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  1. Sugar Ape

    Do you like Christmas?

    I complied it myself and it took me ages. I try to make every question at least one you can have a guess at so the less able people aren’t sat there moaning at me for it being too hard. I’ll PM you what I’ve got so far if you want it?
  2. Sugar Ape

    Do you like Christmas?

    We do a big family quiz every year, doing it on the 30th this year and we all chip in and put some nice food out, cheeses from Woolton cheese shop, cakes from Costco etc... I’m doing the quiz so I’ll bring a few bottles of Erdinger and a bottle of Jameson’s down and get progressively drunk as I proceed. Can’t wait.
  3. Sugar Ape

    Do you like Christmas?

    Christmas is boss. Time off work, loads of nice food and ale over it, a few decent nights out with my mates and best of all getting to see my kid open her presents.
  4. Sugar Ape

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Some of these commentators need locking up for their own good.
  5. Sugar Ape

    Office Christmas parties

    This is “ so far “. Hard fucking work having a kid.
  6. Sugar Ape

    Office Christmas parties

    Fucking hell I am goosed. Only way I could get off was to promise to make an appearance a fortnight today to do She’s like the wind on Karaoke. I’ll nail that then do Step into Christmas. Then have to sit there green faced while the baby opens her many, many presents. Ah well.
  7. Sugar Ape

    Office Christmas parties

    If I see you tomorrow I’ll freckle you.
  8. Sugar Ape

    Office Christmas parties

    All the women and most of the lads on our team have booked to go to a hotel for a meal and all you can drink* for about £40, couldn’t think of anything worse so me and 5/6 of the lads are just going to do a pub crawl around Dale St tomorrow. * And by all you can drink they mean a choice of about 4 disgusting drinks and a 20 minute queue to get them.
  9. Sugar Ape

    Alisson Becker

  10. Sugar Ape


    Everyone has programmes they just can’t get into, I guess. It was Hannibal for me. I thought it was utter derivative pish but everyone else raved over it