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  1. Sugar Ape


    Condolences. Look after yourself mate.
  2. Sugar Ape

    New TV

    Amazon have got Prime day deals on LG and Samsung TVs today as well.
  3. Sugar Ape

    New TV

    I’ve just got a new LG from Costco and they’ve got some decent deals on, depending on what size you want. Costco extend the warranty to five years too when you buy one off them.
  4. Sugar Ape


    Right said Fred are trending on Twitter…
  5. Sugar Ape

    Star Wars

    Finally got round to watching Clone Wars and I’m enjoying it but some of the Jar Jar Binks episodes are terrible. Hoping he falls off a cliff soon.
  6. Sugar Ape


    I'm on the hunt for a gruff man. What does @Captain Turdseye sound like?
  7. Sugar Ape


    Sounds good. I'm in.
  8. Sugar Ape


    Can you give us a sneak preview, like a trailer for a film?
  9. Sugar Ape


    Will do Don Juan. Will do.
  10. Sugar Ape

    Slapper Stories

  11. Sugar Ape


    Is there anything that screams 'virgin' more than someone saying, unprompted, that they aren't one? Not really an alternative opinion, more outright lies that are easily provable as being incorrect, but you carry on negging people on the internet Skids like all non-virgins do.
  12. Sugar Ape


    Nah, he posted utter balls back in November backing herd immunity and shit about PCR tests and got ridiculed for it and since then just negs anyone who doesn't think everything is rosy but won't actually back his views up with an opinion because he knows he's talking shite.