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C Palace (A), 5:30pm, 29/10/16 - Mister Lover Lover, Mmm!

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Some of these goals we're conceding just make no sense. We give up almost no clear cut chances, yet concede every game without fail. Ridiculous.

Amazing isn't it! We must be conceding from 90% of chances against us and scoring from 10% of chances we create.

The entertainment is fantastic- just wish we could tighten up a bit.

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The one in the pitch, The other one is less shit at the moment and would walk straight into that Palace side


Mandanda is approximately 50 times better than Mignolet

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Too much to say at half time!


OK, we are winning, which is the main thing. But we make it difficult for ourselves!


Moreno - on the good side, he offered width and pace and got forward a lot. For he first goal he played a lovely first time volley across for Can to sweep home. On the negative side he's not the best defensively is he?! He should ahve got tighter to stop that cross coming in. Mind you, Can's clearance went straight back to them when he had time to pick out a Liverpool player.


Lovren - what the heck was that? Awful beyond belief. OK he got one at the right end shortly thereafter, so in a way he redeemed himself, but these mistakes ar killing us.


Matip was a lovely header. For all the criticism our defence receives, theirs is worse. How can you give a free header that close?


Coutinho had a lovely header that was unlucky not to be a goal. The defender handled it and it should have been a penalty, as hat took the pace off it and enabled the goalie to make a decent save.


Mane should have buried that one too. Eight yards out with the goal at his mercy, but he leaned back and hit it over.


What then will the second half bring? Who knows! Im going for 3-1 in the second half to us, to give an ov tall 6-3 score line. It's ridiculous to predict that sort of scoreline, but then this is a ridiculous sort of game on the evidence so far.


If we come away with three points we can dissect the weak points later, in a better frame of mind. But if we fail to win this, our errors will make the blood boil of even the most chilled fans.


Come on Liverpool. 6-3 coming up...

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Moreno, overall, has been great, but he made a mistake and you could see the confidence drain out of him after that.



Great? I will agree it is one of his better games - that says something though, and I am not sure it is a good thing. He would be boss to have as a 12th man just standing around the half line on the left.

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Has anyone even mentioned that amongst all the madness, Coutinho's header actually was saved by a Palace defender handling the ball above his head? Should have been a pen, possibly a red.

Very hard for the ref to spot that one. None of our players even claimed for it.


Was a definite handball though.

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Got to get a 2 goals advance I feel given how vulnerable we look defensively. They will be much more dangerous once they get Townsend and Puncheon on.

Is right....need the 4th and probably even a 5th to ensure a win here.

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That was like Rodgeball on speed.

Ha. Big time. And with no Suarez! It's been a great transformation by the manager.


Two or three more goals in this for us.

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