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  1. A 'Filipino Monkey' with a CB radio! It would seem the Iran/US naval kick off was sparked by a crackpot, Mischievous 'Filipino Monkey' could have triggered latest US-Iran row | Iran | Guardian Unlimited
  2. Dog sex grandmother's partner Lee McCall in dock over child porn stash - Liverpool Local News - News - Liverpool Echo Her partners just been done for Child Porn on his computer. That is one fucked up family. I'm sure the liberals would say they need help cos they're clearly mental, I'd just drop them in the Mersey
  3. WaltonRed


    Going in a couple of weeks, any one been? Any recommendations? Gonna pop over to Malmo as well for the day too. Ta lids
  4. WaltonRed

    The GF Camping Thread

    Trying to sort out a little camping trip in early June, somewhere not to far away from Liverpool for a couple of nights. Anyone recommend somewhere? There's going to be about 9 of us so we need somewhere who dont mind a little bit of boozing and noise.
  5. WaltonRed

    Polo Shirts

    Just like the foreign sites on the FF which the likes of Woo and Cain use to get f**tie tops on the cheap. Anyone know any similar sites which sell Fred Perry polo shirts for less than they go for normally, or similar shirt makes?
  6. This is a subject that fascinates me and I so I wondering what were peoples thoughts on the whole thing.
  7. WaltonRed

    County Road Murder

    Had a party on Saturday night and slept most of sunday so only heard about this last night. Been coming for ages something like this. Liverpool County Road stabbing death sees teenager arrested on suspicion of murder - Liverpool Local News - News - Liverpool Echo
  8. WaltonRed

    Urban Myths

    Mothman Springheeled Jack Owl Man anymore for any more?
  9. WaltonRed

    Off to that there London

    Its the nephew's fifth birthday tomorrow so I'm off down today on the train. I hate the place, please think of my plight as I pay Richard Branson a shit load of money to drive me to hell.
  10. WaltonRed

    The new doctor

    Is announced tomorrow apparently: I'm going with some dude who's got a black perm, he looks like Lee Mead who won that shitty Joseph programme and I cant remember his name but I reckon it'll be him.
  11. WaltonRed

    Soccer Aid ITV now.

    Get on it. The King is in charge of the rest of the world, Rushie his number two. Sami's playing as well.
  12. WaltonRed

    The Bridge

    Sorry if another threads been started but not seen it. anyone been watching this swedish/danish police drama on BBC4? Its mad but its boss
  13. WaltonRed

    Flight of the Conchords

    Season two, episode one has leaked: Flight Of The Conchords Season 2 - Watch The First Episode - NME Video Blog - NME.COM - The world's fastest music news service, music videos, interviews, photos and free stuff to win Enjoy!
  14. WaltonRed

    Royal Wedding.

    Get to fuck. They'll find the dough for this wont they?
  15. WaltonRed

    Mobile Help.

    I was going to buy a new phone so I could get back on o2 pay as you but I managed to get one of those o2 genie sims. I have a Vodafone phone and I could switch that over to take my genie sim but I want a new handset with no sim in it but cant find one anywhere online. Anyone help?
  16. WaltonRed

    Leonard Cohen

    I just got an email saying he was playing Liverpool in July but when I went on the site it had nothing about it. Anyone know if he really is because I'm well going?
  17. WaltonRed

    Heathrow's 3rd Runway

    Has been given the go-ahead by the goverment today. Has anyone see John McDonald the Labour MP, walk down to the front of the commons and get off with the mace?! I think its a disgrace that its been given the go-ahead, not only from an enviromental point of view but if the South East of England gets anymore it will probably snap off in to the Channel. Why not help expand more regional airports? Thousands of people are going to be forcibly moved from their homes.
  18. WaltonRed


    Anyone got one? I've always wanted one and now that I'm on the look out for a job I figure that i'll have the dough to get one after a little bit of saving up.
  19. WaltonRed

    Middle East kicking off!

    Shame on Israel, Long live Palestine!
  20. WaltonRed

    Getting to Basel...

    No mate, theres no one to catch a lift off. I think coach is it, at least that way we're on our way home and can sleep rather than be waiting round basel all night for a train or whatever
  21. WaltonRed

    Getting to Basel...

    They seemed okay and I did check out the reviews its just that twitter thing has spooked me. sports choice in widnes have over 2k followers and some reds have said they've used them before. Looks like the coach to me but that's going to be a killer. Did it when I was 18/19 for Dortmund but I'll be goosed doing it now but needs must.
  22. after 18 years on it, I got one. I go up 23rd of may to sort it. absolutely made up.
  23. WaltonRed

    Getting to Basel...

    Its getting to London for 7am in the morning though from here isn't it?
  24. WaltonRed

    Getting to Basel...

    Yo Ive got a ticket and I'm going but how is the bloody question! Coach innovations looked good but they have like 2 followers on twitter and can it be trusted? then someone said that choice sports but they have exactly the same blurb almost word for word of the coach innovations site. Thomas cook saying sold out, surely they have to do more?