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  1. Why not just send them the one on the right and keep the real one here……Or is it the one on the left…?
  2. Stickman

    Fascinating Liverpool pictures

    1980's Church Street 1950's St Marys Road Garston 2020 St Marys Road Garston....I know which one I prefer
  3. This morning on Talkshite they were praising the Utd fans for constantly singing Ole's name even when two down... For once I'm happy to praise the Utd support too ...Keep it up
  4. Stickman


    No need to panic as we have less deaths than 27 countries combined
  5. Stickman

    Geordie Arabia

    Small change that, Mohammed Bin Salman probably has that rattling around his back pocket
  6. Stickman

    Other Football 2021/22

    To be fair they have the players in that squad to turn it on at times in games they also have it in them to be utter dogshit for large parts of the same game They’ll be like that as long as Gollum stays as manger
  7. Stickman

    Other Football 2021/22

    That Phil Dawkes on the BBC webpage is a right prick … GOAL - Man Utd 2-2 Atalanta Harry Maguire MAGUIIIIIIIIRRREEEEE!!!!
  8. Stickman

    Farage man of the people my arse

    “I think I I’ve popped out again “
  9. Stickman

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    When will they ever realise that every time and it is every time they take the piss over things like Injuries (see last season) or get giddy when they are on a roll and are going to get into the top four or win the league after 3 games it comes back to bite them viciously on the arse
  10. Stickman

    Boris Johnson

    As his other kids looked on