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  1. I think this forum needs a GF style amnesty thread. This is a safe haven for those who have "unsavoury" opinions, where they can admit to an opinion and not face criticism or negging (any reported negging on this thread will be dealt with swiftly and harshly by the forum powerneggers). Mild alarm and surprise is accepted. So come on, who secretly thinks Ferguson is actually a decent bloke, that Torres is overrated or that our owners are actually quite good. Let's have it. I can start with the fact that I think the new Everton home shirt is pretty nice.
  2. RedinSweden

    The Wine Thread

    One for all us wine poofs. You can add any ace wines you have stumbled upon and we can then enjoy them. I'll kick it off with some recommendations Zonnebloem Sauvignon Blanc (SA) - ace and really good value Bellingham Shiraz - Completely ace and a real bargain
  3. RedinSweden

    TV amnesty thread

    I have a confession to make. I have started watching Eastenders. I might as well also say that Stacy and Janine give me severe movement.
  4. Anyone interested in having another bash at this. I miss it. Free Online Football Manager Game - Xpert Eleven For more information, that link includes the league ID 266636. The fact that the ID includes 666 is immense.
  5. RedinSweden


    I have heard people on here and other people going on about this. They started a new season here yesterday, not sure if it is the latest (Jack bauer came back from China and got immediately handed over to a nasty terrorist). I have not seen it before so i thought I'd give it a go. It's pretty good. A little heavy on the american our-country-is-in-danger drama and I thought handing over Bauer was a bit of a weak story, but it was a good start and I am deffo going to watch some of the earlier series. How many are there and is it worth going back to the beginning or have i ruined it by starting this latest one?
  6. RedinSweden

    People with bizarre names

    new lass here starting on monday, quite foxy, but called: Petronella Kling There is another starting soon called Åsa Botvidzon.
  7. RedinSweden

    Bird fancying amnesty thread

    OK. Seeing as the landlord of this place fancies a pig, we might as well all come clean (no pun intended) and admit to some objects of desire that maybe others would not find so tasty (I like bacon Dave, so this doesn't include yours). I'll kick us off with Ray's missus in Everybody loves Raymond.
  8. I challenge the GF to acquire neg/rep from the Daily Mail website. This is done by commenting on the "news" stories. The highest total is the current Daily Mail Neg/Rep Champion. It is a continuous challenge. Use your forum name or something that can be recognised as you. Good luck! Home | Mail Online
  9. Now then nobheads. If anyone can help me get a couple of tickets to this match, my gratitude and pub generosity will know no bounds. Also, of anyone wants to say hello and have a beer in Shrewsbury, give me a shout. Hope you're all splendid. RiS
  10. Now then nobheads. If anyone can help me get a couple of tickets to this match, my gratitude and pub generosity will know no bounds. Also, of anyone wants to say hello and have a beer in Shrewsbury, give me a shout. Hope you're all splendid. RiS
  11. Very strange. I was trying to get in contact with you the other day. Stars are indeed aligning.
  12. RedinSweden

    Stuff that makes you feel old

    I got a mail from the football club my kids play for asking if i wanted to play for a newly formed Veterans team. Veterans! I'm a fucking veteran now. Cuntsticks. I said yes of course. Another thing was as I was listening to Happy Mondays the other day, it dawned on me that students starting at university now weren't even born when they made WFL. Fucking hell.
  13. RedinSweden

    Momo Sissoko (the forumite)

    Just been having a read of the match thread, as I wasn't on here during the match and one name on there jumped. You posted quite a lot on that thread for someone who was at the match, were you surfing on your mobile instead of watching the live action in front of you?
  14. Inspired by the other thread and with a strong feeling that we need another photoshop thread, post pictures of Dirk Kuyt breaking records. It shouldn't be hard to come up with inspiration, the man pisses excellence.
  15. RedinSweden

    Eurovision Song Contest

    The UK entry is as shit as ever. Any genuinely good ones or spectacularly bad ones that anyone can recommend? I love the Eurovision. it is a celebration of cheese. Its not as good as it used to be, as a lot of the countries that provided us with the ultimate in fromage have wised up and do more mainstream stuff, but there are always golden moments. And normally some fit lasses. I will neg anyone who disses the Eurovision.
  16. RedinSweden

    This is Spinal Tap for £2.99

    including postage http://www.play.com/DVD/DVD/4-/2074/This-is-Spinal-Tap-Special-Edition/Product.html get the fuck on it. The extras on the DVD are completely ace too.
  17. RedinSweden

    Rate Lifeys Toast

    Can you repost the photo without the penis in the bottom right-hand corner?
  18. RedinSweden

    Well that was embarrassing

    Stood at the desk of a colleague and I was looking for a scrap of paper and pulled out a used condom from my back pocket. Niiiice. I had hid it there the other night so the kids wouldn't find it in the morning. This is the second time it has happened in the space of about a month. the first time was at the checkout of the local supermarket. Classy. I have to have the snip.
  19. RedinSweden

    Donald Trump

    "I'll flame your crew quicker than Trump fucks his youngest"
  20. RedinSweden

    Bird fancying amnesty thread

    That can't be classed as amnesty.
  21. Should there be a mouthwash involved in between?
  22. Post something and then, and only then, will you be able to give abuse. I'll start. I really like Midsomer Murders