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  1. Strong group. Innervisions and Doolittle
  2. Very tough. Rubber Soul is the first pick for me, fairly straightforward. Hard to see past Pet Sounds for the second, I guess. Will think more
  3. Same. I don't like much of Thriller really, patchy for me. Off The Wall is miles better. I don't know the Talking Heads album, though I may give it a try. Tapestry is a pleasant listen but not troubling the front runners.
  4. Neil Young by miles in this one for me. I would have happily not voted for a second choice but went with The Doors.
  5. I voted The Smiths and The La's. Dummy does still sound great though so was unlucky to lose out I only started listening to Dusty in Memphis during this tourney. I like it but it's not quite seeped sufficiently into my cosxiousness yet to get the vote.
  6. No option really. It's s good album but nowhere near the other two.
  7. Great choice for the Doolittle track. I Bleed is a fucking monster of a song and rarely played. Doolittle literally changed my music tastes overnight. I heard Monkey Gone to Heaven on that C4 Chart Show programme, bought the album from Woolies about 10 minutes later and never looked back.
  8. There are some good songs on The Streets' first album but I think this one is pretty awful.
  9. Closer is a magnificent album.
  10. mgw100

    Led Zeppelin Thread

    I reckon they have just corrected the angle.
  11. I hadn't listened to the Beasties in ages. Just stuck on Check Your Head, which is probably my favourite. Really good.
  12. I love Meat Is Murder but can't really complain too much about it losing out to Abbey Rd and Led Zeppelin III
  13. mgw100

    What age does your libido decrease?

    47 and still pretty keen on it. Although I think that high demand is mainly because my wife restricts supply pretty effectively. Bloody Milton Friedman.