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  1. Chairman Meow

    The GF book thread

    Is it accurate about the area? I think it's best that no one discovers the place. No good people finding out it's actually really nice up here or people will start turning up and ruining it!
  2. Chairman Meow

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 (21)

    I had a dose of that once, but the anti-biotics cleared it up in no time.
  3. Chairman Meow

    Better Call Saul

    In the early stages of BCS I thought that when he was sending Francesca away at the end of BB and he said "tell them Jimmy sent you" that they would tie it up and make it that it was Kim he sent her to. But then Kim met Francesca in BCS so that wouldn't work. The only other tell tale I can see if that in BB Saul has cheques for Ice Station Zebra Associates which Kim came up with in BCS. I do wonder if they might tie it in that Kim has been dealing with the laundering etc. in BB and was just always in the background while Saul was the front.
  4. Chairman Meow

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Physical abuse or mental?
  5. Chairman Meow

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    If you lot club together and pay me £70,000 per week for a year I'd happily give every forum member my phone number so anyone could phone me up and give me abuse whenever they wanted. Then once the year is up I'd retire to RAWK for a week until I am banned for having my own thoughts and then retire entirely.
  6. Chairman Meow


    I had the same GP from the age of about 5 or 6 years old until I moved down South when I was about 25 or so. He retired while I was away and I hadn't been to the local GP's until about 4 years ago (I'm 41 now), I always knew my old GP was really good, but dealing with the new lot by comparison really pushed just how lucky we had been to have the old one. Before I finished school I had some really severe knee injuries through playing rugby and when they got my x-rays back when I finally started getting them looked at he was totally straight, something like "your left knee is just wear and tear and will repair, your right is fucked" and I used to have really bad issues swallowing tablets when I was younger and he'd always give me "do you want grown up tablets or do you still want baby medicine" and would kid with me about it. He was fucking brilliant and when I had my first ever full blown depressive episode in my early twenties fought like hell to help me and protect me as much as he could. Work were giving me shit about how I had to go back and that my sicknote wasn't valid and all sorts of stuff and he was always steadfast "you're not OK to go back until I say you are I don't care what they say". This was while at the same time the council occupational health guy reckoned me being suicidal was nothing and that I just needed to get back to work. He so clearly actually gave a shit and went out of his way to help people as much as he could. He retired while I was living down South, but I was told that a few years after he retired he killed himself which really bothered me as I really thought that probably a lot of his efforts with me when I had that first big depressive episode were because he knew exactly what I was going through.
  7. Chairman Meow

    The QAnon Thread

    That's exactly what an intergalactic, lizard overlord nonce would say when trying to hide in plain sight.
  8. Chairman Meow

    Boris Johnson

    Good news. You know how the useless fuck was quoted as saying their would be no border in the Irish over his dead body? Well I can only assume he's now dead as I'm having a total nightmare trying to send a part over to Northern Ireland as apparently it's an international shipment now. Not only has the price doubled, but none of the couriers I use are able to confirm if there are customs charges on top of that or not. I'm struggling a little to see how our trade deals with the EU are going to pan out considering they seem to have somehow managed to fuck up being able to send items within the UK.
  9. Chairman Meow

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Lee Clark is OK by me. When I was still in high school he lived near some mates of mine and always used to come out and play football with us if he saw us playing.
  10. Chairman Meow

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The Rag did the same on their front cover yesterday as well.
  11. Chairman Meow

    Greatest 10's Film - Round 2 - Group 1

    I think Django, Hateful 8 and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood are absolute garbage and if they'd been made by anyone other than Tarantino would have been absolutely panned. Proper Emperors Clothes shit going on with him these days. For me since Sally Menke died everything he's made has just dragged on and been boring as fuck. I managed to struggle through Django but didn't like it, managed about an hour of Hateful 8 before I couldn't stand it any more and had to abandon it and managed all of Once Upon A Time but regretted not giving up on it sooner.
  12. Chairman Meow

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Standard procedure, if you have no money and criticise capitalism or the how we do/don't help people you're jealous. If you have money and do so you'll be attacked for having money and called a hypocrite. What odds on the article using the term "champagne socialist" multiple times?
  13. Chairman Meow

    The world of a woman.

    I'd be inclined to disagree with that.
  14. Chairman Meow

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    I'm on Connellys mailing list so I get updates when his new books etc. are coming out. They sent a thing out before season 7 was released saying that it would be the last and that there would be a spin off but I don't have that email anymore. When the they started streaming 7 they sent this out. I suspect it's going to be along the lines of the books when he ended up part time for the smaller police department, the name of which currently escapes me, and the work he did for Mickey Haller but with Mimi Rogers subbing in for continuity to the way the Bosch TV show went.