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  1. Herp McDerp


    Our cunts down under suspended parliament until August. So Labour and the greens won't have a voice while the liberals fuck us over. PM has already appointed the ex CEO of a resources company as rhe head of rhe coronavirus recovery Council or some shit.
  2. Herp McDerp

    Coronaviruspool 2020

    Evangeline Lily Donald Trump Alison Brie
  3. Herp McDerp


    Australia added to the list of countries thats shutting its borders. Yes, yes, keeps all the cunts in one place etc. This is going to cause job losses on an unprecedented scale over here, but if it stops us going down the Italian path than I suppose it'll have been worth it.
  4. Herp McDerp


    Watching the US financial markets meltdown is one of the few joys to come out of this clusterfuck. The orange psycopath couldn't give two fucks about thousands perishing, but being blamed for the shitshow that's going down is getting to him. It's almost at the point where all gains since he won the presidency are about to be erased.
  5. Herp McDerp


    Id stock up early on that canned whupass mate. Tinned goods will be sold our by then.
  6. Herp McDerp


    @Pistonbroke aka Phillyhamannv2.0 Keep swinging mate, don't let these twats wear you down.
  7. Australia's just banned mass gatherings of more than 500 people and advised all citizens to reconsider all travel overseas. bUt iT'S JuSt tHe fLu MAtE.
  8. Scientifically illiterate fucknuggets that endanger the rest of us.
  9. Champions League needs to be cancelled. Public health takes precedence.
  10. Herp McDerp


    But on the off chance that you do wouldn't it be right to get those pics of Penelope Cruz's minge posted first?
  11. Worrying that, this isn't "just the flu". I don't pay much heed to sensationalist bollocks in newspapers and couldn't care less about what politicians have to say, but I'm still taking this seriously. What's got me twitchy about this virus is the fact that doctors and epedemiologists are bricking it. I'd trust their opinion over morons who only decided to sit up and take notice once the stock markets started tanking (looking at you Donald) My best mate is an epidemiologist and he's pretty much gone into hiding, lots of doctors in the family and while they're not panicking they're not taking it lightly either. Hopefully nothing comes of this and it's just a case of me being a massive fanny, but I still think the government should have stepped up here, makes zero sense that people who would be banned from mass gatherings in rheir home country due to the risk of passing on an extremely contagious disease are allowed to waltz in and mingle with the local population.