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  1. RedinSweden

    Rate Lifeys Toast

    Can you repost the photo without the penis in the bottom right-hand corner?
  2. RedinSweden

    Donald Trump

    "I'll flame your crew quicker than Trump fucks his youngest"
  3. RedinSweden

    Bird fancying amnesty thread

    That can't be classed as amnesty.
  4. RedinSweden

    What car do you drive?

    Haha! I knew I should have bloody looked. I did the same thing on the things that make you feel older thread. Senility.
  5. RedinSweden

    Your mates' birds

    Yep. No need for that sort of thing. Ridiculous in fact.
  6. RedinSweden

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Watched the first few episodes of Cuckoo on Netflix with the tall teacher from Inbetweeners and the mouthy cop from Brooklyn Nine Nine. I thought it was going to be really irritating, but it is quite funny. It's not a classic by any means, but has some good laughs in it. 7/10 Saw Parks and Rec mentioned a bit back and anyone who hasn't seen it, really does need to. It's fucking brilliant. I also am with the US Office is better than the UK Office (if pushed, as I loved them both). The US version goes on far longer, but has more characters and develops the corresponding ones to the UK version. Please Like Me on Netflix is really good too. Again, I thought i was going to find the main character irritating, and he can be some of the time, but it is really well written and beautifully filmed. 8/10.
  7. RedinSweden

    Your mates' birds

    I'm getting to the age now where several of my mates are having marital problems. One in particular has a wife who is just horrible to him. The problem is, it has never been extreme, so he sort of glossed over it now, but the drip drip effect means he has finally realised. I have a feeling she will become a bit psycho when the inevitable break up happens.
  8. RedinSweden

    What car do you drive?

    Not sure what I had when I last commented on this thread, but I had a midlife crisis a few years back and bought a BMW convertible. Great fun but utterly impractical to use in the Swedish winter. I traded it in for a GTI version of these. Easily the most fun car I have owned.
  9. RedinSweden

    My dishwasher smells of spunk

    Update. My dishwasher (not the one that used to smell of spunk) now smells of weed.
  10. RedinSweden

    10,000 posts...

  11. RedinSweden

    Liverpool 2 Everton 1 (Jan 5 2018)

    My son does the whole prediction thing all the time. Out of about 1000 predictions possibly 2 have been right and he gave it the big I am immediately. Twat.
  12. RedinSweden


    Skiing is ace fun. I got into it when we moved here. Sweden has some nice resorts and the one we go to is 2 1/2 hours drive away and costs about 200 quid for a season ticket on the lift. I have my own kit now and we have friends who have a house we borrow, so costs are low. I'd definitely get a couple of lessons before starting as it takes a long time to learn by yourself. I would love to go to the Alps and do it some time. Snowboarding seems cooler but looks a right fag when you have to clip and unclip your boot after the lift. Also looks like you spend most of the time on your arse.
  13. RedinSweden

    Happy Birthday FG

    Happy birthday monner!