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  1. Stickman

    Great Non-Liverpool Footballing Images

    First ever cup final West Ham v Bolton 1923 it's reckoned that maybe 300,000 were in the stadium
  2. My favourite Xabi goal.....That pass by Gerrard though...
  3. Stickman

    The Who vs Led Zeppelin

    Cock and Roll
  4. Stickman


    Not sure if this is Chumney Warner doing the commentary
  5. Stickman

    The Who vs Led Zeppelin

    To be fair even though he was dead he was still better than the replacement bass player
  6. Stickman

    The Who vs Led Zeppelin

    That does ring a bell to be honest...Pretty forgiving wife to be fair
  7. Stickman

    The Who vs Led Zeppelin

    Haha brilliant.... Damn you predictive text...... Sorry John
  8. Stickman

    The Who vs Led Zeppelin

    I saw them on that tour in London when they played with about 15 backing musicians due to Townshends tinnitus or as it is also known as The a Who on ice tour....Wasn't great. They we're pretty good when in 2000 they strippied it back to just four with Zak Starkey on drums and it was around then with Entwistle's final gig they were outstanding at The Concert for New York in 2001.....The last truly great Who gig. Incidentally has there ever been a better rock death than Entwistle's , a heart attack in th Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas with two hookers and a line of cock....And he was the boring one.
  9. Stickman

    The Who vs Led Zeppelin

    I remember seeing them I think it was at the Lomax back in 1995-96 they were brilliant in fact I probably loved it more that going to see the actual Who just because it was in such a small venue.
  10. Stickman


    Been a good weekend for bellends.....First Colin Wanker with his political thoughts and now this... Richard Keys‏Verified account @richardajkeys If Rafa loves Newcastle as he says - spend some of his own money. He’s got enough. Management is about teamwork - why should it always be Ashley? Buy it. It’s still for sale. They’re in the bottom 3 & Rafa is responsible. He picks the team.
  11. Stickman


    Murray takes the 4th set tie breaker too.......
  12. Stickman


    Great stuff from Murray, two sets to nil down and a break in the third and yet still manages not only to break back but also take the set on a tie break....