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  1. More importantly it looks like it has the x-pack alloys on it. They are really rare. I have one pair but have been struggling for ages to find another couple to make up a full set.
  2. Chairman Meow


    Tories gonna Tory.
  3. Chairman Meow


  4. Chairman Meow

    Man City (A) 2/7/2020 - Premier League - 20:15

    Surely nobody cares what Danny Murphy thinks, he was an average player at best and he's a shit pundit.
  5. Chairman Meow

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    I know of a man who would give it a try.
  6. Chairman Meow

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    You're only jealous.
  7. Chairman Meow

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    The place looks awesome, looking at Melwel lodge I'm presuming you've basically bought a plot more or less directly south of that? When I grow up I want to be neko! Weirdly I was actually telling some a couple of days ago about you recreating Albert Speer work for Man in the High Castle, then today I've been telling them about the stuff you've posted for the house. Are your classes accessible to anyone? I'm not to bad with vector 3D (Catia/Soliworks/Creo) but poly based stuff eludes me thus far. I experimented with 3DS Max a few years ago but never really cracked it (although it probably has way more available in terms of youtube tutorials now). Because I have a student email address I can get 3DS max for free and looking to actually become able to use it effectively.
  8. Chairman Meow

    The NHS

    Some more nationalisation of corporate debt in the offing?
  9. Chairman Meow

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    I hope so. I can read pretty well still, but obviously get the occasional total lack of comprehension issue.
  10. Chairman Meow

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    I don't have Netflix, but anything foreign I always watch in it's original language. I've got quite a lot of motorsport books and videos in German as a lot of it was never released over here so never had an English language version, it's probably only those that actually kept me with any German at all. I think if it hadn't been for that I'd barely be able to remember anything now.
  11. Chairman Meow

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    After getting about halfway through the 1st series I started looking at the books and I will go through them at some point. I'm still considering the options for maybe moving to Germany so intending to do a German course at the place I did my access course for Uni and I've also acquired the Rosetta Stone German set from the internet. Because I don't use it so much these days I'm a bit sketchy with it some times and it feels very unnatural now. We had some Germans on exchange at Uni and listening to them speak to each other was a bit of a jolt as I wasn't able to process it like I used to be able to.
  12. Chairman Meow

    Rate the last film you watched...

    I saw that by chance one night a few years ago with no idea what it was about. Really good film and seems to be massively overlooked. The stuff like the scenes where he's being chased in the crowd are really interesting.
  13. Chairman Meow

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    I watched it and loved it as it's very old style noir in tone and look and I've always liked that anyway. There are a couple of bits that are a little bit over the top, but they really are only very tiny portions of it so nothing that detracts from it in my opinion. The downloaded version I had was in German, I have semi acceptable German and the sub titles are a bit off on a lot of it but nothing to the extent that it missed anything. Just the usual where a turn of phrase was either translated literally so not exactly what it would be or where a word has been used that isn't quite correct.
  14. Chairman Meow

    Boris Johnson

    Or maybe "will tell the nation that pubs are going to reopen so that everyone thinks Boris is great for letting us get pissed in public again".
  15. Chairman Meow

    Best James Bond?

    Most of the women he has sex with tend to die within about 30 minutes or so, which as contraceptives go is pretty extreme, however it's clearly very effective.