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  1. North Korea to target U.S. with nuclear, rocket tests | Reuters By Ju-min Park and Choonsik Yoo SEOUL | Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:47pm EST (Reuters) - North Korea said on Thursday it would carry out further rocket launches and a nuclear test that would target the United States, dramatically stepping up its threats against a country it called its "sworn enemy". The announcement by the country's top military body came a day after the U.N. Security Council agreed to a U.S.-backed resolution to censure and sanction North Korea for a rocket launch in December that breached U.N. rules. North Korea is not believed to have the technology to deliver a nuclear warhead capable of hitting the continental United States, although its December launch showed it had the capacity to deliver a rocket that could travel 10,000 km (6,200 miles), potentially putting San Francisco in range, according to an intelligence assessment by South Korea. "We are not disguising the fact that the various satellites and long-range rockets that we will fire and the high-level nuclear test we will carry out are targeted at the United States," North Korea's National Defence Commission said, according to state news agency KCNA. North Korea is believed by South Korea and other observers to be "technically ready" for a third nuclear test, and the decision to go ahead rests with leader Kim Jong-un, who pressed ahead with the December rocket launch in defiance of the U.N. sanctions. China, the one major diplomatic ally of the isolated and impoverished North, agreed to the U.S.-backed resolution and it also supported resolutions in 2006 and 2009 after Pyongyang's two earlier nuclear tests. Thursday's statement by North Korea represents a huge challenge to Beijing as it undergoes a leadership transition, with Xi Jinping due to take office in March. China's Foreign Ministry called for calm and restraint and a return to six-party talks, but effectively singled out North Korea, urging the "relevant party" not to take any steps that would raise tensions. "We hope the relevant party can remain calm and act and speak in a cautious and prudent way and not take any steps which may further worsen the situation," ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters at a regular press briefing. North Korea has rejected proposals to restart the talks aimed at reining in its nuclear capacity. The United States, China, Russia, Japan and the two Koreas are the six parties involved. "After all these years and numerous rounds of six-party talks we can see that China's influence over North Korea is actually very limited. All China can do is try to persuade them not to carry out their threats," said Cai Jian, an expert on Korea at Fudan University in Shanghai. Analysts said the North could test as early as February as South Korea prepares to install a new, untested president or that it could choose to stage a nuclear explosion to coincide with former ruler Kim Jong-il's Feb 16 birthday. "North Korea will have felt betrayed by China for agreeing to the latest U.N. resolution and they might be targeting (China) as well (with this statement)," said Lee Seung-yeol, senior research fellow at Ewha Institute of Unification Studies in Seoul. U.S. URGES NO TEST Washington urged North Korea not to proceed with a third test just as the North's statement was published on Thursday. "Whether North Korea tests or not is up to North Korea," Glyn Davies, the top U.S. envoy for North Korean diplomacy, said in the South Korean capital of Seoul. "We hope they don't do it. We call on them not to do it," Davies said after a meeting with South Korean officials. "This is not a moment to increase tensions on the Korean peninsula." The North was banned from developing missile and nuclear technology under sanctions dating from its 2006 and 2009 nuclear tests. A South Korean military official said the concern now is that Pyongyang could undertake a third nuclear test using highly enriched uranium for the first time, opening a second path to a bomb. North Korea's 2006 nuclear test using plutonium produced a puny yield equivalent to one kiloton of TNT - compared with 13-18 kilotons for the Hiroshima bomb - and U.S. intelligence estimates put the 2009 test's yield at roughly two kilotons North Korea is estimated to have enough fissile material for about a dozen plutonium warheads, although estimates vary, and intelligence reports suggest that it has been enriching uranium to supplement that stock and give it a second path to the bomb. According to estimates from the Institute for Science and International Security from late 2012, North Korea could have enough weapons grade uranium for 21-32 nuclear weapons by 2016 if it used one centrifuge at its Yongbyon nuclear plant to enrich uranium to weapons grade. North Korea has not yet mastered the technology needed to make a nuclear warhead small enough for an intercontinental missile, most observers say, and needs to develop the capacity to shield any warhead from re-entry into the earth's atmosphere. North Korea gave no time-frame for the coming test and often employs harsh rhetoric in response to U.N. and U.S. actions that it sees as hostile. The bellicose statement on Thursday appeared to dent any remaining hopes that Kim Jong-un, believed to be 30 years old, would pursue a different path from his father, Kim Jong-il, who oversaw the country's military and nuclear programs. The older Kim died in December 2011. "The UNSC (Security Council) resolution masterminded by the U.S. has brought its hostile policy towards the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea) to its most dangerous stage," the commission was quoted as saying. (Additional reporting by Christine Kim in SEOUL, Ben Blanchard and Sui-Lee Wee in Beijing; Writing by David Chance; Editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan and Ron Popeski)
  2. Unrighteous

