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  1. Moonage Daydream is a good track, but I don't think it's top 5 on the album it's on.
  2. Cheers fellas. It's nice to see you again too.
  3. I appreciate that. Thanks.
  4. Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone Neil Young - Hey Hey My My The Who - My Generation
  5. Oxlade Chamberlain: "This season is a great opportunity for me to sit on the bench and collect £120,000 a week." Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, or "AOC" as he likes to be called, was in an unusually candid mood when he allowed reporters into the plush Cheshire residence he shares with that Geordie lass from X factor for a sitdown chat and some impromptu dancing. "I'll be honest with you, my body is shot. I never even expected to play football again, let alone represent Liverpool". He went on: "They did an MRI scan on me once in The Spire, and the doctor told me that if I changed my routine in any way, I'd likely drop dead. I took this to mean I'm invincible, but the doctor (with a frightened look on his face) told me the opposite is true. The injuries I've had are so numerous, in so many areas of my body, that it's a statistical anomaly how I'm still alive. I thought I tore my ACL twice, but he actually informed me I'd torn it thousands of times. I have a condition called "ligamentcoctaham osteotinnitus" which means my ligaments have the elasticity of boiled ham. It also causes calcium to leave my bones and escape through my ears. As you can imagine, it's very distressing." Thoughts turned to Gini Wijnaldum's summer move to PSG and the potential role Chamberlain could play for the Reds this season: "I'm up against players like Thiago and Neco Williams. There's no chance for me. This season is a great opportunity for me to sit on the bench and collect £120,000 a week - which is pretty much my thought process every season."
  6. Boss

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I've had enough of swimming against the tide on here anyway.
  7. Boss

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Non of those things are lies.
  8. Boss

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Corbyn might be a good man, but what he represents - nationalisations of various industries at the taxpayers expense, doling out money to people on benefits, going after equity stakes in private businesses, championing the IRA in NI over the Unionists, increasing taxes across the board, preaching the virtues of Venezuelan socialist policies, vilifying our strategic allies like America, his pacifism sending the message to other countries that they can push the envelope with us militarily. Yeah, i'm not surprised he gets the press he gets.
  9. Boss

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    The reason is simple, because they are ideologically opposed to him, his policies, and what he represents. It's no different with the way you're ideologically opposed to certain Tories. You probably don't mind Ken Clarke now because you're a Remainer and you're both on the same side, but I bet when he was voting through the bedroom tax, or the benefit cuts of the coalition government, I presume you weren't so much in favour of him then.
  10. Boss

    Rise of the far right in Europe.

    True. Rohm was a National Socialist. He took the workers side in trade disputes and supported pickets. He wanted a second revolution based on the redistribution of wealth. That was the original plan. The SA was filled with socialist worker types. Rohm wanted to take over the German army which had 100,000 soldiers. I think the SA had something like 2,000,000 members. Hitler liked Rohm, and he was one of the only people who could call him Adolf, but he was too revolutionary. He was hated by the German Army. Hitler did pardon him initially but ended up killing him. It was a National Socialist movement up until 1934 though.
  11. Boss

    Rise of the far right in Europe.

    He had socialists locked up and killed because he hated Marxism, but a lot of the entrants into Nazism in the 20's and early 30's were formerly radical leftists. The name National Socialist Workers Party was not ironic. They did see themselves as Nationalist Socialists.