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S**thampton (A) Premier League (17/8/19)

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Milner had a knee issue last night, had ice on it after coming off. Keita is injured isn't he? 

I think it'll be Adrian with same back 4 as what started the season, Trent Gomez Virgil Robbo,

Gini Fab Hen will have to go again, unless the ox comes in for Gini with him or Hen at the 6, and the 3 amigos up top.

Just grind out a win here. Can't be going behind first again. We've gone behind a lot last few weeks and we have to then work harder than we should to get it back.

Last year we didn't give up any chances the first 5 games, we'd clean sheets coming out our collective arses. We've been giving away chances far too easily lately so let's start from a solid base and grind a 2nil win out of this.


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I thought Saints fans would be a bit more bullish after last night, but most of them still think they’ll lose. Just by less goals.

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19 minutes ago, TK421 said:

We won't keep a clean sheet without Moreno and will have trouble scoring now that Sturridge has left.


3-0 Saints. 

Lovren and Lallana will help with their three goals. 


But our front three will all score a hattrick each. We will win 3 - 28.

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I think we’ll find a way to win.


If we do, this whole “7 trophies to compete for” shite I keep hearing about from the media will be 1 or 2 extra games in December.


Definitely not ideal, but somewhat different from 3 extra competitions.

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Interesting "stat" is that we've faced 40 shots on goal in last 3 games. We only conceded 19 in our first 3 games last year.

I know stats can be taken out of context, but we've let over twice as many shots this season and that's a bit of a concern. 

Again, we have faced city and Chelsea this time rather than west ham, palace and Brighton like last season, but still, I'd rather we tried to get back to not giving up as many chances. There has been some conflicting reports on our high line this lately, and some say we've had a high line last year too, but something is obviously a miss over the last few weeks and I just hope it's early season teething problems.

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Jurgen Klopp has revealed that Adrian is a doubt to face Southampton on Saturday, further adding to the club's goalkeeper woes.

The Spanish keeper was the hero in the Super Cup final as he saved Tammy Abraham's penalty which saw Liverpool lift their first piece of silverware of the season.

However, the victory has been marred after a fan ran on to the pitch following the win who then ultimately ended up injuring the former West Ham keeper.


Klopp revealed on Friday that he may not feature at St Mary's this weekend as a result.

‘It would help him a lot if it would be 100 per cent clear he could play tomorrow,' Klopp said. 'When we were all together a supporter jumped over something, was chased by some security guys and slipped and kicked his ankle. 

'Yesterday it was swollen, today he says it was better but we have to see.’

Should Adrian not be fit enough to play, veteran keeper Andy Lonergan will step up to make his debut for the club with Alisson still out of action with a calf strain.


'Andy Lonergan has trained longer with us than Adrian,' Klopp continued. 'Adrian only came in the week before. Lonergan played until half-time in a friendly, pre-season game. (Sevilla). 

'Caoimhin Kelleher, which we all are completely excited about with potential and all that stuff, has not been in training for a while but is now in training, not 100 per cent training but nearly since a week and a half. 

'He has to be in training today, if we have to make a decision then we have to make a decision.

‘What can I say? There is no doubt about how much we love our fans but if they all could stop doing that. We played against City and someone was running on the pitch, Noriwch. 

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33 minutes ago, Stickman said:



I'm already starting to hate him

I'm already in full swing loathing mode. Sturridge is gone but his legacy is strong 

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18 hours ago, Dynamite said:

Keita out for this too. Not yet known when he'll return to training.

He’s been out for ages, hasn’t  he? Every time he’s nearly ready he gets injured again!

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I wonder if Shaqiri will get a start today. There was something in the BBC gossip page about him getting restless due to lack of game time.

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3 hours ago, mgw100 said:

I wonder if Shaqiri will get a start today. There was something in the BBC gossip page about him getting restless due to lack of game time.

Yep -- that plus it will be interesting to see if Klopp tries to integrate Lovren back into the group.

