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*Shakes head* Everton again.


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I was talking to a Norwegian fella while working in a shop in town a few years ago, he was wearing an Everton top. Nice fella, enthusiastic about them and the city in general.

Hope he sees that shirt and decides to save his plane fare and keeps his cash away from the flouncy impresarios semen moisturized mits.

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Look what the bitters are selling on their official site...


I'm sure these fellas will be delighted with the new t-shirt...


ESCNB - Evertonfc.no


Spot the local in this squad lot? :wow:


French x3, Russian x2, Slovakian, Dutch, Spanish, Australian, manc, American, Belgian, Nigerian, Portuguese, Irish, German, Welsh.


Maybe they got the clubs mixed up.

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Look what the bitters are selling on their official site...




Everton Local/Norwegian T-Shirt - White


I'm sure these fellas will be delighted with the new t-shirt...


ESCNB - Evertonfc.no


That'll look smart on their next trip to Thailand.


Dave should be right on that; one little blue fella, stuck in the centre of about 50 reds, each with a different nationality.

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Not being funny but its one of the biggest myths in football.


There are more reds in Liverpool than blues and for startes loads of Blues are OTT's and the welsh especially.


The tunnel is chocker every home game they play


Loathe though I am to fight their corner but it's the same myth the mancs have to put up with citeh to be honest. Same small time PR from a desperately envious neighbour. There were always more reds than blues in Manchester and certainly in my lifetime the balance has always been in our favour in Liverpool.

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none of you will be laughing when they sell a dozen of these shirts out of the back of a van and it solves all their financial problems. This is their first step on the way back to greatness


Yes, apparently they won a League Championship in 1970 you know.


Joe Royle was up front. Chap called Ball in midfield. He played for England, a man once told me.


Traditionally intense rivalry with cross-river rivals, Tranmere Rovers, it's been reported.


Oh, and rumour has it, there's been a club by the name of Liverpool on the fringes of all this. From time to time.

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And that ladies and gentlemen, was my 35,000th post. Should I sue Dave for the amount of my life he owes me?


I think you deserve a knighthood, son. Is King Gustavsen or whoever still on hand over there to do the honours?


Congrats. Not sure I'll make 35,000 myself. (thank god everyone says)

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Everton fc Links - bluekipper.com -


If you have an Everton site & want your site listed here, please e-mail enquiries@bluekipper.com




ESCNI - Northern Ireland Blues Site

ESCLA - Everton Supporters London Area

Irish Toffees - Everton Supporters club in Ireland, with branches all over Ireland.

Norwegian Blues - Everton Supporters Club Norwegian Branch.

Milton Keynes Blues - All the News from Milton Keynes.

Harrogatetoffees - All the News from Harrowgate.

EFCSCNA - North American Blues.

Everton Chile - Spanish Speaking Site.

Bluesaders - New Zealand Blues.

Everton Supporters Club - Eastern Europe.

West Country Blues - Everton Supporters From Dorchester, Yeovil, Taunton, Bridgwater and Bristol.

Bluesbloods - Thailand Toffees

Everton FC America - Everton Ladies in the USA

EFC-Supporters in Finland - Miko Haarala's site is in Finnish

Everton In Poland - For All You Polish Speaking Blues

jamesbeattiewebsite - James Beattie Website by Priscilla in Mexico

They Think Its All Over - An Evertonian View From New Zealand




Seriously, how do you lot fucking sleep at night?

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Good god, if it wasn't Everton I actually wouldn't believe that was genuine. Their actual club store sells that shit? Amazing. What an embarrassment.


its almost as embarrassing as taking out half page ads in the local press during a season to try and shift unsold season tickets

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