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    Good Evening everyone, I have a suspicion that a certain tabloid may run an article with regards to myself. Just to inform you all if you do see anything regarding Myself or anyone in Team Speedo, in this tabloid, this has not come from any of us. https://t.co/wXaIKYhVJe
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    Why have so many women got eyebrows like Caterpillars, nowadays? It looks absolutely ridiculous.
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    This is fucking ace. laughed my bollocks off reading this out loud to the missus just now. https://www.joe.co.uk/football/what-is-everton-a-series-of-questions-answered-241610?fbclid=IwAR2RRtzUGnLntfI4exG7_zJHwWWNSoiXbki_tFspOwtGCYVpJ2e-1r14Ut4
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    I remember crying my eyes out at the ‘89 Arse game, my mum kicking off because I’d stayed up to watch it and she said she was never letting me watch a match again in my life. I’ll never forgive that evil witch for not keeping her word on that.
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    Another scoop by Paulie D. Imagine not being a season ticket holder and seeing all my info on the MF for the sake of a few quid a month. New links the the invite only twitter have been posted on the usual thread as well lads.
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    I still maintain that Alan Smith didn’t make contact with that indirect free kick.
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    Ridiculous the price of shirts.
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    Arsenal 89. Cried like a bitch and I booted everything in sight. My ma's living room was in bits by the time I had calmed down.
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    "Chuck another traffic cone at the dock site" hahahaha
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    THREADS,starts with a USA,USSR confrontation over Iran...
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    Remember when Solskjaer got sacked after taking Cardiff down with a disgraceful record? Well, ... Samantha Quek @SamanthaQuek 1h Solskjaer’s win percentage as permanent manager: Cardiff: 30% Manchester United: 27%
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    Certainly one of the worst was after the 3-0 defeat at the Nou Camp last year. I just couldn't believe that such a brilliant team and manager was going to end that season with essentially nothing to show for it. I was pissed off as I knew Barcelona were beatable and that scoreline didn't reflect the performance at all. Thankfully we know the rest.
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    Did you see Ryan Kent behaving like an absolute gobshite last week? I'd rather our players were kept out of that environment, personally...
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    Just say you were in Pizza Express, Stig.
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    You're a fucking animal Stig. At least liverpoolsno9 would have the decency to wait until she's 14.
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    He was poor, he was good at his job and is now rich. That makes him ‘one of them’? Weird.