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  1. mgw100

    Opposition View: Chelsea

    I'm not sure I like this new feature. It's too reasonable.
  2. mgw100

    Opposition View: Chelsea

    Does he?
  3. Robbo not training this morning according to the Echo and Klopp mentioned a minor knock after the Newcastle game. Might see Milner there tomorrow then
  4. It will just be a few tweaks. Gomez will play at right back I reckon. Milner and Hendo will come into the midfield. Shaq might start but Klopp's main problem up front is Bobby and the very limited cover for him. Playing Mane in there wasn't great yesterday. Maybe he'll try Mo with Shaq on the right.
  5. I think we'll see AOC start tomorrow given the midfield is likely to be workmanlike on Tuesday.
  6. mgw100

    The New Cricket Thread

    He got 6 earlier in the series - can't remember where
  7. mgw100

    The New Cricket Thread

    Might just be that Curran is perfect for this pitch
  8. mgw100

    The New Cricket Thread

    Smith is a jammy fucker
  9. mgw100

    The New Cricket Thread

    It's a shame hot spot has been discredited
  10. mgw100

    The New Cricket Thread

    His bat didn't look that close to it. Hard to say for sure I reckon
  11. mgw100

    The New Cricket Thread

    Ponting and Nasser is a very strong commentary duo.