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  1. I always thought the reading music (as a badge of honour) thing was bizarre. You don't need any of that stuff.
  2. I don't know whether Antony is physically fast enough to play that position for us. He seems to arse about with little flicks and tricks when our forwards are just ruthlessly efficient and direct. Even Firmino - who's obviously very skilful doesn't do skills for the sake of it. He seems the opposite of what we'd go for.
  3. In other news, Barca have tabled their first offer for Raphinha. Maybe we've looked at him and Antony and decided to go for the latter.
  4. I'm going to remove that. I'm not going to discuss politics anymore. I'll just stick to the music threads instead.
  5. What an oddly shaped human being Pearce is. He looks like a dwarf that's been given HGH to outgrow himself.
  6. I don't see it that way, to be honest with you. I think he's the most well-liked manager we've ever had. I remember going on the Bayern forums when he was Dortmund's manager, and none of them said a bad word about him. I always thought that was odd, until he arrived here. You see it now on places like Redcafe. Their fans begrudgingly admit he's a good bloke. Obviously, City fans on Bluemoon hate him, but they hate everyone. And Evertonians live in their own fantasy world, but even some of them, in their quieter moments, admit he's awesome.
  7. Okay, I've decided. My pick is... Devendra Banhart - Rejoicing in the Hands This should autoplay the whole album one track after the other. If there's any problems let me know. The last track "Autumn Child" skips on this playlist. So listen to this one instead. https://open.spotify.com/album/2s6AIr1sL5P0NAFzqd0zsW It's also available on Tidal if you want to listen to the album in lossless quality instead.
  8. Heath Ledger's joker wins this round with little bother. Anyone that says Nicholson or Romero are better Jokers can get to fuck. Total bollocks. That performance was unbelievable.
  9. It's an old cliche, but just take each game as it comes and don't look past it. Every game is a cup final now. There can be no complacency. The fans should do their part as well. We need bus greetings before every home game in the league and the Champions League. It's the least the players deserve for putting us in this position.
  10. I appreciate that. I'll get my pick in tomorrow or the day after, at the latest. I'll have a think about it.
  11. Rumours that United are interested in Pigeon Boy at Everton. More money wasted by the looks of things.
  12. I think @Shooter in the Motor is next on the list.
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