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  1. Rocky Sullivan


    Eeeeee! I bet you say "methinks" you bad turd.
  2. Rocky Sullivan

    Nike deal

  3. Rocky Sullivan

    Lily James

    You are a prize plum aren't you?
  4. Rocky Sullivan

    Greatest Movies Tournament - 60's - Nominations

    Psycho 2001: A Space Odyssey Lawrence Of Arabia Jason And The Argonauts Mary Poppins The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Bonnie & Clyde Rosemary's Baby The Odd Couple The Producers
  5. Rocky Sullivan

    Boris Johnson

    Fucking hell! Well you certainly aren't on the left given how wholeheartedly you backed the coalition. And ask the poor fuckers who had their benefits struck off between 2010 and 2015 how much the country was going to shit. It may be difficult with some of them as they only went and died, 100,000 or so. Nick Clegg has shown the depths he's willing to sink to with his choice of employer in Facebook and with his embarrassing defending of that company in media interviews. The sad thing is Charles Kennedy era Lib Dems were almost certainly perceived as to the left of Blair's Labour and he gained your largest amount of seats because of that in 2005. Orange booker Clegg lost seats in 2010 and is responsible for almost destroying the LDs on a national level by 2015. Why you still defend him and the coalition is beyond me.
  6. Rocky Sullivan

    Joe Anderson, Derek Hatton arrested among others....

    Voting Tory is a disgusting proposition but voting Labour in this city after this? Fuck that. I've posted elsewhere that voting in a Tory council might shake things up a bit at least but the actual idea sickens me. At least as voters we should be more thoughtful and pragmatic when it comes to local or national elections and not be so tribal. Political parties aren't football clubs and you CAN fuck them off when they go to shit.
  7. Rocky Sullivan

    What age does your libido decrease?

    I'm 42 and I'm down to one spurt a fortnight. That could be the beta blockers I suppose.
  8. Rocky Sullivan

    Keir Starmer

    I sometimes wonder if as a city we would be better off having a Tory run council. At least for a term. As it is nationally we're probably stuck with the fuckers until sometime in the thirties at least. Local Labour take us for granted and are bent as fuck, the Lib Dems aren't really a thing anymore nationally (sorry SD) so have less clout than they may once have had as perspective coalition partners. If we had a Tory led council, I don't know, maybe they wouldn't be so quick to cut us off at the knees financially. I mean there's not much of a chance but it would be encouraging if we thought pragmatically instead of tribally when it came to local elections. Especially now there's no prospect of apolitical funding from the EU.
  9. Rocky Sullivan

    Worst stand-up comedian ever

    Hicks is hilarious on InfoWars.
  10. Rocky Sullivan

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    If it wasn't the derby this weekend I'd have said they'd have a go tonight. But it is so they won't.
  11. Rocky Sullivan


    There's always one - spoiling it for the rest of us.
  12. Rocky Sullivan


    Brutalist architecture just puzzles the fuck out of me. It's fucking horrible inhuman, dystopian looking awfulness. Maybe like Angry it's because I grew up in Runcorn new town around the likes of Castlefields, Southgate and the Shopping City - which still turns up in the odd nightmare.
  13. https://youtu.be/YMqMKxJJYvY Did I link that right? Fucked if I know how to embed on here. Anyway this post reminded me of this clip, ok?
  14. Rocky Sullivan

    What's your preference?