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  1. Exactly. There’s no money to be made from a charred and barren planet. Genuine political ideologies opposing each other was much scarier than this bollocks.
  2. Where’d the fuck Joe Cole pop up from then? ”I fort it was a plenty, I did”
  3. Guys take it to the Interminable Bitching Like Little Bitches forum won’t you?
  4. His eyebrows, muzzy and chin fuzz look like they’ve been drawn on with a felt tip. Hope he does well.
  5. Rescuing! That’s some warped perspective you have there chum.
  6. Calderstones is not an area or a district of the city it’s a park in Allerton. Estate agents lingo that.
  7. Yes, soft lad I do. And they almost certainly will. Obviously.
  8. From almost everything I’ve read from you over the years.
  9. You’re one fucking soft cunt you.
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