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    I've always wondered why pundits are given the time of day they are. It really is quite odd. They are, by and large, examples of failure for the most part, or at least rarely are they examples of overwhelming success. For instance. The other day I was listening to Souness talk about "what it takes to be a great manager". Now, his qualities as a player are undoubted, but how the fuck can he sit there with a straight face and talk about what it takes to be a great manager, when he was an absolute failure of one? And why do people listen to it? Similarly, I watch players like Danny Mills and Robbie Savage give their tupence on the ability of players who they could only dream of being. And its lapped up by the majority of the country, oddly. Meanwhile Craig Burley is on ESPN balking at the idea of Benitez being mentioned in the same breath as Michael fucking Laudrup as a manager. Everybody is allowed an opinion, I just don't understand how these guys are given this platform of importance when really they don't know what the fuck they are talking about.
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    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    thats fucking handball. it doesnt matter if its fucking deliberate. atkinson is an utter cunt
  3. FrenchEyeGlass

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Is this guy taking the piss? Mauricio Pochettino says Tottenham are "the team to beat" in Premier League title race Dip your head in the toilet Poch lad, you're talking a load of wotsits. Finished 3rd in a two horse race with a fucking Leicester team and you're the team to beat...okay...
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    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Well, well, well... Get French Football News‏ @GFFN FollowFollow @GFFN Breaking | Nabil Fékir left out of Lyon’s 18-man squad to face Bourges Foot in the Coupe de France with no explanation. Not believed to be injured
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    Southampton vs Liverpool, Sunday 11th February at 4.30pm.

    Is there a reason why Bobby needs to remain on the pitch now? Take him and Salah off now for two other attackers. Theres no need for them to play past 70.
  6. FrenchEyeGlass

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    Lacazette is fucking shit.
  7. FrenchEyeGlass

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    Im astounded at how shit Arsenal have been today. It's incredible they can be so shit and heartless in a fucking derby.
  8. FrenchEyeGlass

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    Arsenal are fucking shit. You fucking pathetic cunts, score an equalizer.
  9. FrenchEyeGlass

    Firmino Racism Allegations

    Seriously, when are they going to announce a decision on this? This delay just makes me feel like they're waiting for the window to close to fuck us over. Ot's the conspiracy theorist in me.
  10. Great result. I didn't get to watch the match as I was at work (fucking hate midweek kickoffs when I can't blag watching it at work) but glad we won. Another win on the weekend will make a massive difference for our top four hopes.
  11. FrenchEyeGlass

    Net Spend Pool

    I’m sorry man. I’m actually admittedly fairly hysterical right now.
  12. FrenchEyeGlass

    Net Spend Pool

    Hahaha Okay - 25m
  13. FrenchEyeGlass

    Net Spend Pool

    You’re bonkers if you think this squad is winning the CL.
  14. FrenchEyeGlass

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    If I was a West Brom fan right now, I'd be over the fucking moon. Reckon he'll score 10 goals by the end of the season if Pardew plays to his strengths (i.e. doesn't rely on him to run incessantly up front).
  15. FrenchEyeGlass

    Net Spend Pool

    Couldn't truly care what the next spend is at the end of the next window, because by then we'll be 5th and have won fuck all for another year.
  16. FrenchEyeGlass

    FSG are not shit

    "If we didn't sell our best player, we would have a net spend of ninety billion!!!!!" "if we hadn't have sold our best player - who was so good that the market dictated he was worth 140m - then we would have a net spend of ninety gazillion!!!!!! Up the reds trust in klopp #NEVERWALKALONE" Guess what you fucking mongs. We DID sell our best player. No fucking shit it skewed our motherfucking net spend, because we just sucked 140m worth of value out of squad and replaced it with bullshit statements such as "not cool!", "absolutely must look at things we can do internally like tactics and positive vibes and stuff", "coutinho is so rare that he cost 140m but the fact that he was so rare means we absolutely have to make no effort to replace him" and "only if my idiocy smacks me in my face will I realize that it is idiocy"
  17. FrenchEyeGlass

    Firmino Racism Allegations

    As soon as the transfer window is as good as closed, it will come out that Firmino is banned for 3 games for abusive language (non racial, but bringing the game into disrepute, such as when Rooney was done for swearing). Cast iron he will get banned as soon as it's too late to replace him. Klopp will tell us that it's "not cool", mongs on here will talk about how it's a good opportunity for Solanke to get some games.
  18. FrenchEyeGlass

    FSG are not shit

    Some of you guys need to make your fucking mind up. When Klopp refused to admit we needed a defender last summer, you all came out and said he was saying what was needed and that he was “hardly going to throw his players under the bus”. Now he’s saying we don’t need to replace Coutinho and apparently it’s because he completely 100% stands by his words. Only two options here - (i) he is covering up the fact that we can’t buy right now or they won’t sanction the player he wants or (ii) he’s a fucking moron who believes having Danny ings as the only attacking back up is adequate. I don’t think Klopp is a moron, but it seems like certain posters on here do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. FrenchEyeGlass

    FSG are not shit

    Because he’s talking fucking shit, that any level headed sane person would not believe. If you think he believes the shit he is spouting, you’re giving him less credit than I am. I happen to believe our manager is not a fucking moron.
  20. FrenchEyeGlass

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    Whamtastic by the manager again. “And stuff...”. Even he can’t be arsed with the level of BS he’s coming out with. He may as well have just ended the sentence with ‘and blah blah blah blah’
  21. FrenchEyeGlass

    Ben Woodburn

    Saw that. He generally hasn’t though.
  22. FrenchEyeGlass

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    He explained why in the past. He said it would bore him to coach a player he has already coached in the past, as it wouldn’t be new or exciting to develop a player he has already developed. Sounds like another episode of wham from Klopp though for me. He tried to sign Gotze. So i reckon he just doesn’t fancy him as a player, but he wouldn’t say that in public.
  23. FrenchEyeGlass


    The worst thing about the Danny Ward thing is that he’s probably looking on enviably at what’s happening at Huddersfield right now. If you’re never going to give him a chance, especially in front of these two fuckwits, then why did you recall him? The same goes for Woodburn and Wilson. These guys need to be playing games. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. FrenchEyeGlass

    FAO: Hysterical fannies

    Hahaha so it was one post then? So how did it turn from ‘person’ into ‘people’? “Reality adheres to what you’ve seen”. You have absolutely no sense of self awareness it seems. You’ve just fucking made something up, you’re the one with the distorted reality.