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  1. Chr15


    Never yet suffered but the only thing I can think of is something you can't get anymore. Distalgesic was my painkiller of choice. I gave one to my dad when he was in so much pain he was really nasty and snappy. An hour later he was fine and full of apologies. No idea why it was withdrawn from use.
  2. Chr15

    Liverpool's Hidden Gems

    The Railway was ok when Terry and Kay ran it. Used to make me stay until all hours they did. I remember Kay coming down from upstairs at about 9pm with a cooked meal for me which she placed on the bar saying "Gerrit down yer, lad"
  3. Chr15

    Prince Philip...

    I we think this is a ball-ache wait til Liz goes to join the old cunt. It'll be on the news for weeks. Apart from all the TV channels, I counted 14 radio stations all carrying the same audio. Can't get away from it. Why not just report it once as a flash and carry on as usual. Oh fuck!!! We've the televised funeral to come. All day job no doubt
  4. Chr15

    Prince Philip...

    Is it true that Phil the Greek is dead? Doesn't seem to be anything on the news about it..... In Greece
  5. Chr15


    A pity she carked it. I always wanted to meet her. I had hopes of burying my fist in her face and kicking her in the bollocks. Another dream she ruined for me
  6. Chr15

    Smashed up the rear end

    Who or what the fuck are "accident management people"? Tell them you've already managed to have an accident
  7. Chr15

    Smarmy faces made to punch

    A couple to be going on with.
  8. She breathes. Pious bitch
  9. Is Greta Thunberg famous? Because she certainly is fucking annoying, statue and all. Should be in school anyway.
  10. Chr15

    Social faux pas?

    I was asked to be a pall bearer for my then partners mother. After the funeral my G/Fs brother came up and thanked me for carrying the coffin. Being a polite fucker I heard myself reply 'It's ok. It was a pleasure". He walked away before I could explain that I meant to say "honour" not "pleasure'
  11. After a row with my then wife I went to see a workmate. This guy brewed his own beer so when I got there it was party time. As soon as I walked in someone gave me a glass of homebrew and it was never empty all night. I woke up at something like 7.30 am convinced I was late for the early shift, dashed out and into the car and made my way to Long Lane. Only when I parked up outside the deserted premises did I realise it was Sunday.
  12. That was before the Yanks took over the world
  13. Chr15

    Adverts you hate.

    Just Eat. The more I see it the more I resolve never to use the service
  14. Drink it black with a shot of Soberano in. (Other spirits are available)