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  1. I don't think the issue with United is any of the players in particular so much as it is a general malaise as the club as a whole slumps down from their previous highs. I mean, obviously they'd be a lot better if their best players would bother turning up consistently, but the real problem is higher up the food chain. The best part is watching their fans come to terms with it and lower their standards, bit by bit. As mentioned Lingaard is a great example: he's a perfectly serviceable player if he's deep in your squad as your 3rd or 4th-best attacking midfielder and you're trying to just finish top four. Or if you're Everton or Leicester he's one of your best players and you're excited to have him. But if you want to win the league he should never be seeing the pitch outside of serious injury crises or FA Cup games. He's just not good enough. We should know this better than anyone. We went from having Souness and Dalglish to trying to be positive about Lucas and Riera. And then when it got even worse, we were thinking of Lucas and Riera as solid starters because at least they were better than Charlie Adam and Joe Cole. This is where United are right now. They're about two years of more transfer failures away from being so bad that instead of McTominay and Lingaard being their scapegoats that they blame for everything, they think of THEM as the "decent, hard-working players" who are at least better than the real garbage. You could say that they have yet to buy their Adam or their Cole, and they may never do so, but you know what? Fred so far looks a huge bust and might not be that much better than Charlie Adam was for us. Give it a year and Woodward could find a way to spend £40m on some aging overrated English attacker on his last legs who would be their version of Joe Cole. Maybe Vardy?
  2. Ne Moe Imya

    Huddersfield (H) Premier League 26/4

    This might be the one game to give one or two of the lads a rest. I'm sure the sports science lads will know who is the closest to reaching their "red zone" for gametime, and I'm also sure that we will have a few close to the line where the risk of injury goes way up. I've just gone back through our games and I'm pretty sure that Mane and Salah have started every single game since Wolves in the FA Cup way back in January. That's very impressive work from our fitness people but also probably not something we can expect to sustain through the end of the season. I'd suggest that this game against a terrible Huddersfield side might be the one to leave one of them on the bench and sub the other one on 60 minutes so that they can recover a bit. Perhaps give Shaqiri a go again. Haven't seen him for quite a while and you'd imagine that this would be our easiest remaining game, which would give him a fairly decent chance to get himself a goal or assist and get his confidence up in case he's needed at some point in the run-in.
  3. Ne Moe Imya

    Alisson Becker

    Someone needs to dig up the picture, because I don't think they showed it in the UK but the American stream I was watching showed that the reason Morrison missed that open header and the ball hit his back was because Alisson got his fingertips to the ball to deflect it. All while being held (I think Gini said the ref told them it would have been chalked off for a foul if it had been scored) back by another Cardiff player. What a goalkeeper.
  4. Ne Moe Imya

    Cardiff (A) Premier League 21/4/19

    Intrigued by this midfield. Think giving Fabinho a breather could be a good idea to set us up better for the final few games, as this is definitely the game you'd think we could do without him, but I do hope Gini is back to his best. Henderson and Keita in front of him seems well-balanced and on paper seems like a sensible idea.
  5. Ne Moe Imya

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    City are miles better but the thing with United is that if their players decide to be up for it, they can be really good. People saying the best chance of City dropping points is Burnley away but for me it's still United. They could do what they did today and just walk off the bus already defeated, but they could just as well decide to put themselves in the shop window for a transfer or whatever and go into the game ready to give everything. We should know which it's to be within 10 minutes at Old Trafford. It will either be 0-5 to City or else it'll be a real dogfight. Hopefully the latter.
  6. If you look over all their signings since Ferguson left it is almost stunning how much money they have set fire to. I mean, they give us a hard time for spending £65m on Alisson and £75m on VVD, but we've really only done that twice, immediately after selling Coutinho for more than they cost combined. More importantly, both of those players are crucial players for us and have been critical to our improvement. Meanwhile they've done deals like: Fellaini - £37m (when they could have had him for less, guaranteed, a month before) Di Maria - £60m Falcao - loan but the biggest wages in league history at the time Schneiderlin - £30m Depay - £30m Mkhitaryan - £37m Lukaku - £75m Matic - £40m Sanchez - swap deal but they added millions on top and then gave him the new league record wages Fred - £52m It's actually amazing to look at them all in a list. If you didn't know any better you'd say that Ed Woodward was an undercover Liverpool fan whose main goal there is to burn the whole club to the ground.
  7. Ne Moe Imya

