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    John Barnes...

    “That made a huge impression on me. Success wasn’t a one-off, it was built in as a habit and that philosophy increased your desire. The next season, we lost the championship to Arsenal on the last day of the season with the last kick of the game. Afterwards, he came in and put the medals on the table and it was the same message - pre-season in a month. “The thinking was you’d get comfortable if you got too carried away with winning, and that if you got too disappointed with losing, you wouldn’t be able to lift yourself and push again. Winning was one thing at Liverpool, but the work that went in from Monday to Friday to ensure that we got a reward on the weekend was the most crucial element." I think this is the mentality Klopp is trying to ingrain. Work hard, see what happens at the end of the season, go again. As fans, its difficult for us as we are desperate to win the league and it seems that if we don't win it this year there won't be another chance. Hopefully the players listen to him rather than getting too stressed about it like us fans.
  2. jsjazz

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 3 (Apr 5 2019)

    Forget what teams do on the pitch against City, the team selection before the match has even started more often than not shows the "smaller teams" have given up on getting anything from the game and are saving their better players for games they think they have more chance of getting something from. To a certain extent that's also down to us- we need to create an aura that makes teams think they should save their energy and not bother trying to get anything against us. Will take time.
  3. jsjazz

    Napoli (H) Champions League 11/12/18

    Mane King of the wayward finishers tonight. Honorable mention for Gini.
  4. jsjazz

    Napoli (H) Champions League 11/12/18

    Unbelievable (bad) finishing. Squeaky bum time +++. Allison saved our bacon again. VVD brilliant. Henderson had a really good second half. Front 3 still not clicking with the passes. WHO CARES!!! We're through!!!
  5. jsjazz

    PSG (A) Champions League 28/11/2018

    This lot are like a Mourinho team with the amount of diving and playacting they do.
  6. jsjazz

    Red Star Belgrade (6/11) Champions League

    Can't say it wasn't coming. Bar a couple of games we've been pedestrian all season, surviving mainly down to the tight defence. Eventually lady luck is going to look the other way. Biggest problem all season (apart from all three forwards misfiring at the same time ) has been the lack of creativity and guile from midfield. In 95 minutes today I didn't see one player take on and beat an opponent, the passing was over or under hit, and they looked scared to play a forward pass- it was all pass pass pass sideways, lose it, rinse and repeat. I'm not even sure a single creative player will change that- its partly lack of movement from those in front and around them, and partly I don't know what the pattern of play is supposed to be. Quick long ball to a marauding full back? Not happening so much this season, and when it does the full back more often than not doesn't put a quick ball in. Poor Lallana bless him at least tried to make some runs but it looked like he was running in treacle. No urgency the whole game- if you didn't know the score you would think we were winning, not losing 2-0. The league position is very good, the results have been very good, but the football hasn't been as enjoyable this season. Hope we come out of this rut soon.
  7. Rashford x 2, Matic doing their bit to get him sacked. Shame.
  8. jsjazz

    Chelsea (h) 26/09/2018 - Carabao Cup

    http://buffstreamz.com/watch/soccer-stream.php We are playing crap. Barkley and Fabregas floating around unmarked, massive drop in quality between first team and the players out there, and of course lets not forget our friend the ref.
  9. jsjazz

    Spurs vs Liverpool, Sat 15, 12:30

    Great 3 points although nearly threw 2 away at the end. Milner has been outstanding. Decision making / greediness in 2 of the front 3 let us down a bit, but the approach interplay and passing was better, maybe because Spurs were trying to attack so we had more space when we did get the turnover. Heading in the right direction I think, and they are too good not to hit top gear at some stage.
  10. jsjazz

    Russia World Cup 18

    In that case how the hell can that be a pen? Deliberate movement in that fraction of a second? No way. Also, isnt VAR supposed to overturn CLEAR errors? Why on earth are the VAR refs referring that to the ref?
  11. jsjazz

    Russia World Cup 18

    I wish someone would ask the head of FIFA / Referees association whether "deliberate" is still part of the assessment for a penalty. No way in the world can it be deliberate if the ball comes off someone's head half a metre away and hits your hand.
  12. jsjazz

    Russia World Cup 18

    Where the fuck was VAR when the croats were getting pulled down in the French area? Rigged.
  13. jsjazz

    Russia World Cup 18

    FFS. Never in a million years. Deliberate????