have identified the woman found dead after an alligator was seen with a body in its mouth.

Authorities responded to a call in Largo, in the Tampa Bay area, about a gator in the water about 1:50 p.m. on Friday. The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office on Saturday identified the victim as Sabrina Peckham, 41.


A witness, JaMarcus Bullard, told Spectrum News 13 he earlier saw an alligator with a body its mouth.

“I could tell there was a body in his mouth, so I started recording,” Bullard said.

Officials humanely killed In the the 13-foot, 8.5-inch male, according to the sheriff’s office and Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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Tickled me this




Man baffled as he keeps receiving 'creepy' picture over AirDrop


The picture has been sent to Caleb for weeks and now he fears there is a "sinister motive" behind it


A man has been unsettled after being repeatedly sent the same "creepy" picture for weeks.

Caleb, 22, wants answers as he keeps being sent a bizarre picture of a pig with human eyes. The pig is dressed in a t-shirt and a jacket. The photo has been sent to him on AirDrop, which is a function on Apple's iPhones and other devices that allows users to send images or files to people in their vicinity. Users can choose to reject the transfer if they wish.


Caleb, who lives in Wavertree, said he has now been unnerved by the trend. He found it funny at first, but said he worries if there is something sinister about it as it keeps happening.

He told the ECHO: "It's been (going on) about three or three-and-a-half weeks. I don't know what's happening. It's mainly been happening when I've been at mine and once when I've been walking down the street. I live on my own."


He added: "It is very weird. I saw someone reply saying it was a TikTok meme - it's an animal created for a meme." The picture appears to be an example of the 'John Pork is calling' meme. According to Indy100, John Pork began life on Instagram, where people created pictures of the man / pig hybrid out and about.

















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Just now, halewood pete said:

This bastard emptied his own parents bank account out over a three year period.He was a superintendent in ford/jaguar, fucking bully.retired with a massive lump sum and pension, he was despised in work,can't post the link if someone could help out please.


Gary and Diane mansell

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Wasn't sure where to put this, but here'll do. Hardly surprising that Reach/ Trinity Mirror are on their uppers. They went big on a digital strategy, and produced websites that are practically unusable even with ad and pop up blockers. Replacing their Web team and digital marketing cunts would be a better step than getting rid of writing staff.




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21 minutes ago, Bjornebye said:

Wasn't sure which thread to put this in but 4 bodies found in Snowdonia where them young lads have been missing. Horrible. 



Was just reading about that. Looks like their car came off the road in an accident.


Only left school last year. Terrible.

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