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  1. They are an awful bunch of cheating bastards and have been for decades. Fernandes rates highly on the cunt index.
  2. Iceman

    FA Cup draw

    Let's have it you slags.
  3. I'm with this. No team can take the injury crisis we've had and not show some effects results wise. Shows the strength we have to still be at the top.
  4. It's all set up for a proper fucking derby and I can't wait. This is where we destroy their dreams. How Iceman you utter cunt I hear you ask? Because the gulf in experience and class is going to show itself. Because we are the big boys and we run D-Block. This is the team that won the Champions League. This is the team that ran City ragged and broke them. This is the team that did Barca 4-0 and then we went and won the fucking title. But VVD is missing, but Phillips is slow, but Fat Sam, we are shite etc etc. I hear you and I feel you and I acknowledge we are depleted and are utter shite and I know the danger but we are Liverpool and we pull out the big performances when it matters. But Rashtwat, but Aerosmith face, but Pogtwat. Fuckoff is what I say to that. The mancs are desperate and that will be their undoing. The more they try and attack the more opportunities they give us to hurt them. Believe my red brethren and all will be good. Klopp brings us the glory and always will. Salah bags a brace and Mane with a classic. 3-1 to us.
  5. It's not a prospect one would readily choose if given the choice that's for certain.
  6. love Salah but sometimes he can hold up the play a bit while he's trying to create his chance to score. There was one game where he was missing when we were super fluid in attack. Not knocking him but he can definitely work on alternating the play a bit.
  7. Thanks for the summary you twat. It's a match day forum where we discuss the match.
  8. We don't have our power in defence after VD got taken out. As awesome as Fabinho is he needs someone next to him and today that cat he had as his partner was shaky as fuck and looked scared out of his mind any time he got near the ball. Put Thiago and Fabinho in there as a pair against the mancs is what I would do. Solid is what we need.
  9. Fucking shite but Thiago at times looked the absolute business. Fabio, Thiago, Hendo, Mane, Jota (when back) is powerful as fuck. Horrible form right now but at least we didn't get done and Allison pulled out that fantastic save. Sets it up nicely for the manc game but what a cnunting waste of 4 points in the last 2 games. Tiredness is an issue but seems as if we lack ability to score ugly goals to open teams up and then end up trying to score at the end of a 13 pass move, which isn't going to happen that easily when you play the shite. Need someone to step up and perfect the long range threat a la Sir Gerrard the Magnificent.
  10. we end up winning this one 0-2
  11. Iceman

    Other football - 2020/21

    I didn't say it wasn't, I just asked you a question. I notice you didn't answer it.