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    My missus' Grandad died last week & our Son, James (3) is always telling jokes so today he said to her, "Mum, why does Grandad Jim cross the road?" "I don't know, why does he cross the road?". "To die."
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    He didn't reach the heights of Moyes comedic lows but he was still pretty good. Took them down to the next rung of shitness and gave us some great laughs and good times. Thanks Ole you massive twat.
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    He's a useless, lying, obese piece of shit.
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    I don’t think Dave has a lot of admiration for the Arteta project at Arsenal. Just a feeling I get. On the atmosphere, I thought it sounded really crap until the bust up. Any idea why? Some have said the fans were nervous maybe due to recent matches. The at the wheel songs sounded like they were being booed. And what’s wrong with the cheering when we pass the ball? I don’t think that’s new age supporter behaviour. I’m sure the kop hade done it for years.
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    After a couple of disappointing results the Reds got right back on track with a spanking of Arsenal at Anfield, as the front lads all helped themselves to a goal and Alisson bounced back with a clean sheet. TLW Editor Dave Usher is joined by Julian Richards and Paul Natton to reflect on a hugely gratifying win in which there were many stand out performers. Tsimikas caught the eye again, Thiago enjoyed himself on his return to the starting line up, Sadio, Mo and Diogo ran riot, but special credit is reserved the man who did more than anyone to turn the game in Liverpool's favour - Gunners boss Mikel Arteta. Cheers lad!
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    I reckon I could tell this fella to turn up dressed as an adult baby and he’d dress in a nappy and walk through the doors with a hard on.
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    One of my pet hates that, when people say "can't bare" instead of "can't bear". The former makes no sense at all.
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    I’ve had both jabs and also had covid before I had either. It was horrible and my chest still isn’t right since. I woke up a few hours ago hardly able to breath. I’ve felt it coming on for days. I’m glad I’ve had the jabs because I honestly think if I got it again my chest is that fucked from the first time that I’d been in hospital.
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    A tiny minority of people will have medical reasons why, on balance, it's best for them not to have the vaccine. Only a science-denying moron would generalise from them to the whole population.
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    Tinker's default sleeping position.
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    "I'm Michael Carrick, assistant interim manager." "Assistant to the assistant interim manager."
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    Fantastic touch there as he needed to keep his pace up. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt here anyway.
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    Good report but I can’t help feeling I don’t know if you think Arsenal are any good.
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    I'm gonna miss this thread. It was the best of the series so far. It would be magical if this series could continue as I'm not ready to let go.
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    Not me but still good. Flying home from Bangkok after a 3 week bender. Spent our last money down to the final coin at the airport bar before finishing off a couple of Valiums and a Triazolam each. The latter were pretty punchy. 50 mg to Valium’s 10 mg, if I remember correctly. Sat down and I knew I was going out like a light as soon as we’d finished take-off and got settled. Hostess came round the second we were cruising with food options which we were offered from the cart there and then. I said no thanks as I knew I’d be asleep the second she walked away. My mate, a greedy slug of a man, always on the make, took a full tray of gear. Only remember calling him a pig and telling him he wouldn’t be able to eat it in time, heard him gloating about how I’d wake up hungry, then everything black. I’m woken by an air hostess who it seems is having to be fairly rough with me to bring me round. Opened my eyes and apologised and she told me we’re at Heathrow. I think I garbled ‘What, already?’ An 11 hour flight had gone by in a heartbeat. Looked to my right, he’s spent the entire flight face down in his open dinner, comatose. He was wearing it like a mask when I brought him round and he lurched upwards. She left me with that job, not unreasonably. Looked like it was some sort of pasta bake.
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    Left my jacket on a train at York when changing trains Didn’t realise until I was sat on the other train with my bag and laptop on the table. Got off to run over the bridge to retrieve my jacket and stood and watched both trains leave in seperate directions leaving me without jacket, bag or laptop.
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    Heading up to Newcastle to see Neil Young, I'd arranged to meet with @Chairman Meow and my mate Sievo a few years back, I'd taken the afternoon off work so had arranged to mate Sievo that afternoon at the Union Rooms for a few pints. I got there early, got my drink and went to sit outside in the small terrace beer garden at the front, it was summer time, I sat down, took a drink and that was it, I was out like a fucking light. Next thing I know, Sievo is patting me on the shoulder to wake me up. I'd been fast asleep for close on 2 hours, problem was however, I could feel my face, nose and ears had caught the sun. Met up with Chairman Miaow later on and the gig was great. Got up for work the next day though and fucking hell, Simon Weston was starring back at me from the bathroom mirror. Worst of all though we're my ears, they were bright red, peeling and seeping, swollen and sticking out from my head at unnatural angles. Every cunt at work, punters included, pulled the piss out of me for days afterwards. The only relief I got was from Boots emergency burn cream. Daft bastard.