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  1. Ne Moe Imya

    Mohamed Salah

    Yeah. Should have never sold Keegan in order to buy Dalglish, huge mistake. There are zero circumstances in which it makes sense to sell your best players and to pretend otherwise is to admit you hate the Liverbird and everything it stands for.
  2. Ne Moe Imya

    Mohamed Salah

    Obviously no one thinks we should just sell him and that's it. You only sell a player like Salah if you can replace him with someone as good or better, or significantly younger. And there aren't many players like that, but to suggest there are zero is pretty crazy. Every player has a price at which you'd be foolish not to sell. Salah would be almost impossible to replace, even in the aggregate, but that isn't the same as totally impossible. You'd sell him to get Mbappe, surely? Or Haaland?
  3. Ne Moe Imya

    This new "let them play" refereeing

    My argument is not a partisan/pro-Liverpool thing, either. This tackle on Richarlison should be a borderline red, a yellow MINIMUM, instead wasn't even given as a foul: It's crazy. We're already dealing with more rotation and injuries due to the pandemic shortening seasons, and now you want to add absolute yard dogs like Burnley's taking out every player with more skill than them in the name of "letting the game flow" while the referee just looks on and nods approvingly. If it continues we will see a huge increase in injuries. Look forward to all the Premier League teams going out in the last 8 to Bayern and Atletico at full strength while half the English first teams are out with torn ACLs and fractured ankles.
  4. I know the commentators and "real football men" like Andy Gray seem to love it, but I think it's utter garbage and it makes the game so much worse. Was going to talk about it last week after Elliott got yanked back into a scissor tackle and half the neutrals in the media suggested it was a harsh red (!), but better to complain this week when we were the beneficiaries of the loose refereeing today. I don't care if it helps us, or hurts us, it makes the game worse IMO. Obviously it's a balance - you don't want to overcorrect and start calling ticky-tacky fouls for every bump and contact, but they have gone far to the other side and it needs to come back. Last week it was Burnley yard-dogging all over the pitch and just hacking and kicking every time one of our skillful players was on the ball. This week it was more balanced and it felt as if we were reacting a bit to the refereeing by putting in a few kicks ourselves. Whoever it is doing it, I don't like it. I don't understand the people who would rather watch a crunching tackle than a skillful pirouette with the ball. Any grock can thunder into another player and clean him out. If that's what you want to see, go watch Sunday league football. I want to watch football at a high level because they're doing things I can't do!
  5. You're not wrong. I've just googled "ankle dislocation recovery timeline" and one of the top links featured a very gruesome-looking injury where the foot is about 6 inches sideways from where it should be! That said, it seems like assuming you can reset the ankle without surgery (which is apparently the case with Harvey) that it's about 12 weeks until you have full range of motion back in most cases. So 3 months out in cast/doing rehab, plus however long it takes him to return to full fitness from what he loses over that 3 months. I'm guessing it'll end up being 4-5 months, most likely.
  6. Ne Moe Imya

    Leeds (A) - Sun 12th Sep 2021 (4:30pm)

    I'd say this is "unbelievable," but sadly, it's all too believable. How anyone could watch us absolutely destroying Leeds away in the first half and have this response is beyond me. Why do you even watch football if you hate it so much, mate?
  7. Since Fergie left, United have had an absolute gift for taking brilliant players and turning them into donkeys. I don't know what it is, it's actually amazing. They bought Lukaku in, prime age, and he was just sort of "meh" there for a couple of seasons before moving on and turning into the best player in Serie A. They bought Depay, who was the most can't-miss signing of the year, turned him into a donkey before throwing him at Lyon. Now at Barca, of course. They brought Pogba back from Juve, where he was a world-beater, to turn him into a player who half the time looks like he just can't be arsed. Di Maria as well, just never looked anything like the player he was when he went there. This is the thing that they can never buy, the thing that we have somehow stumbled on with this Klopp/Edwards combination. You can't just buy the best players, you also have to have a plan for how to use them. We did the same under Rodgers - it's no use buying the Firminos and Luis Albertos (who after he got out from under Brendan's thumb was one of the best players in Serie A for years) if you don't use them properly. Long may it continue. I desperately hope that Ole manages to piss away a few years of prime Sancho (who's a sensational player, by the way) the way that club did to Lukaku before they sell him to Bayern or something, where he'll win the Balon D'Or.
  8. Ne Moe Imya

    Upcoming Films

    The only question I really care about when it comes to watching this movie is "do I have to remember the plot of the second and third movies of the trilogy in order to understand this one?" Because if I do ... I'm not watching it. The original Matrix is an actual classic, a unique story, well-told and well-directed. All I can say about the sequels is that I know I watched them, but I don't remember a single thing about them other than I didn't enjoy them, and I'm definitely not going back to rewatch just to get ready for this thing.
  9. Ne Moe Imya

