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  1. How does Aquilani get in a list of worst signings of the decade when he wasn't signed this decade?
  2. I would also say that while Benteke wasn't good for us, we got a fair chunk of our money back and quite quickly, i.e. he wasn't carrying drinks for the under 23s for several seasons like a number of our transfer mishaps. He also seemed like a decent fella to me. Joe Cole was far, far worse.
  3. So you're recommending missing out on seasoning altogether? Or do you just mean the food is seasoned while it is being cooked?
  4. If Mo is out, I'd give Ox a run at wide forward in a 433. Previously he hasn't been great there but he seems to have developed an eye for goal this season.
  5. I thought he flattered to deceive.
  6. All that hollandaise would ruin that for me. A dod would be ample.
  7. Looks good. Swap the hash browns for a couple of bits of black pudding and a few beans and I'm smashing that. Tinned plum tomatoes are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine.
  8. mgw100

    Comfort food

    I love a meat and potato pie. I miss them dearly
  9. mgw100

    VAR - The Verdict

    Using a cricket analogy rather than rugby, i would think offside would equate to 'line' decisions such as run outs. These are black and white and no weight is given to the on field decision when reviewed.
  10. mgw100

    VAR - The Verdict

    Hawkeye it is not Edit - Mudface has beaten me to that
  11. You can still get to fuck Andy
  12. mgw100

    Joel Matip

    From the Echo Matip injury update Liverpool have played down suggestions Joel Matip will be ruled out until December, but admit they are unsure when the Cameroonian will return to action.
  13. mgw100

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    With the early weekend kick offs, i have watched more rugby in the last few weeks than about the last 20 years combined. I have enjoyed it to be fair.