He was never the strongest of mind and his confidence has to be shot after we were going to let him go for peanuts then they said, uh no.

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On 15/08/2019 at 23:06, easytoslip said:

Asked someone earlier if he’s going the game , fuck that he said £60 a ticket , outrageous, 

Thought aways were capped at £30.


Last season (maybe season before) their sponsors also subsidised tickets by £10 and they were only £20.

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  • 13Adrián
  • 66Alexander-Arnold
  • 32Matip
  • 4van Dijk
  • 26Robertson
  • 15Oxlade-Chamberlain
  • 5Wijnaldum
  • 7Milner
  • 11Salah
  • 9Firmino
  • 10Mané


  • 3Fabinho
  • 12Gomez
  • 14Henderson
  • 20Lallana
  • 22Lonergan
  • 23Shaqiri
  • 27Origi

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    • Can I just reiterate that Martin Tyler is a cunt. He will have been up since 4am practising his 'Maaaaaarsheeeeaaalll' scream. 
    • Everton player obstructs a defender. Didn’t look anything in it to be honest, but would have been excellent for the fume if West Ham had equalised.
    • Goal line technology is perfect, offsides a tad more complicated in some cases but generally could be handled by technology. Everything else those incompetent officials seem to be fucking up royally.    If they're this bad with the video technology available, then it goes to show just how utterly bad they were before, although that won't be news to most football fans.    Today will be interesting, this and the city game are the ones that I've been concerned about. This one because let's be honest here, the mancs spent years getting favourable decisions from officials. VAR has proven so far it's anything but logical and as previous posters and myself have said, is just one ref covering another refs arse.    I don't know which of the idiots they have in the VAR booth today but it's them that might fuck us over.     
    • Not like the English to make an absolute meal of something so easy. 
    • Jürgen Klopp has achieved many things in his time at Liverpool, but a win at Old Trafford is one box that he is yet to tick.

      Under the German’s tenure, the Reds have registered at least one league away victory against  Man City, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal.
        Currently the away record against Man United sits at two draws and one defeat. 

      The two teams also met in the Europa League in Klopp’s first season where Liverpool ran out 3-1 winners on aggregate with the second leg locked at 1-1.

       Liverpool’s last victory on the red side of Manchester came five and a half years ago (3-0).

      Liverpool head back to the home of their arch-rivals in fine form, having not dropped a point all season from their eight league games.

      In contrast, Man United are in somewhat of no-mans-land currently sitting in 14th position with just nine points on the board.

      But as we have seen many times in this fixture, ladder positions doesn’t mean a lot when it comes to deciding the end result.

      While some managers will try to downplay the record, Klopp has embraced it, seeing it as another challenge for his highly ambitious squad.

      The Mirror reported Jürgen as saying:

      “Winning there would be a big next step. It’s not a step we have to make otherwise we cannot develop, no. 

      “But, of course, for our own history with me it is obviously something we have not achieved yet.

      “This team wrote their own story and made their own history and this would be another step.   "But we cannot make it by simply talking about it.

      “ We have to go there and play the best football we can play, with the biggest balls, being ready for each challenge, fighting for every ball, all that stuff. That is what we have to do.”  

      One player who will also be looking to break a drought against this opposition is Mo Salah with the Egyptian yet to score a goal or register a assist in four games.

      Klopp believes it is not a major worry for his star, and just like the team, he would see it as a challenge to embrace with all he has.

      “It is difficult to know what he’s thinking. If someone had told me he’d never scored against United I would have said, ‘Really?’ 

      "I suppose the more you go without scoring against an opponent there may be one moment when you start scoring against them.

      “All these games are big tests. I don’t see it as a specific test for him, but, yes, it is a big test. 

      "And sometimes there will be ‘old-school challenges’ and you have to be ready for them.

      “That is how it is. But there is a reason for these stories, just like our history against United away, such as the stadium or the intensity of the game.”

      Three points for the Reds and a brace for Mo would certainly equate to a pretty special Sunday.

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