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  1. mgw100

    Thiago Alcantara

    That is fantastic
  2. mgw100

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    I'm pretty relaxed now about us getting a CB. If someone very good is available, then great.
  3. mgw100

    Pandora's Box Arcade

    I just want to play Punch Out again I think.
  4. mgw100

    Pandora's Box Arcade

    The games look to be pre loaded. No idea on legality. Amazon sell them though
  5. Cracking tie. Could have voted either way but went with the Stooges
  6. mgw100

    Pandora's Box Arcade

    I reckon my kids would absolutely love that, assuming it was anything like realistic of course
  7. mgw100

    The New Cricket Thread

    Broad will make a good commentator when he's finished playing, I reckon.
  8. mgw100

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Worrying about worrying is something to worry about i would say. Just ask Roosevelt
  9. We'll be better against Chelsea. A tough game is probably just what we need now actually.
  10. I remember in the 90s, it used to have a good reputation for clubbing. I went to that Back to Basics place which was supposed to be top notch. It was literally the worst club I have ever been to. Shit boring music and full of cunts with zero intention of enjoying themselves. Typical of the city actually
  11. Every bar in the city centre is full of total arseholes shouting at each other over the ridiculously loud music. It really is a complete shit hole
  12. It's a terrible station as well. The lay out is appalling. They like to make it as hard as possible to get to the platform you need. Massive, slow escalators, overpasses, stairs, barriers. You need to allow about 15 minutes.
  13. Leeds has a higher proportion of rude bastards than any other city I've been to.
  14. mgw100

    Film/TV Opinion Amnesty Thread

    It's an absolutely brilliant film and quite rightly lauded as a classic.
  15. You're coming across like a complete prick here mate