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  1. Ne Moe Imya


    Always find it weird when people talk about transfers as if wages were a minor piece of the puzzle. I think it comes from Football Manager? Anyway, in the real world, clubs decide how much a player is worth, total, in terms of price/season. This includes fee, agent fee, signing on fee, and wages, all of it. If Liverpool decide that Haaland is a great player and he's going to transform the team, Edwards might be willing to pay, say, £30m/season total for him (keeping in mind that our most expensive player ever, van Dijk, costs us £25m/season when including wages and fee amortised over the length of his contract). So then, if he only costs £65m to Dortmund, say another £10m in agent's fees/signing bonuses, that's £15m/season over the 5 years of his contract, which leaves us being able to offer him £15m/season (roughly £300k/week) in wages. Sounds doable, right? No! Because Man City or Chelsea, who already have multiple players they spend over £30m/season on, if you factor in total cost, will be happy to pay £45-50m/season for him! They're not going to outbid us on the fee - the buyout clause already ensures they won't have to. It basically allows Haaland and his agent to have a bidding war on his wages, which they will undoubtedly do. So no, just because he's available with a buyout clause next season doesn't mean we have a chance at him. It means he'll end up with wages north of £500k/week, and we will never even be in the running.
  2. Ne Moe Imya


    Should have also noted that selling him would be good for Spurs if they had an Edwards of their own to spend the 100m. However, with Paratici showing that he's in bed with Mendes, it could be a disaster for them, like when they sold Bale and got a bunch of average players with the money. I could see them being out of the top 6 for a season or two, maybe opening the door for Leicester/West Ham. Or even Everto ... who am I kidding?
  3. Ne Moe Imya


    Kane is a hard one to judge IMO. On the one hand, he's clearly a brilliant player and a top striker. Good finisher, decent passer, and really good at getting into goalscoring positions and having that knack for knowing which way the ball is going to bounce. On the other hand, he's had some significant injury problems and especially ankle problems tend to mean a player's shelf life can be limited at the top end of the game. For City, he makes all the sense in the world. They can pay 100m, he makes them significantly better and if he falls apart in 2-3 seasons that's no problem because he's probably led you to a couple of big trophies by then and you have unlimited funds to replace him with Haaland or Mbappe or whoever is the next big striker. I was hoping United would be the ones to waste huge money on him. They're in a bit of a rebuilding mode and don't have a good manager at the moment, so they'd be far more likely to waste the 2-3 years of prime Kane you'd get from buying him and then be saddled with a huge albatross of a contract right as they are hoping to compete at the top again. Unfortunately, it looks like they're getting Sancho as their big-money buy this summer instead, who will be coming into his peak right about then, so that will make them that much harder to beat.
  4. Ne Moe Imya

    Euro 2020(21)

    I have the worst luck turning on football games. Switch it on and the rapist scores almost immediately. Ugh.
  5. Ne Moe Imya

    Euro 2020(21)

    I mean, he's still the same person that admitted (to his lawyers in a private email) that he raped a woman, then got his club to reschedule a preseason game in the US where the woman's lawyers were waiting with a subpoena should he travel there. So I don't think you need to start respecting him TOO much, really.
  6. Ne Moe Imya


    Yeah, this one is the worst. It just sounds so juvenile. I do like the second-person plural "y'all," though. It fills a gap that is actually quite helpful in the language to distinguish between second-person singular and plural. I find myself using it more and more, though it might sound a bit ridiculous given I have a flat, mid-American accent rather than the Southern accent it is more associated with.
  7. Ne Moe Imya

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Not saying it's what I'd do, in the medium term we definitely need to get younger up front for sure. I can just see it being what happens when we spend 45m replacing Gini and then have 10m left for an attacking player and Edwards decides to just keep his powder dry for the next Jota and get a temporary fix to just have a body there for this season.
  8. Ne Moe Imya

