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  1. Chairman Meow


    Since 2005? Post Istanbul, glory hunting, Sky Sports generation big match beaut, telly clapping whopper. And that's still not even the worst thing about you, you turn out to be a pro-beaner. I had to sign the Official Secrets act because I worked for HMRC, it's only so you can't tell people how shit it really is. And so I don't tell people about all those assassinations they had me carry out.
  2. Chairman Meow

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Pretty much every website on the planet. No I don't want notifications, no I don't want to turn ad-blocker off, no I don't want to subscribe. How about you let me see if your site is actually decent before you bombard me with fucking pop ups.
  3. Chairman Meow


    I use 3M tapes exclusively. If you want to tape something properly then nothing else gets the job done.
  4. Chairman Meow


    That is a mask, it's covering over the reptile underneath.
  5. Chairman Meow

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Margot Robbie in figure skating gear? Surprisingly good?
  6. Chairman Meow


    I'm probably an anomaly, but I've been in probably the most severe depressive episode of any I've ever had since around late October and I've gone the opposite way and seen an uptick in mood pretty much since the day they said all of my Uni work would be conducted online. For all I still have a shit ton to do and financially this is all likely to be very tight for me as I'm self employed and as such really limited in what work I can do it's given me a bit of a pressure release of some kind. That said, there are a lot of people joking about how isolation etc. is just daily life. In my case it really is how I'd prefer to be in general. I hate leaving the house unless I really have to, I actively avoid situations where I have to interact with any large number of people etc. and generally live a mostly solitary life as I find it way less stressful and easier to deal with. Socialising and generally being out and about is and always has been really hard work for me, it was easier when I was younger as alcohol and drugs overcame that on a weekend, but I can't be arsed with either of those these days.
  7. Chairman Meow


    Presumably because like all of their other products it's all marketing bullshit and it's actually completely shite?
  8. Chairman Meow

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Far easy to just browse this place if that's what you want to see.
  9. Chairman Meow

    Great Sporting Photos

    One that has a fight for being one of my favourite motorsport photos of all time on the Safari rally. The Safari has always been a good spot for photos in general though.
  10. Chairman Meow


    He runs a rally school in Powys. I presumed you asked as you thought that was where I instruct.
  11. Chairman Meow


    No I'm just north of Newcastle. Although I do know Phil Price to nod and say hello to.
  12. Chairman Meow


    I've got a friend I have been doing a day a week for and then some additional weekends doing some instructing at his rally school which is basically what has gotten me turning a profit. Obviously he can't run rally school days now, and additionally he's also in the high risk category as well as his parents who live on the site as well so that looks out of the question for quite some time. It really depends on how things pan out. At the moment I can still advertise and use the post office or courier to send some stuff out. But that said, I've someone is serious high risk living in the house who has been told to stay in for 12 weeks. My stuff is all stored on an old farm, so I can get along there and sort stuff out and as I am the only person there it doesn't add any risk. But then there is the post office visits, not really sure quite what I do, I'm fairly certain I'm low risk (although I am a fat bastard) and frankly I can live with taking a chance with my own safety. If that's what I've got to do too survive then I don't really have a choice. However, it's not just me that's at risk if I do.
  13. Chairman Meow


    I'm entitled to nothing as I've only started generating a profit this year and even that is only really from November onwards so even on a 3 year average I'll get nothing as I won't be showing a profit for this year. I currently get tax credits, but that isn't going to pay the rent and feed me. Unless I am able to start doing some work for one of my customers who I do a day a week for by the end of next month I'm probably going to be in serious trouble quite quickly. I have 3 months rent in savings but that's it. So guess I'm either becoming a delivery driver for Tesco or someone of that ilk or I'm selling off my old Escort that I've had since I was 10 to keep myself solvent.
  14. Chairman Meow


    I only started showing a profit this year so it provides me with absolutely fuck all. Depending on how this goes the little bit of savings I had built up are probably going to vanish fairly sharpish.
  15. Chairman Meow

    Frank Zappa

    I'll just take some time during this solo to shake hands with some audience members.