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  1. Toxteth O'Grady

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    You know that West Ham lad, just a Lukaku away from being Champions. Tellin' ya.
  2. Toxteth O'Grady

    Neil Ruddock

    Ha! I wouldn't be so sure Comrade!! I'm doing me best.
  3. Toxteth O'Grady

    Neil Ruddock

    You win the "born before me" competition. Congrats Pete.
  4. Toxteth O'Grady

    Neil Ruddock

    I've got a couple of scrap books full of them mate, from 89-96 somewhere.
  5. Toxteth O'Grady

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    You know when you go in to work tomorrow feeling all contented with the world as the Reds have won 2-3 in a really, really difficult place to go? Nope. Player sent off lad. Penalty that wasn't lad. Madrid won 5 lad. So did City.
  6. What a win, fantastic result. A really tough place to go. Simeone runs off like a shithouse.
  7. Toxteth O'Grady

    Neil Ruddock

    I thought I still had the ticket stub for that 3-3 United game as I went to every game, home and away for a few seasons before and after. But the best I could up with at short notice was Leeds and Spartak Moscow and a paper cutting of Roy Jones in his pomp. I used to keep proper scrapbooks in those days, all the tickets and clippings from the press.
  8. Toxteth O'Grady

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    "That City though lad, won 5 away tonight in Brewwwwwjj" And how the fuck does that either affect you or impact on you in any way? "just sayin' lad, City won 5 away in Breeeeeeewj, with the inference being that if you don't win 6 away in Madrid, then City are better than you, and because we are mates with them and hate yooouuuuuzzz, then by default and all logic we are better and more important that yoooouuuuuuzzz". And THAT, is how they 'think' and act.
  9. Toxteth O'Grady

    Adidas Trainers

    Comrades, on Size? use the code FREEDEL to get free delivery on any order within UK. Normally it's a minimum spend of £70 to get free delivery. If there's a pair of trainers you fancy that are in the sale for 40 or 50 quid, use the code.
  10. Toxteth O'Grady

    Adidas Trainers

    Yeah really nice them, I bet they sellout quickly.
  11. Toxteth O'Grady

    The GF's Favourite Ever Song - Round 1 - Group U

    I hate voting against The Stooges, but I love Buffalo Springfield and that song in particular.
  12. Toxteth O'Grady

    The GF's Favourite Ever Song - Round 1 - Group M

    Four absolute belters in this pot, really difficult to choose between them.
  13. Toxteth O'Grady

    Great t-shirts

  14. I was working on the assumption that TAA was ill and would be out for Tuesday anyway and that Tsimikas would naturally get a game in the League Cup.
  15. Toxteth O'Grady

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    3-0 now, Rafa is on the brink of back to being to a fat Spanish Kopite cunt.