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  1. I'm breaking the rules of this tournament and posting a non solo song, mostly because I love The Sugarcubes and haven't listened to them in ages.
  2. If there's one person I would rest, it's Matip. He can come on for Fabinho for the last 30 mins.
  3. mgw100

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Thiago is still unproven for us. If he's everything we hope and expect, it has to be Gini that misses out.
  4. I think that's just what one of their writers would do rather than any inside knowledge of what Klopp will do. No chance of Klopp doing that.
  5. mgw100

    Mohamed Salah

    Or away from them, even better
  6. I don't mind a little crisp around the edges of my fried egg
  7. mgw100

    Diogo Jota

    No talk of any injury today following his limpy departure last night?
  8. The Carpenter would have been a great name for a solo act too
  9. mgw100

    Diogo Jota: Goal Machine

    Like Ibe when Sterling left
  10. mgw100

    Xherdan Shaqiri

    That's 2 defence splitting passes in a week. Both won us the game pretty much. He's a valuable asset.
  11. I'm voting Prince pretty much on the basis of Sign O' The Times album. I can generally take him or leave him but that's a great album.
  12. As in it's consistently music he doesn't like?
  13. It's ok, I think, not to like the things that other people like. Just as much as the reverse of that.
  14. I once played this for 4 hours straight on an acid comedown. Time well spent