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Simon Green - Who Am I?


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Finger Food: A story about about an elite chef with revenge on his mind. He's got a knife for every forum member that laughed or ridiculed him.


Watch Simon Greene travel through time on the roads he built himself. In this tense thriller he asks Dave to un-archive his greatest hits. He then sets off on a mission that will end outside a KFC in a town near you, along the way he chops off the typing fingers of every cunt who ever did him wrong to create his very own finger food.

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3 hours ago, manwiththestick said:

Getting back to the films.


12 Molnkeys.


Dag Day Afternoon.

Dude, where's my mates bike?


Clear & Squeasant Danger

Tarmac & Me

Rumpole of the Baylifts

La Dolce Ryvita

Si-lent Green


3 hours ago, Section_31 said:




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