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  1. mgw100

    Greatest 70s Movie - Group 5

    Good selection so quite difficult. Went for Taxi Driver and The Sting. God I love The Sting,.
  2. mgw100

    Greatest 70s Movie - Group 5

    Godfather 2 and then swithered between Marathon Man and Midnight Express. The former won out
  3. mgw100

    Inside Number 9

    I thought it was awful.
  4. mgw100

    Greatest 70s Movie - Group 4

    Play Misty and French Connection. Never really got into Dirty Harry films.
  5. mgw100

    Mare of east town

    Yeah I think it's good too. Well written and acted. I am okay that it doesn't have much in the way of frills.
  6. mgw100

    Greatest 70s Movie - Group 2

    Rocky 2 getting out of this group would be very fucking weird.
  7. mgw100

    Greatest 70s Movie - Group 2

    Surprising though that the German version of A Clockwork Orange made the cut. I love the obscure tastes of the GF
  8. mgw100

    Greatest 70s Movie - Group 2

    Dog Day Afternoon and Apocalypse Now. Some great other films but not a hard choice.
  9. mgw100

    Greatest 70s Movie - Group 1

    Deer Hunter and Deliverance for me. Mean Streets just missed out. I don't think I've seen A Bridge Too Far but that is one mightily impressive cast.
  10. mgw100

    Lads' holidays

    I absolutely loved clubbing. Techno clubs, funk/soul clubs, indie clubs, had brilliant nights in all of them. Even mainstream music clubs can be a laugh. Sometimes dancing is a much more positive way to channel the effects of drink and/or drugs than just chatting pish. Although I like chatting pish too. It's right that it's a young man's game. On the very rare occasions I've done it in recent years, I just feel completely out of place and geriatric.
  11. 2001 A few dollars more Good, bad, ugly Guess who's coming to dinner A taste of honey
  12. I love Kind Hearts and Coronets so that was an easy pick. It then came down to a toss up between Rear Window and BOTRK. The latter won out but they are both brilliant films. I've not seen all the others but I may try and put that right.
  13. The Defiant Ones Ice Cold in Alex Vertigo Kind Hearts and Coronets 12 Angry Men
  14. mgw100

    The Masters 2021

    I've got a fiver ew on Rose @60s. Plus same on Hatton, Wallace and Scott. And a tenner on Thomas to win