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  1. King Emlyn

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    Aww man your raining on my parade, it won’t do
  2. King Emlyn

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    Ahh now don’t be like that 3 Stacks, I’m sure the forum will miss , ahem, paying customers
  3. King Emlyn

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    Oh come on now there’s been worse surely, a fair bit of humour is getting overlooked with this one methinks.
  4. King Emlyn

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    Ok 3 Stacks, will do
  5. King Emlyn

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    Damn straight
  6. King Emlyn

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    Thanks mate, as far as you’re concerned the feelings mutual, it’s not about that really, whilst It’s true I can’t stand G Richards, I think he’s an absolute phony but I totally accept that I’m in a group of (I think) 3 with that one, in fairness Im just totally bored with foruming and I just dont want to do it anymore. Perhaps “the Rev” might come back if I’m not here, that would be cool.
  7. King Emlyn

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    All my posts will be lost in time, like tears in rain....time to be whacked.
  8. King Emlyn

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    I’ve told Dave to whack me anyway, I’m going out all cool like Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner.
  9. King Emlyn

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    As a great man once said “it’s far more important than that”
  10. King Emlyn

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    Thanks (I think) but disagree, I stand 100% behind everything I said and I couldn’t care less what anybody thinks about it quite frankly.
  11. King Emlyn

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    You’ve reported my post to Dave? For what exactly ? Saying I don’t like you, Jesus how precious are you? If it means that much to you I’ll stop posting if it will help, and for those who “ can’t believe my attack on the Rev” you do realise the “sneering tit “ line was used to illustrate what he himself had abused another poster with, you do get that yes? I’ll save Dave the hassle of having to deal with it and swerve it myself , I’ve been posting on another site more regularly these days anyway,but I think you need thicker skin mate.
  12. King Emlyn

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    I think we’ll do it but it should never have come to this, there is a very real danger we could draw next week, equally we could win comfortably and let’s hope that that’s the case, that Chelsea comeback against Southampton really bothered me at the time, I just hope it doesn’t prove to be a sea change.
  13. King Emlyn

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    I’m not aggressive, I don’t need a chill pill thanks, not everybody’s going to get on are they, it’s no biggie.
  14. King Emlyn

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    Totally irrelevant to what I originally pulled you on, you were taking the piss out of Chelsea like some billy big bollocks and that it was all a given but no matter, you clearly don’t like being pulled up, I’ve noticed this before, Ill be honest I don’t like you, never have, I find you incredibly condescending I know you’re very popular on here and virtually nobody will agree with me but I find you to be a bit of a “sneering tit” if I’m honest, I think it’s best for the good of the forum if we both just agree to ignore each other, and for what it’s worth I do think we’ll beat Brighton.
  15. King Emlyn

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    Let’s see how half happy you are Chelsea have given themselves a chance next week if we go into our shitting our undies act