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11669/10507871/liverpool-agree-16325m-transfer-fee-for-newcastles-georginio-wijnaldum Liverpool agree transfer fee in the region of £25m for Newcastle's Georginio WijnaldumLast Updated: 21/07/16 8:30am Liverpool have had a bid accepted by Newcastle for Georginio Wijnaldum Liverpool have agreed a deal in the region of £25m with Newcastle United for midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum, according to Sky sources. Wijnaldum, who has 30 international caps for the Netherlands, will now travel to Anfield for a medical. The midfielder joined Newcastlein a £14.5m switch from PSV Eindhoven last summer but was unable to prevent their relegation from the Premier League. Wijnaldum, whose situation was also being monitored by Tottenham, was Newcastle's leading scorer last season with 11 goals, four of them in a 6-2 league demolition of Norwich, although his form was patchy and he was unable to help the club retain its top-flight status following the appointment of Rafael Benitez as manager. Everton had also been interested in Wijnaldum - with manager Ronald Koeman a big admirer of the player - but no bid has materialised from Goodison Park.
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    Steven Segal: [facepalm]

    Steven Seagal sued for allegedly keeping sex slaves April 12, 2010, 11:35 PM EST By Josh Dickey TheWrap.com Steven Seagal is accused of hiring young women as personal attendants whose real job was to serve his strange and sometimes violent sexual desires, according to a civil lawsuit filed Monday in Los Angeles by a 23-year-old former model who describes her experience in harrowing detail. The plaintiff, Kayden Nguyen, said she met the action star in February through an ad on Craigslist seeking an executive assistant and, after three interviews, was told to pack for a trip to New Orleans, where the A&E show "Steven Seagal Lawman" was taping. When she arrived, the lawsuit says, she discovered that Seagal had been keeping two young female Russian "attendants" who were essentially on-call for sex -- 24-seven. On that first night, Nguyen was ushered to a secluded house where Seagal was staying with his wife and the two young women. He then proceeded to treat Nguyen as his "sex toy" despite her complaints, the lawsuit says, responding to her terror as he fondled and manhandled her by saying, "Relax, we won't do anything special tonight ... I'll save that for another night.'" She complained the following morning to some of the other employees, assuming that they would deliver the message to Seagal. Hours later, the lawsuit says he assaulted her again, this time forcing her to consume "illegal pills" and inflicting sexual acts on her until she sobbed. The following morning, when she confronted Seagal herself, he told her there had been a "misunderstanding"; but hours later, he assaulted her a third time, an attack that stopped only when she ran away. The ordeal carried on for several days, and it wasn't until Feb. 28 -- the following Sunday -- that she was able to escape the situation. The lawsuit says Nguyen told Seagal that she had to leave to meet with family members who would be suspicious if she didn't show up. Nonetheless, he told her not to leave the house and followed her with a gun equipped with a flashlight as she went out to a waiting cab, which sped away as she jumped in the front seat. A message left by TheWrap with the action star's attorney, Stuart Rosenthal, was not immediately returned Monday. Messages left with A&E were also not immediately returned. It was not clear why Kayden Nguyen chose to file a civil lawsuit instead of a criminal complaint. Messages left with her lawyers were not immediately returned Monday. Nguyen's lawsuit claims that even after she got away, Seagal and his employees tried desperately to persuade her to return. When she escaped, she left behind "everything of value she owned," including car keys, her laptop, clothes, and "hundreds of dollars worth of makeup." She was told she would not get the items back until she signed an agreement stating she would not report the sexual attacks. The lawsuit says Nguyen had accepted the job on Feb. 22, a Monday, and was sped in a limo to a waiting private jet. Her first indication that something was awry was when Seagal told her, as the plane was taking off, that his wife "wouldn't mind if we had a sexual relationship." Nguyen's lawsuit said she could identify a "unique physiological reaction" that Seagal has to sexual arousal, which could be corroborated by the other "attendants." The suit did not specify what that reaction is. The lawsuit alleges sexual harassment in violation of federal labor laws; illegal sex trafficking; retaliation; wrongful termination; and false representations about employment. Each of the six counts seeks in excess of $1 million in damages.
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    It's getting dodgy... Canada has just closed their embassy, and recalled their diplomats... and expelled Iranian diplomats. OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada has closed its embassy in Iran and will expel all Iranian diplomats in Canada within five days, Foreign Minister John Baird said on Friday, denouncing Tehran as the biggest threat to global security. "Diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran have been suspended," Baird said. He cited Iran's nuclear program, its hostility toward Israel and Iranian military assistance to the government of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, which is locked in civil war with rebels. He also said Iran was a state sponsor of terrorism. Canada's move was swiftly applauded by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has strongly warned of the danger of a growing threat from Iran. Baird accused Iran of showing blatant disregard for the safety of foreign diplomats. "Canada views the government of Iran as the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today," he said in a statement. "Under the circumstances, Canada can no longer maintain a diplomatic presence in Iran," he said, declaring that Iran had shown "blatant disregard" for the Vienna Convention's guarantee of protection for diplomats. Ottawa has long had poor relations with Iran, in part because of its enmity toward close Canadian ally Israel. "I wish to congratulate (Canadian) Prime Minister Stephen Harper who has made a bold leadership move that sends a clear message to Iran and to the entire world," Netanyahu said in a statement from Jerusalem. "The determination shown by Canada is of great importance in order for the Iranians to understand that they cannot go on with their race toward nuclear arms. This practical step must set an example of international morality and responsibility to the international community," he said. The United States has not had a functioning embassy in Tehran since the 1979-81 hostage crisis, when 52 Americans were held for 444 days. Britain's embassy in Tehran has been closed since it was stormed by protesters last November. During the hostage crisis, the Canadian embassy in Tehran sheltered six U.S. diplomats who had avoided capture, and then helped them leave Iran with Canadian passports in January 1980. The Canadian embassy then closed, reopening only in 1988.
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    Someone's having a real laugh - shitcoat to Utd.

