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  1. Ne Moe Imya


    Don't see these posted anywhere - this lad takes random FB drama and puts it to music.
  2. Ne Moe Imya

    Things I can't do that seemingly everyone else can

    I can not dance. I mean, I can hear music, move in a general sense to the beat of it, but I just can't do it without looking utterly and completely ridiculous. It's not quite Elaine-in-Seinfeld level, but not far off.
  3. Ne Moe Imya

    Donald Trump

    In what world did he think Twitter wouldn't notice the DMs between him and his campaign manager arranging to switch accounts? He ... he does know that Twitter the company has access to those, right?
  4. Ne Moe Imya

    Donald Trump

    Banned from twitter permanently now, so he set up on the @POTUS account (which is passed from president to president as an official account). Twitter shut down that one as well until Biden's inauguration. So he went to his campaign's twitter account (@TeamTrump), promptly banned. So he tried the account for the director of digital media for his campaign, @GaryCoby. That's now banned. Are we sure that Code hasn't been Donald Trump all along?
  5. Ne Moe Imya

    Takumi Minamino

    Never seen a player quite like him. He's almost absolutely brilliant, but instead he's utter crap. His pass is always amazing vision, but juuuuust a tiny bit too strong and it runs out of play. Or else he's completely on the wrong wavelength and he spins in behind for a great run right as the midfielder expects him to come short, or vice versa. He's like 3% from being Iniesta but that 3% missing makes him into a crap version of Benayoun. Part of me thinks there's a chance Klopp can, through training, get him on the same page with everyone else and he will be brilliant. Another part of me thinks that he might just be a flop.
  6. Ne Moe Imya

    Thiago Alcantara

    I thought when Virgil went down that it could mean the end of our league title defense. The last three games, and I was pretty sure of it. But then I saw Thiago playing and now I think if we can somehow keep him fit for the rest of the season it's back on.
  7. Ne Moe Imya

    Villa (A) - FA Cup - 8/1/2021 - 19:45

    Jurgen if we win tomorrow:
  8. Ne Moe Imya

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Haha, imagine reading that first post and thinking it was an actual statement of opinion on 4chan rather than a generic insult implying you're thick and go onto sites like 4chan.
  9. Ne Moe Imya

    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    Fans: We need better backups! Edwards: Goes out and buys a 20 year-old with top potential. Fans: What, are you saying you're going to move van Dijk to accommodate him, then? Edwards: Errrrr ...
  10. I ... I hate to break it to Carragher, but he already stayed on Merseyside or his prime years. He'll be 29 next summer, it's all downhill from here. Not saying he'll instantly be rubbish - he'll still be a very good player for a few years, but to suggest that his peak is ahead of him is fanciful.
  11. Ne Moe Imya

    Brussels Sprouts - Fart Machines

    Sprouts, along with okra, are unique in the vegetable kingdom in that they are disgusting unless they are prepared exactly right, but when done right they are heavenly. For sprouts, they must be roasted until they are just starting to singe at the edges. They are amazing when prepared this way, but many dislike them in general because they've only tried them steamed or boiled. For okra, where many think of it as having a slimy texture (if they've had boiled okra in a dish like jambalaya), if they are fried, as they are usually prepared in the American South, it is an unbelievable dish.
  12. Ne Moe Imya

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    This reasoning has become so, so common on the internet these days and it drives me absolutely batty. It usually takes the form "I don't personally believe in 'racist policy X,' I'm just saying that you can see why it's so popular." Give your own view, then defend it logically. Please stop trying to say "I'm just trying to give an alternative view" so you don't have to defend what you're saying. It's utter nonsense.
  13. It's absolutely ace how he's stringing them along. Every time you think "they'll sack him for sure this time" they go on just enough of a purple patch in just the right way that will never lead to an actual trophy that they decide to give him another 200m to spend and another two transfer windows to fix things. If he were to actually be Hodgson-level shite, just pure crap from start to finish it would actually be better for them in the long-term because they'd just sack him. As it is it's actually impressive how long they've managed to keep a manager in place who wouldn't be considered by any other club in the league, including the likes of West Brom or Burnley, if they had a vacancy.