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  1. It will be those teams in danger of relegation who are in favour of voiding it, obviously. Imagine you're in charge of Norwich or Villa. Norwich especially are virtually certain to go down. To them, the idea of voiding the season and starting over must feel like Kate Beckinsale phoning you up out of the blue to say she's tired of her husband and wants a go with you. It's an absolute get-out-of-jail-free card that you never expected. Expecting them to be opposed to it is ridiculous. It's the "95% of teams in the pyramid are in favour of finishing the season" bit that has me pleasantly surprised. That must mean that the financial penalties for not playing out the season are gargantuan, which means they'll be played by hook or by crook, somehow.
  2. It will be the emergence of tests like these that will make this feasible. Keep the teams isolated away from the general public, and then give daily tests to the team and any staff that are present at the games. Under those circumstances, especially combined with a general lowering of the spread of cases by mid-June, and there's no reason that you couldn't hold these games behind closed doors. Of course, that's a lot of ifs - IF the quick-result tests are widely available by then, IF the peak of the viral spread is behind us, etc.
  3. Ne Moe Imya


    Yes, he may look like a sinister character played by John Goodman, but that's Bill Barr. If Trump is the completely self-obsessed doofus in the reality show that is American politics these days, Barr is the conniving, morally bankrupt behind-the-scenes guy making the evil really come to life. The Himmler to Trump's Hitler, if you will.
  4. Ne Moe Imya

    The world of a woman.

    We are in the process of buying a house, closing in 2 weeks (I know, terrible timing!). So we've been talking about the idea of just making minor changes and then saving up to do a big kitchen remodel down the line a few years. Rip out some cabinets, put in an island, open up the floorplan, etc. Yesterday she finds a used kitchen island, roughly the size that we're hoping to build, online from someone who's redoing their kitchen and wants to sell the whole thing. It's $1000, roughly 100 miles away and has a granite countertop that we have absolutely no way of transporting home. And yet she's upset with me for not going to get it. It doesn't matter how much I've tried to explain that it will take at least 4 men to lift the countertop, which probably weighs 300 kg. Plus a trailer of some sort, or at the very least two trips with a large pickup truck (which we don't own). Nor do we have anywhere to store it - remember, we won't be closing on the house for 2 more weeks! None of that matters. I'M the bad guy for not trying to convince 3 friends to come out of quarantine in the middle of a pandemic, borrow a truck from someone (no idea who) and then travel 2 hours to load this thing up and then bring it back to sit in our garden??! It's utterly insane.
  5. Ne Moe Imya


    4 was the best season. It was a weird show in that way - 2 was better than 1, then 3 was better than 2, etc. They were a bit repetitive but as they figured out the casting (and figured out that the daughter was annoying and took her out of the show) it got good. Then season 5 came along and it totally collapsed. I think it struggled on for a season or two afterwards but it was never the same. The torture scenes went totally over the top, the dialogue was hilariously bad, etc. I recall in the last season Jack used the line "the only reason you're still conscious is that I don't feel like carrying you" and it became a line we'd repeat in our group of mates as a joke. Just terrible.
  6. That actually seems sensible and doable. We're going to really see which clubs' sports science departments are dialed in this coming season. If you start with a really intense 6-week mini-season to finish the year before, it's going to have big effects down the line when you get to Christmas on the players' fitness. I predict we see a lot more rotation next season than we have in the past. I also predict that the Carling Cup (or whatever it is now) will disappear.
  7. Ne Moe Imya

