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    i think we might find losing gini will be a little like losing ronnie whelan all those years ago. lots of people didn't realise his value till he wasn't there anymore. gini is a wonderful footballer - he is maybe not quite a world class star, but he is in the very tier below and was tactically smart enough to carry out klopp's plans while none of that was really his natural game. i know he is on a free, but there is barely a top club in the world who haven't tried to sign him - munich, inter, juve, psg, barca. I reckon that tells you everything about his quality.
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    I turned 40 on Saturday, and I decided just now I’d post in this thread about how much happier I am in myself now that a) in my marriage, and (most importantly) b) when I was devastated by my ex wanting to end our marriage. re-reading this opening post for the first time in a long time I’d forgotten the similarities. Though I didn’t call mine a fucking bitch. since my marriage ended, I got laid a lot more (some absolutely worth remembering, others to be utterly forgotten) but more importantly I made new friends and got a better social life as a result. since my marriage ended, I got forced out under the guise of being made redundant from a job I’d been in 12 years and. In hindsight had hated for at least 3, got a redundancy payout, and have now been 3.5 years in a new company I really like, doing a job I now absolutely love. since my marriage ended my relationship with my daughter has not been negatively impacted at all, other than only having her 50% of the time. We couldn’t be closer. Since my marriage ended, I’ve met my girlfriend who I’ve been with coming up 4 years and in that time we’ve not had a row to be worthy of the name, we do fun stuff together, who gets on easily with my mates, and I couldn’t be happier with. finally, my relationship with my ex is also good enough that when she’s going through the hardest of times with terminal cancer, locked down alone for much of the last year, me and my other half have been able to support when needed and the 4 of us have been able to socialise together for Sunday dinner, allowing our daughter to see us all getting on, healthily with no bitterness or animosity, leaving a positive legacy that will shape who she grows up to be. just reflecting on life a little this morning, laying in bed with the aches of my weekend camping, and started to remember how down I’ve been at a handful of key times in the last 8 years, and how happy I currently am. anyine still going through those times - keep your chin up.
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    Say what you want about the Qataris but keeping people against their will is an area they dominate in.
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    To be fair they were right. It's still the same shithole with a blue cone on it as it was back in February 2020.
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    "No tienes que ganar para ser un ganador, pero soy un ganador."
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    The selection policy of England for years has been to be pick a squad of highly rated players whether they are performing or not and just shoe horn as many of the big names into the team even if it means playing some out of position. A combination of that selection policy and the complete ignorance and/or lack of intelligence of the players pretty much guarantees failure. It's very evident when you see ex England internationals as pundits talking about how European opposition should be decimated by English clubs in the Champions League then being completely baffled when it turns out that apparently a Bayern side full of internationals aren't a load of shite. They do the same when talking about other international sides, slagging off German strikers like Klose for not being as good as some of the English players with seemingly no understanding of the fact they were trying to select a team that would work. Not playing Rooney as a midfielder and thinking he's suddenly turned into Pirlo. There is a reason why none of them ever turn into good managers and that the top teams in England are all managed by foreigners. Whole game in Britain needs a massive change in mindset and until that happens England will continue to lose out to supposedly lesser teams through a mixture of arrogance, stupidity and having no tactical ability.
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    I hope he gets as much money as possible wherever he goes and spends the rest of his life smiling
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    Tank tops. Offer no protection against enemy fire.
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    My grandson, in his new Allison kit, 'getting us'.
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    Around this time last year, our owners announced that they would pause for a year because of Covid and the Bloos announced that Covid wouldn't affect BMD. As if I needed convincing, that just struck me as final confirmation that our club was serious in its stadium intentions, while theirs was not.
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    What about the 85 public consultations and moving cones around every six years?
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    Planning permission for the ARE extension due on the 15th; aiming to have it completed by Summer 2023.
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    I'm going out on a limb here, but I have a teeny tiny suspicion that it wasn't her sparkling personality and conversational skills that Rico was interested in.
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    "No el jobbo thanks, El Evertono es my favourito"
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    I can't recall when I had less enthusiasm for a major tournament. I can't help thinking that the lack of an identity (because there's no host nation) plays a part in this.
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    WTF is southgate fucking on about 'maybe we'll pull rank next time' after hendo missed that pen? So much for backing your vice captain. Some may say Hendo was in the wrong taking that pen but if calvert lewin had taken it and missed, no doubt southgate would have been saying 'why didnt my vice captain have the balls to take it?' Just fucking jib England off Jordan. Come home and concentrate getting fit for Liverpool.
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    This is the greatest thing that ever happened in an England friendly.
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    Looking great PD! Great job. Get yourself a nice cigar to enjoy in that chair. You can't beat a nice Monte Cristo number 4 after a BBQ in your own back garden. BTW those fence panels are good spaces to grow stuff. You can get some pots which hang over them. Here's some I shoved up my back passage...down the side of the house... ...or you could have a look at espalier fruit trees. These can look ace they can be grown as fans which look great too. Here's one I did this year...it's hard to see against the bricks with it being such a young tree - but I am hoping it will fill out nicely. Fan or espalier would look great against your fences....here's some guidance - for anyone interested. Also a trellis can help grow some cool shaped stuff. Here's one with Thunbergia and ivy... Doesn't have to expensive. I made this one out of willow cane... Anyway - I am no pro - just passing on some stuff that might give you ideas to use the space you have available...if it's not your taste then just ignore.
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    Being buried under a patio does tend to take one out of the social loop.
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    "Neil Warnock on Stellar." Now thats an image to conjure with! My (still missed to this day) massive dog Rafa (got him 5 weeks after Istanbul) always cocked his leg on Old Neil's gate post,as his house while Blades manager was on our route to the local park!
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    Why do all fans think they're guardians of morality when there's enough evidence to show when the spotlight is upon them that every club has their twats. Its universal like every group of people you are going to see a myriad of cuntishness.