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  1. Arry knows Harry Redknapp backs Liverpool Premier League title chance after Piers Morgan and Gary Neville row https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/harry-redknapp-backs-liverpool-title-18004996
  2. I’m very surprised Rio keeps going on about voiding the league anyone would think (not me no sir) that he wants to stay relevant and keep the money coming in Rio Ferdinand among BT Sport pundits facing no pay due to coronavirus lay-off https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/rio-ferdinand-among-bt-sport-21775802.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  3. Stickman


    Strange Guess he’ll still be herd but not seen..
  4. I’d be happy with that and I’m sure all the trolls on twitter will be as it will save all those lives they’re so concerned about
  5. Stickman

    Winter break, fuck that!

    I’m more pissed by the fact we only won 27 out of 29 games
  6. Harry Kane proving once again he’s a twat, thick cunt hasn’t realised if the league is cancelled then his goals will be chalked off.... Happy as well that this guy and De Bruyne are the only two City players I actually like You have to be sporting': Ilkay Gundogan says he 'would be ok' if Liverpool were handed Premier League title due to coronavirus https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8164877/Ilkay-Gundogan-says-ok-Liverpool-handed-Premier-League-title.html
  7. Stickman


    According to Dan Hodges , Johnson isn't great but he's no Hitler and we should all be grateful for that. . Incidentally my wife's no Myra Hindley so the neighbours kids should be grateful for that https://mobile.twitter.com/NUFC_OurClub/status/1244222571249270784
  8. I see duck face is at it again. I still don't see voiding a season makes the whole country safer ? I mean we aren't playing football at the minute and no one is pushing for it to be played until is safe to do so . Yet this cunt is on BT (no doubt being paid) for talking about it though. But hey it's not agenda driven which for me kind of makes it pretty shitty that he's using the pandemic or that very reason. https://www.90min.com/posts/6584769-rio-ferdinand-insists-league-season-needs-to-be-voided-takes-swipe-at-liverpool-supporters/partners/40776
  9. Always liked that Karren Brady 'Liverpool own the title': Karren Brady makes remarkable U-turn on voiding Premier League season https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/liverpool-title-karren-brady-uturn-voiding-premier-league-season-a4400396.html
  10. After all the panicking over leagues 3-7 in divisions and teams most haven’t heard of being cancelled here is maybe some good news.... Coronavirus: FA wants Women's Super League season completed by August https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52056558 Liverpool are in the relegation zone so wouldn’t mind that being null and voided....
  11. It's not the greatest way to get it as the players and manager who thoroughly deserve it and would have thought the Champions league parade was special would have been fucking amazed at the scenes with winning the league. But go on Twitter to see how fucking toxic it is with people hoping the season it cancelled and you'll see why it if need be has to happen this way Also pundits and ex-players like Keys , Ferdinand, Cole etc etc who are so agenda driven that even if we had won every game and couldn't be mathematically caught would still be saying "unfortunately for Liverpool if the league is cancelled then so is the title". I don't give a rats arse if any of them say it's got an asterix by it, it will be number 19 for me. Then go and win it again next season
  12. Stickman


    Just seen his 5 minute. interview in which he said he has a persistent cough and yet didn’t cough once . Lying cunt , he can’t help himself . Null and void him
  13. Friends was great for the first two or three seasons especially Chandler and Joey but it’s not even close Curb is on a totally different level regarding US sitcoms in fact just give it the title now.
  14. For the first time I feel like we aren’t getting this the longer this goes on I know in the big scheme of things it’s only football but i’s the odious rival fan bases and their holier than thou attitude when they bring Heysel up but will happily laugh at us not winning the league while thousands have died. I honestly can’t see the champions league for next season going ahead as fuck knows when any country will open its borders which may be a get out of jail option for the FA to cancel it knowing no team will play in Europe .
  15. Stickman


    Kind of ironic seeing Johnson coming out and clapping plus loads of Tory MP’s on Twitter praising the NHS staff when it wasn’t that long ago... Watch the moment Tory MPs cheered blocking a pay rise for nurses and firefighters Every Conservative except one voted against the bid, accusing Jeremy Corbyn's party of playing politics and "milking the NHS for votes" https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/watch-moment-tories-cheered-blocking-10707293.amp?__twitter_impression=true