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  1. LFC64

    LFC games wiped from the memory

    78 as well. My dad took me to my first away at Stamford Bridge. 4-2 to Chelsea after a Clive Walker hat trick. Loads of right wing Dr martin bootied skinheads - Laandon was always a step ahead in the fashion world
  2. LFC64

    LFC games wiped from the memory

    Yeh I was in the home end with a Cov supporting mate that day - Mick Quinn scored I remember and Hooper was in goal for us
  3. LFC64

    These Manc Plane Banners

    Nicky Alt put it well in Boys from the Mersey when he said none of these hooligan hero writers whoever the club was ever belonged to a 'firm' that lost a battle in their lives.Someone must be telling porkies.
  4. LFC64

    These Manc Plane Banners

    Far as I can remember the group we were with didn't come across anyone at all on the way back. I think the prospect of 55,000 Scousers being in town deterred any would be ambushers!
  5. LFC64

    These Manc Plane Banners

    Oh and not a copper in sight by the way until we hit the City Centre.
  6. LFC64

    These Manc Plane Banners

    I remember after the Milk Cup Final replay at Maine Road 84 there weren't quite enough buses put on to take fans back to the station and I ended up in a group of about 50-60 who had to walk to from Moss Side to the City Centre. We had just won our first of 3 trophies yet unless someone was wearing their colours I couldn't have told you who was a red or a blue. Some lads older than me were stood on the corner calling all the stragglers and disbanded groups over to them so we could walk back as one group. Everyone was looking out for eachother and whenever the group got stretched someone would be shouting at them to catch up so they weren't picked off ' Stay close together Merseyside' I remember hearing. I doubt if that would happen now.
  7. LFC64

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    seriously ? Bjornebye is on the nail there. If you want to know about Liverpool F.C. ask an Evertonian.
  8. LFC64

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    ha thanks but where's all my sarcasm gone?!
  9. LFC64

    Premiership Fixtures - 2014/15

    Don't tell me they come out of that hat like that
  10. LFC64

    Summer Transfers 2014

    Oh yes. Mezut Ozil at 42 million didn't transform Arsenal's fortunes depsite the clamour for Wenger to spend big on a household name
  11. LFC64

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The ones with their backs turned are proper scousers. The others refusing to have anything to do with it must be wools obviously.
  12. LFC64

    Tony Edwards

    Signed. Well done Dicko
  13. LFC64

    Summer Transfers 2014

    Oh no not another tactically astute flexible two footed goal threat from midfield?
  14. LFC64

    Other football

    Edit.. Etihad Tsk. Don't know my UAE's from my human rights violators