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  1. mgw100


    I would agree with the above.
  2. mgw100


    The National Museum on Chambers St is brilliant for kids. Free entry and not far from Camera Obscura
  3. mgw100

    Ryder Cup 2021

    The opening match ups look a bit ominous. You can view our lot as a collection of old timers and also rans in the wrong light. Reckon we need a good start in the foursomes or we could be in trouble.
  4. mgw100

    Ryder Cup 2021

    I fear a massacre
  5. mgw100

    Cheese v Beans

    Yeah, I thought the same. Beans go very well with eggs and cheese but they've no place inside the omelette.
  6. mgw100

    The Official Cricket Thread

    At least we have right handers now for the foreseeable. Blunts Jadeja considerably. We should score quicker assuming he doesn't go negative.
  7. mgw100

    The Official Cricket Thread

    I think we will struggle to score quickly enough against Jadeja for the win today. I fancy us to secure a draw though. Based more on the dead pitch than the resilience of our batters.
  8. mgw100

    The Official Cricket Thread

    What a tit Kohli is. Celebrating overthrows. Ha ha, what a fanny. And then out next ball (ish)
  9. mgw100

    Favourite film scene

    That scene is just unbelievable. The clip you've posted there missed the true majesty of because it doesn't have the wedding bit. The interplay between the two is absolutely the Godfather at it's best. Love this too.
  10. mgw100

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Cristiano Ronaldo: Man Utd in advanced talks to sign Juventus forward - BBC Sport