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  1. mgw100


    It's available in HD on Pirate Bay.
  2. mgw100

    Bluetooth ear pods - worth it or not?

    Personally I feel that we've all been hoodwinked on this with Apple at the forefront of the con. Somehow we've been convinced that 2 to 3 hundred quid is a reasonable price for transmission of highly compressed audio delivered across at least one wireless protocol. It was only a decade ago that 50 notes would buy you a really decent pair of headphones and only audiophiles thought any differently. I'm not exactly sure that this is no longer true. Too many of us have too much money to spend.
  3. mgw100


    I love Border Ginger biscuits. Pretty much unbeatable
  4. mgw100

    Greatest 00's Film - Semi Final 1

    Don't love any of these really. Voted No Country.
  5. mgw100

    Poll: Best managerial appointment

    I've been waiting patiently for this thread. Finally, it's here.
  6. mgw100

    Greatest 00's Film - Round 2 - Group D

    Borat is a funny sketch but the joke doesn't stretch to a movie
  7. mgw100

    Smart Home Tech

    My wife insisted on smart light bulbs in the bedrooms. It has turned the simplest, most effective operation into one much more prone to failure. I hope that helps.
  8. mgw100

    The Kings

    Just downloaded this, looking forward to watching it. Truly a golden age. Really can't be fucked with boxing these days, but these fights and fighters were a class apart.
  9. mgw100

    Greatest 00's Film - Group G

    I loved the first three quarters of Requiem. The last bit is nauseating. Eternal Sunshine and Lost In Translation for me.
  10. mgw100

    Greatest 00's Film - Group F

    This is easily the best group so far of the 00s. I went gor Amelie and Memento, two brilliant films.
  11. mgw100

    Greatest 00's Film - Group C

    Catch Me If You Can is a great movie. Not bothered about any of the others here.
  12. What's not to like? A bit of crunch, a bit of moisture, a very pleasant, if subtle, flavour. Hurrah for the noble cucumber. Nice with gin too.
  13. mgw100

    Greatest 00's Film - Nominations

    Amelie Memento Moon Catch Me If You Can Lost in Translation A Beautiful Mind In Bruges Sideways Little Miss Sunshine Juno
  14. First rule of acid, never mix with a full English.
  15. Was it served with some kind of hallucinogen or is that just me?