    American Politics

    How insane is this? This is the easiest softball question in the world! "What do you say to Americans that are scared?" You don't even have to give any specifics, any politician in the world knows how to answer that. You give some platitudes, you stroke everyone's patriotic pride, whatever. The response is easy. "To Americans who are scared? To them I say 'Have faith in the greatness of America. Every time we are challenged, we rise to the occasion.'" Whatever, you can say almost anything to that question. What you absolutely cannot say is what he said. Yikes!
  8. If you think about it, there was no way that Liverpool was going to just stroll to a trophy win. We always, ALWAYS have to overcome some insane adversity first. Some may call it "making it difficult for ourselves," but true Reds fans know that the victory is sweeter when you have to come from behind or something unlikely and special happens to earn it. This season just never felt very "Liverpool" until now. There was no 3-0 down at Istanbul feeling, no 3 goals down to Barca, no moment where you worried if we might not do it. None of our actual opponents could put up with any kind of a challenge, so we got one from a global pandemic. And now when we overcome even that to hoist the trophy it will feel more properly Liverpool.
  9. Ne Moe Imya

    Your top 5 favourite American sitcoms of all time?

    I've never heard of the other two but how could you possibly, POSSIBLY bring this show into any discussion of "top 5" anythings? Had a mate who recommended this and so I gave it a go. Hands down the worst television I ever saw. It comes off as a parody of a normal drama, where you're trying to make fun of how low-stakes the plot can be. "Will the movie star find the good weed before he has to fly to Utah? Or will he be forced to endure the trip with unlimited booze, dozens of attractive women and all his mates ... WITHOUT getting high!?"
  10. Ne Moe Imya

    Your top 5 favourite American sitcoms of all time?

    Humour is a very culture-centric concept, so there are likely to be very different lists based on where people are from. That said, mine would be: 1. Arrested Development 2. Seinfeld 3. Always Sunny 4. 30 Rock 5. Community The trouble with sitcoms is that they get very formulaic after a while and it's very hard to sustain quality. AD & Seinfeld were unique that they both did it over their whole runs. Actually IASIP doesn't dip much either, but for me the episodes are hit-or-miss. Some are absolutely hilarious while others I find crass and tasteless. It gets as high a rating as it does because when it's funny, it's up there with the best. Beyond those three the quality drops a lot, for me. There are a bunch of funny-ish shows that are a good way to waste 25 minutes of your life, but nothing amazing.
  11. Ne Moe Imya

    Buying a house

    Oh, I agree. We wouldn't have been doing anything like that. What I was talking about was just binning off the idea of buying a house at all for 6 months, looking at it again in the fall or something. In America when you sign a contract to buy a house you have 10 days to look things over and decide if you want to move forward or not - that's where we are right now. You can't change the price but you can back out if you like. But it's not really an option. It's more that I was whinging about buying a house right before what is likely to turn out to be a huge downturn.
  12. Ne Moe Imya

    Buying a house

    Currently renting but it's complicated. We have discounted rent at a complex that has some arrangement with my workplace, but only for another few months. After that, we'd have to rent at a much higher rate (even higher than our payments would be on a house). And there are other things involved with moving back to the US that mean we need to buy now while the banks will only be looking at last year's income rather than this year's. Anyway, we'll survive. Here I am complaining like it's a massive problem that we're about to move into a house that's twice as big as our flat in Siberia was.
  13. Ne Moe Imya

    Buying a house

    So we're now under contract on our third house, having had both previous experiences fall apart after the home inspection/survey. But a big part of me is seriously wondering ... is this really the time to be buying a house? We kind of have to, for a host of reasons that I won't go into here, but it feels like absolutely terrible timing. The buying market is just starting to dry up, so prices are probably at their absolute peak right now. I predict we see houses on the same street as the one we're buying come in at 10% lower prices by the summer. There's going to be a massive correction. Can't be helped, I suppose. Just our luck that the timing worked out this way. I'm half-tempted to try some really hardlined negotiating, even as a bluff. We're still under the buyers' inspection period so we could walk away without losing anything right now. Very tempted to call them up and say "We're scared of buying right now, but take off $5k and we'll do it. If not, good luck selling it in the middle of a huge economic crisis." My wife would murder me, though. It's a great house, far better than the other ones we looked at in this price range and area.
  14. Ne Moe Imya

    The Most Valuable Squad in the World

    I can't make it scan. We've got the most valuable side in the world ... We've got Robbo worth millions, Salah worth billions, van Dijk worth unspeeeaaakable amooouuunts.