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  1. Herp McDerp

    Wimbledon 2019

    Irrelevant who wins the semi, the android will destroy either one in the final.
  2. Herp McDerp

    Women's World Cup

  3. Herp McDerp

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Must be a new record this, 3rd season in a row Lallana is signing for the same team.
  4. Herp McDerp

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Leave the woolster out of this.
  5. Herp McDerp

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    https://twitter.com/FoldableHuman/status/1130581319593783296?s=20 ^ A better ending than the one the 2 fucknuggets dreamt up.
  6. They won't be in for Bale, even these twats aren't daft enough to splurge the alleged €600,000 (pre-tax) a week on someone who plays twice a month.
  7. Which one of you degenerates was responsible for this?