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  1. Dawn Run rep. The first lady of Ireland won the 2 mile blue riband Hurdle and then only went and won the 3 mile Gold Cup. Never see that done again.
  2. Toxteth O'Grady

    Xherdan Shaqiri

    The last Switzerland game was called cancelled because of the Black Death and the Twitterati were reporting he was starting today.
  3. Toxteth O'Grady

    NFL Discussion and Fantasy League thread

    The 10-0 Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. sorry Lucinda, you might be grand doing some dancing shite on a Horse, but..
  5. Toxteth O'Grady

    Things You Found Out Today That Surprised You?

    I'd never bothered to look before as he sings mainly, but today I noticed that Iggy Pop is left handed. All the real geniuses are. Either that or he can't play Guitar at all and has it upside down.
  6. Ah right, so it's irrefutable proof that Mook's a Zionist cunt then? Nice one, good work.
  7. Cloggers, can you sum that article up for me?
  8. I was gabbing with @Mook earlier and he persuaded me that it was Shannon, for this song alone. "Got every version, even the remixes" he said.
  9. is that the voters or the artists?
  10. Patti Smith, because she's fucking ace, subversive and iconic.
  11. Get your clod hoppers on girl, duty calls.
  12. I voted Patsy for several reasons. I grew up listening to her music. She didn't do that fucking abortion of a song with Peabo Bryson that was in the charts every fucking week when I was a kid. There was that horrendous shite, plus Phyliss Nelson and Boris fucking Gardiner. I'm obviously a racialist.
  13. Alisson SuzyTLW Phillips Matip Robertson Milner Wijnaldum Jones Mane Firmino Jota is what I'm expecting.