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    This game is a perfect example of how much of football is luck. Spurs have had the better chances, but City had one and scored theirs. I said before we started this last stretch of games that if we could beat Spurs, Southampton and Chelsea that we'd go into the last four games as favourites to win the league. But even so I'll also say that if City can beat Spurs here and then United at Old Trafford next week, then they'll be favourites again. Need them to drop points in one of these two games! Edit: just seen that City are actually leading in xG so far, wouldn't have thought that from watching but I suppose the Foden goal was practically a tap-in so in retrospect maybe not a surprise.
  8. Ne Moe Imya

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I mean, I'm exaggerating as Brewster has only been back from injury for a short time now but I honestly think that if he hadn't had the injury he would have a lot of hype around him right now. He's really, really good. Definitely way better than Woodburn, who's stagnated pretty badly and had his loan at Sheffield United end go completely wrong. But yeah, I'm overstating things I suppose. Probably comes from my underrating Rashford, who is actually a very good player but one I just have an automatic dislike for.
  9. Ne Moe Imya

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    For those saying we won't sign an attacker, do you really think we're going to go into next season with such a huge drop-off in quality behind our front 3? I'm a huge fan of Brewster, but there's no way he should be second choice next season. He will get a lot of minutes as third choice centre forward, and that will be plenty for him to show that he's good enough to play even more. I think we can all agree that our main issue right now is depth. Our first XI is one of the top 5 in the world, but our bench is miles behind the likes of City or Barca. We need at least one more versatile attacking player so that our choice for the front three can be 3 from 4 rather than 3 from 3. It's fine to have Origi, Shaqiri and Brewster behind that, but we simply can't rely on another season without a major injury to any of Mane, Firmino and Salah. We might not get that lucky again. Werner would obviously be perfect as he can play out left or in Firmino's position in the middle, but I think he's going to Bayern. Brandt doesn't quite suit as well as he's played his best football at AM but could still be an option in the front line. At any rate, I'm not exactly sure who it will be but I'm almost certain that Edwards & Klopp will be looking to bring in one really good player who can play across at least two positions in our front 3, or maybe a player who is a goalscoring #10 who could be moved up into the central spot where Bobby plays (not going to call it centre forward as that's not quite how he plays it).
  10. Ne Moe Imya

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They've just been thumped by Fulham, so I think any thought that the only way they'd lose to United is if they did so deliberately is very fanciful indeed!
  11. Ne Moe Imya

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I think that was fine for where we were 3 years ago but where we are now we definitely need to get younger as a squad. The bulk of our squad right now is 27-29, which is fine for another year or two but eventually we need a few 22-year olds coming into their peaks behind them. Since we no longer have any urgent holes in our first XI why not go out and get a few up-and-coming players who are 19-22? They can be backups for a season or two as they transition into the starting XI and then in a few years we'll be in a good position when Salah/Mane/van Dijk/Henderson etc. start to decline.
  12. Yeah, I think this is the right answer. I mean, obviously Mane is brilliant, but it's not like the competition is that stiff. It's one of those that sounds like a huge compliment until you step back and think about it for a couple of seconds. "Best Liverpool wide player since Barnes" is just not one of those categories that's full of contenders.
  13. Ne Moe Imya

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    This makes all the sense in the world. I mean, I'd prefer Joao Felix or Fernandes but at that price you really couldn't go wrong with Brandt and we could probably still spend big on another position. Oh, and I think Brewster will 100% be ready to get significant minutes next season. I'm not saying he should be Firmino's primary backup or anything but I'd be quite surprised if he was healthy all year and didn't get 1000 minutes or so. He's going to be a really, really good player; just to take one example, he's probably not far at all off Rashford's level even now.
  14. Ne Moe Imya

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    Someone needs to get to making a tweet with a picture of Salah about to shoot and then Hazard about to shoot (the one that hit the post) and caption it "how am i supposed to tell my grandkids that Salah scored from here and the greatest player on earth Hazard did not" and put it out on twitter.
  15. Ne Moe Imya

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    Just popped over to Bluemoon for a bit of schadenfreude and ... it's not even fun with that lot. What is it with City fans? Most opposition fans dislike Liverpool, we're rivals and that's fine. But City fans are just odd. One of them posted complaining that "teams play Liverpool so timidly." Yes, the same Chelsea that absolutely rolled over for them 6-0. The worst is when they imply that Martin Tyler wants Liverpool to win and his commentary is biased towards us. Martin. Tyler. What a bunch of weirdos. Link here if you want to waste your time (the page where Mane scores is queued up).