    Naw, I'm pretty sure throwing his own players under the bus makes shitcoat hard.
  6. Unrighteous

    Them Lot (H) 16/12/18

    And Mourinho went with his standard away formation, 7 at the back, like all Minnows away from home.
  7. Unrighteous

    Them Lot (H) 16/12/18

    I want to beat these so goddamned bad.
  8. Unrighteous

    Someone's having a real laugh - shitcoat to Utd.

    Don't tease me now...
  9. Unrighteous

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    She'd get a game. First XI material.
  10. Unrighteous

    Someone's having a real laugh - shitcoat to Utd.

    Mourinho sure has a magic touch, doesn't he? This is superb.
  11. Unrighteous

    VAR Thoughts?

    I'm fairly certain that a Liverpool supporter either bum raped Friend as a lad, or Roman has a video of Friend being pegged by russian hookers.
  12. Unrighteous

    Chelsea (h) 26/09/2018 - Carabao Cup

    Our starting side will still be pretty strong, and I can't imagine that Chelsea will play a full strength side, either. I'm content to roll the dice in this one, and then dish Chelsea a proper bumming in the league.
  13. Unrighteous

    Someone's having a real laugh - shitcoat to Utd.

    Pogba being sold for a big loss, and then Mourinho staying there would be hilarious.
  14. Unrighteous

    Someone's having a real laugh - shitcoat to Utd.

    I hope Mourinho torpedoes them for a few years, at least. That'd be amazing.
  15. Unrighteous

    Alisson Becker

    Hey, our girl was nice. What's special? Take you in the back and suck your dick?
  16. Unrighteous

    Alisson Becker

    You know what these chicks make? They make shit.
  17. Unrighteous

    James Milner; £165,000 P/W

    Fairly certain Milner was a sophisticated cybernetic organism, living tissue over metal alloy, sent back in time to kill Sarah Conner... and then got captured, and repurposed to football.
  18. Unrighteous

    Alisson Becker

    Depends... if he doesn't get worse, or even gets better... then I'd have to hold my hands up about Achterberg as I've been about as vocal as anyone about the GK situation (before our current boss GK)
  19. Unrighteous

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Yea, leftback backup, and another boss forward would be superb. I'm curious to see how the CB situation works out, but likely will need someone there.
  20. Unrighteous

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Fucking hell. He said that he had Everton playing scintillating football.
  21. Unrighteous

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Sure the Flatness of the Earth is the reason why Everton are so shit at scoring goals? Ifithadntabeenferflatearth they'd have won the league with style.