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*Shakes head* Everton again.


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1 hour ago, Harry Squatter said:

Just seen that they are getting a £75m government grant to redevelop the site at Goodison once they leave That's in addition to them getting £15m off the council to preserve a listed structure at the next ground. 


Yet they are still up in arms about Liverpool trying to use the Furlough sceme in 2020. 


The club who blagged a £18m Covid interruption loan who had their training ground bought and refurbished by a skint council outraged by Liverpool not going through with the Furlough scheme. 


This protest and banner fest just screams of them trying to stay relevant "hey everyone, we still exist"

What are they getting the grant for? I wonder what project loses out for that? 

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In addition to paying for a plane to fly a banner for a few seconds that may or may not be caught on camera....


They want to fly that during our game, the club they all hate in every way possible.


Playing against a club who are a much BIGGER cheat....possibly the biggest ever in football with 115 breaches.


They really are thick cunts aren't they?

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Like that time Liverpool fans threw 40,000 socks onto the Goodison pitch.


There’s an idea. Throw 40,000 socks and pretend they’re lions. Write LION on each sock in crayon. I’m sure they can all spare a sock each, and they can wear them to get them past security.

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34 minutes ago, an tha said:

I love the way that bitter on twitter tells TIA to "mind their own business" when they ask a question in the replies to a thread he posted saying they will fly a banmer from a plane during our game on Saturday....


Self awareness minus ten......

That had Me howling

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The funny thing is taking the odd peak j to a twitter thread or in GOT and suddenly you see all this bravado and belief that they’re “winning” here and everyone’s with them, and the league are shutting it and going to rue the day.


all the while, outside of their bubble I’ve not seen or heard anything that isn’t suggesting they’re fucked, and haven’t spoken to a soul who doesn’t think it’s either funny or just don’t care too much about it.


there’s no groundswell of opinion forming for them. 

just a few lids with bedsheets outside the wrong house again like last time.

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41 minutes ago, Arniepie said:


At goodison 

Whatever next,?



It is hysterical how bitters love to suck manc cock.


For 20 years they did it whilst the mancs won everything whilst representing the new ugly money is everything ethos that led to the shitshow the game is now - but because it spited us it was ok ...


Now the mancs are shite they are sucking their cock as some sort of brothers in arms fighting against the money etc.


And even got mancs posting shite like example below on their silly protest threads - "Neglected our team" fuck me NOBODY spends more....The bitter cock sucking reply to it is just so funny....



As utd fans we have every right to be angry at the PL too. They've just allowed the glazers to walk in, put us in ridiculous amount of debt, neglect our team, stadium and facilities, damage our worldwide reputation whilst taken loads of FANS £££ out the club and get away with it






Spot on. You lot getting involved means everything



Hopefully can get involved in this because it's needed. Premier league are money motivated and corrupt
Would make a massive statement. I hope that we can somehow distribute these into the away end and your lads are happy to help us out
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