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  1. russ1979

    Streaming Sites

    Navixsport app for phone has been the best I’ve usedOr stream via Reddit
  2. russ1979

    Tickets vs Southampton

    Anybody get 2 spare tickets for the match v Southampton
  3. russ1979

    Sevilla (a) CL - Match Thread

    Who gives a fuck Whether we won 3 nil or draw 3-3 we will qualify for the next round or not We aren’t wining it either way we are shite
  4. russ1979

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    Behave 60 million wouldn’t get him here ‘Conte will be gone before Luiz
  5. If it's S/mania I wouldn't bother for now as I have a VPN and it's still a bit shit.
  6. russ1979

    The world of a woman.

    Sorry dude was meant as a joke but didn't come across well.
  7. russ1979

    Work - Life Balance

    Sick pay!! Most people these days don't get holiday pay.. treasure it
  8. Aye it's a fucking shame after high hopes when finishing forth last season and by the start of this season it's been deflating, not sure where we are gonna go from here, I think Jurgen is brilliant but something is a miss. It's early days in the season but top 4 is all we can hope for.
  9. russ1979

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    I share your optimism! We are not far off where we need to be
  10. russ1979

    The world of a woman.

    Well she's probably hairy and fat herself if not she's probably banging somebody else m8
  11. "Poor youth" What we gonna do charter flights from Eastern Europe.
  12. russ1979

    Boxing 2017

    what a fucking insult