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  1. Chairman Meow

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    No, I enjoyed it. Was pretty disappointed that it got cancelled. Just took me a while to accept the guy playing Hap as the character because he was very different to how I always pictured him.
  2. Chairman Meow

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    It took me a little while to warm to it as someone who had read the books first, but it felt like it was just starting to settle and get into it's stride when it was cancelled. As opposed to the people who say the Shield is better who touch children in good places?
  3. Chairman Meow

    Greatest Movie Franchise Tournament?

    It's not the musical it's some Swedish thing that none of us have heard of that will give Code something to bitch about for the duration of the tournament when no one votes for it.
  4. Chairman Meow

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    General consensus on here was that most people seemed to love it. I got really bored with it though, just seemed to plod along and felt very dull to me. Was expecting a lot more with the cast it has, the only bits I found really engaging were with Malcolm X.
  5. Chairman Meow

    Static Caravans

    That's my view point on almost every subject. Statistically most cases of kids being diddled are by relatives. So if they are being molested it's most likely to be you doing it. As long as you restrain yourself they are probably safe.
  6. Chairman Meow

    Cat Pics

    Kitty city.
  7. Chairman Meow

    Most cringeworthy thing you’ve ever witnessed

    It's really common with any woman who posts anything car related. The amount of sad virgins replying to them in the same kind of manner is really grim. The potential future Mrs Chairwoman Meow uses Instagram, any picture she ever posts that features her is always commented on by random strangers along those lines as well. It's like they actually think by posting that weird bullshit to some random woman she's suddenly going to be into them. All thoroughly depressing stuff.
  8. Chairman Meow

    Favourite 'Actual' Bridges

    When I was in my early 20's I was interviewed for a job that would have been in Prague. It's definitely one of those what could have been moments that I look back on it. It was crazy money, free accommodation and with the cost of living in the place I'd have had a lifestyle that I couldn't possibly even dream of having over here. Beautiful place as well, it still annoys me I didn't get it! Red hoe is a bit off. The heugh is pronounced more like a hybrid of huth with the uth sounding like it would in truth but with an f ending. It that makes any sense.
  9. Chairman Meow

    Favourite 'Actual' Bridges

  10. Chairman Meow


    I got some Lego off someone as a Christmas present. It's a pretty cool kit.
  11. Chairman Meow

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Rapid onset lead poisoning?
  12. Chairman Meow

    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    Echo article incoming, how not signing players could save Liverpool millions.