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  1. WaltonRed

    Getting to Basel...

    No mate, theres no one to catch a lift off. I think coach is it, at least that way we're on our way home and can sleep rather than be waiting round basel all night for a train or whatever
  2. WaltonRed

    Getting to Basel...

    They seemed okay and I did check out the reviews its just that twitter thing has spooked me. sports choice in widnes have over 2k followers and some reds have said they've used them before. Looks like the coach to me but that's going to be a killer. Did it when I was 18/19 for Dortmund but I'll be goosed doing it now but needs must.
  3. after 18 years on it, I got one. I go up 23rd of may to sort it. absolutely made up.
  4. WaltonRed

    Getting to Basel...

    Its getting to London for 7am in the morning though from here isn't it?
  5. WaltonRed

    Getting to Basel...

    Yo Ive got a ticket and I'm going but how is the bloody question! Coach innovations looked good but they have like 2 followers on twitter and can it be trusted? then someone said that choice sports but they have exactly the same blurb almost word for word of the coach innovations site. Thomas cook saying sold out, surely they have to do more?
  6. WaltonRed


    Going in a couple of weeks, any one been? Any recommendations? Gonna pop over to Malmo as well for the day too. Ta lids
  7. they made a shit load from the tv money last season plus the Luis money. They're going to have to cough up. And the committee is all them, so de facto, they're to blame
  8. WaltonRed


    he's never let us down though like this clown has. Time and time again he's cost and he will continue to do so, he's fucking wank
  9. They should back him in the window but I've got a feeling they'll be thinking, 'well if he goes, we'll have to back the new boss, so we'll hold off' All the while the Redsox are signing one player for $100m and another for $90m
  10. WaltonRed


    Jones should of started tonight
  11. WaltonRed

    Mike Gordon of the transfer committee

    But to be fair, is Rodgers going to turn to Ayre after months of scouting and analysis and go 'naaah' He well comes under pressure. This is why I hate committee's and DoF's, they don't work and they don't work esp at Liverpool FC.
  12. Mignolet should be bombed out in January. Not put on the bench, not told he's now a no.2, but fucking sold outright. He's fucking shite. Bin him and the defence will start to look better. They don't trust him, that means nerves and second guesses which lead to problems non stop.
  13. WaltonRed

    Richard Buxton

    Been caught out saying stuff about Hillsborough and Heysel http://twoboard.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4391&p=217095#p217095
  14. WaltonRed

    Featured: "Auxerre (1991-92)" by Steve Horton

    I was there! that season was the first I went to more than a couple of games. I went to all of the UEFA run under Souness. Saunders winked at me and my mate on the kop when he scored those 4 or at least that's what we told ourselves all these years!