    Lesser known delicious foreign food

    I covered some of my Bolivian favourites earlier in the thread but the mention of a churrasco reminds me that I shouldn't neglect Brasil's great contribution to world cuisine: pao de queijo. I'm sure other Brasilians would castigate me for not saying something like feijoada, but that, while lovely, is really just black bean/pork stew with rice. It's delicious, but it's not, like, go-seek-it-out-and-get-some delicious. Pao de queijo, on the other hand, is exactly that. These little cheesy, doughy balls of pure goodness are absolutely amazing. Sort of like a Yorkshire pudding with the addition of a borderline-concerning amount of cheese, maybe? They're pretty easy to make, so if you're handy in the kitchen and fancy whipping up something that will impress your lady friend, you could do a lot worse. Gluten-free, as well.
  10. Ne Moe Imya

    Mohamed Salah

    We have made a point of having a higher proportion of players' wages made up of bonuses in recent years. Especially as compared to other clubs, which probably appeals to some players and not others. It makes sense for Liverpool - just have to get the incentive structure right and then if players perform, then we pay them the 15-20m/year wages that they could get elsewhere. And if they don't, they get less. The hard part, at least as it relates to Salah, is when players are past their peak. In general, their performances start to dip (some not very much, like Messi, some more, like Ronaldo, and most just fall off a cliff and are retired by 33/34 like Rooney) but their wage demands don't decline with their performances. That's why we'll sell him in the end - it will be that he's hearing from PSG or whoever that they'll give him a 400k/week contract for 5 years, and we'll never match it.
  11. Ne Moe Imya

    Mohamed Salah

    Yeah, I think this is the takeaway message from that news. I don't know what the market for him would be like, I'd imagine we'd ask for 100m and PSG or someone would give him 400k/week, maybe? But I'd be very surprised if we went over 300k/week. That's 15m/season, and while he'd be worth it in years one and two, by the time you got to year four and five it's very doubtful he'd be producing at that kind of level. Maybe we could try something unique and get him for 300k/week for the first two years, and then declining after that as he reaches ages 33+, but I'd be surprised if he'd go for that when one of the oil clubs wouldn't ask him to do that. If his agent really has feelers out there about 500k/week, then he's as good as gone next summer IMO. We will use the money to bring in 2-3 players, hopefully have as good success with that as we did when we sold Coutinho and not the success level we had when we did the same with Suarez leaving.
  12. Ne Moe Imya

    Lesser known delicious foreign food

    Great thread, and some great replies already! I grew up in Bolivia, and I'm always amazed that Bolivian food isn't more widely known. I suppose it's too small a population to really have caught on, but they make some amazing food. One of the most popular is silpancho - start with a bed of rice and roasted potatoes, then take a filet steak and pound it very flat and bread it and fry it, serve with runny fried egg and a sort of pepper salsa: My favourite, though, is salteña. A salteña is sort of like a baked empanada, if you're familiar, only instead of just filling with meat and/or cheese, it's a spicy stew-like mixture. This little pouch of dough is filled up with spicy meat, olives, potatoes, and even a slice of boiled egg. It really is like a pouch of stew, and is unique and quite delicious. The outside of a saltena looks like this: and the inside filling looks like: Oh, and by the way @TheHowieLama, there's a Bolivian lady in Tampa who makes them and sells them out of her garage. We buy a dozen or so every time we're up there, you can get them frozen so you take them home and just pop them into your oven when you're ready to eat. Amazing!
  13. Ne Moe Imya

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    This is not one for January, obviously, but I just wonder if next summer we might put in an inquiry for Joao Felix? Statistically could do a bit of everything as a teenager at Benfica, then moved to Atletico where Simeone has reined him in completely. Still a good player, but hasn't exactly set the world on fire with goals (9 in all comps two seasons ago, then 10 last season). Maybe Atletico Madrid still think he's going to come good and would hold out for 80m+ or something, but I just wonder if maybe they were starting to doubt and 50-60m could get him? This is based on absolutely nothing but a feeling - they apparently did discuss letting him go in the Griezmann deal so it's possible, at least, that they'd consider something. And it's definitely in the mould of the type of deal we look to do - we either buy the best 16 year olds or occasionally pay medium-sized fees for players who are 22-24 and look likely to be entering their peaks with the potential to improve into the "world-class" category. I just think Klopp would turn him into a superstar. He doesn't exactly profile the same but I just feel like maybe we could move him up into the Firmino role, teach him to press, and he'd be brilliant there for us after he adjusted to it. Mostly wishful thinking, but who knows?
  14. I think this is 100% true for fans. But I don't think it's true for the people that matter - Jurgen and the players. I think they see us with the best squad we've maybe ever had, and think we can win a league and CL double. Our front line is aging, and 2-3 seasons from now, they won't be able to sustain us at the kind of level required to compete for those kinds of trophies. But for now, for this season ... anything is possible.