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Yeah, I think we'll sign a player for the rotation in the front 3, but I could see it being more of an older, steady-hand type a la Milner or Klavan. I still think the original plan was to sell Mane or Salah this summer and go after one of the bright young talents. But with the pandemic and mis-management, Real and Barca don't have any cash and that's sort of scuppered our rebuilding plan a bit. Now I think it could well be a 30 year old who's relatively unknown, cheap and has a decent record to be 5th choice (after Mane, Firmino, Salah, and Jota) and then try again next summer when hopefully more clubs have money to buy one of our front 3. Either that or if they think Elliott might be the real deal then maybe buy nobody and he gets 1300 minutes or something. It's the midfielder that will be the main buy, though, IMO.
  9. Ne Moe Imya


    Think this thread is the closest we have to a general Tottenham thread. Some goings on over there today. First they bring in Fabio Paratici from Juve as DOF, no clue how good he is because of all the shenanigans there but maybe he's good at his job? Then came rumours that they'd locked up Paulo Fonseca, which ... meh? Did well at a couple of small clubs, then finished fifth and seventh with Roma including a Europa semi-final berth, so OK, I guess. Nothing for us to worry about but not terrible. But today, it's all blown up. Apparently when Gattuso was sacked from Fiorentina, after it came to light that he only wanted to sign Mendes clients, Mendes gives Paratici a call and all of a sudden Spurs' interest in Fonseca has cooled and now they're desperate to sign ... Gattuso? The same Gattuso who's been sacked or resigned in disgrace from every managerial position he's ever had? Now Spurs fans are trying to block the appointment via a twitter hashtag, given he has a long history of sexist, racist comments. I hope they bring him in, to be honest. Not that Spurs are really a threat right now but I'm always in favour of opponents making bad decisions.
  10. Cucumber is delicious when cold and crisp. Vile when either or both are not the case.
  11. Ne Moe Imya

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    In better news, I see that the Mancs are negotiating with Atletico Madrid for Kieran Trippier. For £35m! I know they have basically unlimited money, but we had better hope they never get smart. The only way we're going to be able to continue to finish ahead of them is if they keep buying 30 year olds for huge money (in a position where they already have a pretty good player, actually!).
  12. Ne Moe Imya

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Yeah, disappointing for sure. Leicester are so smart, aren't they? Not sure he's our level just yet but shows all the signs of getting there. Very good move for them.
  13. Ne Moe Imya

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Yeah, I think it's clear we're going to add at least one midfielder. Curtis can step up some in terms of the minutes he plays but you can't have an ever-present player like Gini leave without addressing the position at all. It's looking a little bit like we could end up with one defender (Konate), one midfielder (Neuhaus?) and one forward (Daka?) at the end of the window. For me, if we can do that without selling anyone important, maybe just Origi, Shaqiri, Minamino, Grujic, and Wilson (and maybe one of Keita and Ox?), I'd be pretty satisfied. Maybe a bit light at fullback depth (is Tsimikas alive?) but overall, that team at least competes for a title IMO barring another injury plague at one position.
  14. Ne Moe Imya

    Which drugs should be legal (supply and possession)

    This is exactly the problem. If you could just buy heroin or meth in your local pharmacy any time you wanted, with no legal issues, for a lot of people, it would instantly make life SO much better. They are addicted, but have something of a handle on the addiction, and so if you just made it so they could get a known quantity of something that was safe, in a safe environment, it would be better. Plus the cops could go focus on solving actual crimes, which would be better for them as well. However, there's another segment of people who under the current system are living functional lives who, if they ever tried any of these harder drugs even once, would instantly have their whole worlds consumed by the addiction that resulted. They do it now, and we are trying to make it really hard - imagine how many more would have this happen if it was just openly available at parties and bars? For those people, legalisation would make their lives many times worse. The argument that Mills makes, referenced by SD a few pages back, doesn't completely apply here IMO, because a person using drugs is not only affecting themselves. Drug addiction has a massive impact on family and friends of that person, as well as society at large, especially if we are having to fund the addiction or the treatment for it if the person ever decides to try to get free of it. It's complicated, basically. Anyone who thinks it isn't hasn't really thought it all the way through in my opinion.
  15. Ne Moe Imya

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Mane plus 30-40m for Mbappe?