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  1. 1. Thatcher...

    • is a heroine who lifted this country from its knees; one of our greatest ever PMs.
    • was a necessary evil; someone had to do what she did.
    • makes me shudder with rage with every breath she takes; she destroyed our country.
    • personal feeling aside, it's too soon to see her true legacy.

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A pity she carked it.  I always wanted to meet her.  I had hopes of burying my fist in her face and kicking her in the bollocks.

Another dream she ruined for me

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I reserve my rage and disgust for the present lot . She would never have gotten away with half the corruption and lies Johnson and his cronies have perpetrated. She had principles of a sort , many of which were abhorrent imo, but today the cunts would kick their mothers under a bus if it meant a kick back or remaining in power.   

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I think her legacy is a moral/spiritual one rather than just an economic one. The country we find ourselves in now, where everyone is on the make, where avoiding tax is seen as fair game even if it means your surrounding national infrastructure is unfit for purpose etc, mostly started with her because it speaks to the idea of the individual being sacrosanct.


I think Conservatism before her had been about, erm, conserving stuff. The country's institutions, all that shit. Even shit like banking was perceived as a career where you had some kind of traditions and governing 'rules', she ushered in the age of the yuppy where that went all out the window and it wasn't about rules, decorum or how you carried yourself - but purely about how much you could stuff in your wallet, no matter the cost.


The current Conservative leadership are the ultimate product of that. Not especially bright, care nothing for insitutions or patriotism, absolutely every decision in any crisis is about number one and how much money they can make out of it. 


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1 hour ago, Red_or_Dead said:

Fucking hell, aside from the inflation all those things were massively shit.

Reducing inflation is done by making millions redundant forcing prices down because nobody can afford anything remotely expensive,unless rich. Hardly a positive.

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Dunno if anyone watches the Crown, but its depiction of her was quite interesting and I suspect, fairly realistic. 


Basically she's depicted as not liking women and thinking they're weak. That's why she prefers her son to her daughter (and dotes on him, he can do nothing wrong despite being a cretin and serial failure). She's shown as having a thing about 'strength' or the perception of it, a sort of 'survival or the fittest' mentality that she seemingly thinks has helped her get to the top of the party in a man's world. She says something about how she doesn't believe in altruism but that individual men and women and 'families' can choose to give to others on their own terms when they've looked after themselves first. Philosophically a complete individualist to an almost extremist degree. 



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