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  1. Ne Moe Imya

    Burnley (H) Premier League 11/7/20 - 15:00

    Fuming. I'm actually angrier than I was after Kiev. Why does football do this to us? Absolutely nothing game, doesn't matter at all, we dominated it completely, and my weekend is ruined anyway. Really wanted us to smash City's 100 points record. Really wanted 19 home wins. Argh!
  2. Ne Moe Imya

    Man City - the new bitters?

    I was pretty down about the whole thing before I remembered this. It went down almost exactly like this, actually. About 2-3 days before the verdict came out ALL the City journos were briefed about how happy City were, they had won, etc. Then the verdict came out and it was a lot of outrage, etc. I reckon it's one of two things: 1. CAS are bent and City have actually won their appeal, or 2. City are worried they've lost, but someone in their PR firm thinks if they leak how they're confident, then they can spin it as "a miscarriage of justice" when the verdict is handed down. I know, that helps a lot.
  3. Ne Moe Imya

    Donald Trump

    I actually think it could hurt him. Obviously, as we've seen for some time, even a truly horrific candidate can get a solid 40% of the population to vote for them on the theory that "at least they aren't from the other side." But the polls since the virus started have shown that there are persuadable voters among the Trump voting block. Most of the people who vote for him are going to think that whatever comes out is the product of the "mainstream media," which they think hates Trump so they don't listen to anything they say. But the polls show that Trump has lost 5 or 10% over the past few months, mostly older people who don't like being told they are expendable to keep the economy running. There will be a tipping point at some point, and it might just be if there were a really egregious scandal in his finances. If another 5% or so moved against Trump, out of his more hard-core base, then the establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell will feel less need to be on his side, and all it would take would be 2-3 more Romneys and then Trump's chances of putting together a surprise vanish. If it was 4-5 senators that turned against him, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.
  4. Ne Moe Imya

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Edwards is clearly just trolling us all at this point.
  5. Ne Moe Imya

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    That Andre Gomes is a complete and total fraud. He manages to never quite look at fault for anything by just sort of stepping away from anything important going on on the pitch. He's like the total opposite of a Klopp player. You don't really notice him, good or bad, for most of the important moments of the game - and if you don't pay much attention, he has nice hair and can play a decent pass when he's not under pressure. But if you just watch him for 5 minutes you realise his main concern is never to be in a position where he has to risk something for the sake of his team. Shocking.
  6. Ne Moe Imya

    So, just to sun up the mood

    I did not come on here to be sunned at.
  7. Ne Moe Imya

    Smarmy faces made to punch

    That is brilliant. "All the racists were gone, so there was no one left to speak for me." Not sure you've thought that one through very well, lad.
  8. Ne Moe Imya

    Most Shocking Celebrity Stories

    Sean Penn once allegedly tied Madonna to a chair for 9 hours and smacked her around, according to a report she filed with police. She dropped the charges a week later in exchange for him giving her a no-contest divorce, but it still (probably) happened. I find it simply amazing that he still has a career after that. It doesn't matter how much talent you have, if you get drunk, tie your megastar wife (this was 1989) to a chair and beat her up and only let her go when she agrees to "perform a degrading sex act" one would think there would be some consequences.
  9. Ne Moe Imya

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    This is off-topic a bit but related to stuff like this, I really like watching chess commentary on Youtube (I know, nerd alert!). Last week, one of the most popular commentators got his channel shut down for "hate/inappropriate speech," and when he appealed it, he was rejected. Everyone was going around throwing accusations, saying that the video he put up must have been awful, and all sorts. Turned out he had been commentating on an opening with the Berlin defense, and he used the words "if black plays c5 here then white can take on d5 and white will always be better than black in this position." The Youtube algorithm caught the "white is better than black" bit and canceled his channel for racist speech.
  10. Ne Moe Imya

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Don't know what Jair's talking about, De Jong has been excellent. I mean, he's not wrong about Barca being a complete mess, just about that bit. I find the idea that we'd be after Thiago pretty fanciful. We're hesitating to give Gini, who is in great shape and hasn't had any serious injuries recently a new deal because he's 29. But we're supposed to be after another 29 year-old midfielder with recent history of injury? I can't see that happening, no matter what the press says. It smacks of an agent trying to drive up prices/interest from other parties, a la Nicolas Pepe last summer.
  11. Ne Moe Imya

    Nike deal

    This Air Jordan Henderson you refer to, what is the defining profile of Henderson in outline form a la Jumpman for Michael Jordan? Is it the trophy lift, or the tongue out goal celebration? Never mind, I'm buying it either way.
  12. Is what he says really that crazy? I've always thought it was a bit daft to make a random team pretend to honour the league winners before a match. It's obviously insincere and just pointless. Although it makes for good television talking points in cases like this year, where we've taken the title off City, which is why it will never go away.
  13. Ne Moe Imya

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    I wonder why we haven't seen any links to Patson Daka yet? Would seem a logical place to look to continue the Salzburg -> Liverpool assembly line that has brought us Minamino, Keita and Mane. I never like to compare African players to other African players because there's a danger of racism but his game reminds me so much of Mane's! And if you run the data looking for other similar players, Eto'o's early seasons come up as the closest matches, so I couldn't look there for a comparison either. Anyway, he's had a huge breakout season after Haaland left. We'd have to offer some decent money to convince Red Bull not to just move him up to Leipzig to replace Werner, but surely he'd be cheaper than Werner would have been and we'd be getting him even younger so he can grow into the role. Just seems weird to me that no newspaper craving clicks has even made up a story about him yet. Seems like an obvious link to make.
  14. Ne Moe Imya

    Shit players that had worldie's against us?

    Been mentioned but Amr Zaki came to mind immediately. Somehow my brain is telling me that Jagielka scored an absolute worldie against us a few years ago, but I'm sure that didn't actually happen.