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  1. rmgriffin10

    Liverpool 4 Manchester United 0 (Apr 20 2022)

    Thinking about you tomorrow Dave. Lost my mum nearly 3 years ago, tough times mate. Hope you and your aul fella get through it ok. Big hugs
  2. rmgriffin10

    Liverpool 4 Manchester City 3 (Jan 14 2018)

    Great read as always Dave
  3. rmgriffin10

    Sevilla 3 Liverpool 3 (Nov 21 2017)

    Spot on as usual Dave
  4. rmgriffin10

    Man City 5 Liverpool 0 (Sep 9 2017)

    This team has no leadership or organisation on the pitch. The Watford game we were winning heading into injury time- and we don't see it out. It was as bad as the UEFA Cup final the way we surrendered. He hasn't addressed any of the defensive issues he inherited 2 years ago. We've 1 style of play- and when that isn't working we just look clueless
  5. rmgriffin10

    Liverpool 4 Arsenal 0 (Aug 27 2017)

    Great Report Dave. Well done Blud. Lol
  6. rmgriffin10

    Bournemouth 4 Liverpool 3 (Dec 4 2016)

    Trust is the issue, I've been waiting for it to happen. Run at us, with pace and we're in trouble. The keeper is poor, really poor.
  7. rmgriffin10

    Liverpool 6 Watford 1 (Nov 6 2016)

    Good report Dave,but hardly analysised all the goals etc. Lol- I agree about the superstar issue as well, we're on the crest of a wave at the moment. Let's enjoy it.
  8. rmgriffin10

    Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2 (Sep 16 2016)

    Great report as ever Dave. I agree with the question about Loren. Both him and Lalana look like the players we thought we'd thought we signed. I loved this result.
  9. rmgriffin10

    Liverpool 0 Manchester United 1 (Jan 17 2016)

    We don't have any one player who fears me, or anyone player who is get his name and number for my 6 year old lad.
  10. rmgriffin10

    Sunderland 0 Liverpool 1 (Dec 30 2015)

    As ever good report. Agree with everything, Benteke is the only goal threat we have. Lanlana, Firminho and Counthino all need carried in games. 1- fair enough but 3 we can't cope with. Ings was a massive lose as he was prepared to get behind a defence, make space and could score.
  11. rmgriffin10

    Manchester City 1 Liverpool 4 (Nov 21 2012)

    Loved the I'll cross that bridge when we get to it line Dave lol
  12. rmgriffin10

    FC Rubin 0 Liverpool 1 (Nov 5 2015)

    Great read as always. Disagree though with the comments about Michael Owens commentary. He's awful.
  13. rmgriffin10

    Who is YOUR most hated Liverpool player?

    Joe Cole for me. Gave an interview when he joined, then when he left said it was all stage managed. Was on 90-110k a week as well. He was a truly awful signing
  14. rmgriffin10

    Liverpool 3 Manchester City 2 (Apr 13 2014)

    As ever agree with everything. Stevie G, love the man. Worried about Sturridge though. He looks shattered and is only playing 1 game a week. Hope Luis keeps it in check. I love his commitment, drive and desire, never mind his ability, but he did go down theatrically to much. As Stevie says, it's over, we now go to Norwich!