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  1. mgw100


    I can't recall seeing anything quite so unflinchingly arrogant.
  2. mgw100

    Going Out, Getting Older Question.

    My ideal stag do. Please don't arrange any fun activities like quad bikes or paintball. Fucking torture. It's your mates; go to the pub.
  3. mgw100

    Toast: The ideal browning level

    The above reasoning applies perfectly to the cooking of steak of course and many other things. It's all about retaining moisture and/or texture. Carbonisation is great on steak but is impossible for thinner cuts without ruining it.
  4. mgw100

    Toast: The ideal browning level

    Depends on the thickness of the bread. A thin slice should be lightly toasted otherwise it becomes all crisp and no dough. D2 to D3 for example. A thicker slice would just be raw bread in the middle at that level so we're looking at D4 to D6. Regardless of thickness, overcooked toast is rubbish.
  5. Fair enough. 8th best should get a point tonight
  6. Plus Matip - also fucking heroic
  7. Fabinho was fucking heroic
  8. mgw100

    Roberto Firmino

    The Echo have confirmed he's out for tonight. Nothing yet on how long.
  9. mgw100

    Cardiff (A) Premier League 21/4/19

    Nah, we'll almost certainly be going for the win
  10. mgw100

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Poch: "With all the circumstances and some injuries, maybe we need to think about playing with younger players, not without experience, but with plenty of energy and keeping the same ideas" Fuck's sake
  11. mgw100

    Line of Duty

    It's been awful. I can't see me getting to the end. Series 4 showed signs of a drop off. This one has fallen off a cliff.
  12. mgw100

    Alisson Becker

    De Gea has made a few mistakes this season. I don't watch enough of United to comment on who is the best keeper as of now. Alisson is still a good way off the standards that De Gea has set in previous seasons though. I would say Alisson is a very good keeper. No more than that as it stands.
  13. mgw100

    Masters 2019

    How good was that round from Molinari? The man has ice in his veins. I think he will do it.