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  1. tokyojoe

    Happy Birthday Liverpool Lad

    Have a good one Mark. Trust that has summed it up for you.
  2. tokyojoe


  3. tokyojoe

    Cat Pics

    How is the other cat (is it Art?) getting on with the new arrival?
  4. tokyojoe


    The've got to fucking go.
  5. tokyojoe

    Leicester (H) 5/10/19 - Premier League

    I'm up for a spare for this if anything going, cheers. If so need to know ASAP as I have to sort travel out.
  6. tokyojoe

    The world of a woman.

    Despite being an intelligent and educated woman Her Indoors has managed to get herself engrossed in some crap S*n reader schedule filler about dancing.
  7. tokyojoe


    Great news Barry. Her indoors has just learnt she is in full remission from lymphoma. Just shows this bastard disease can and will be beaten.
  8. tokyojoe

    Viz Top Tips.

    Haven't got the picture but one was: IS YOUR HOUSE ON FIRE? CALL US TODAY. THE FIRE BRIGADE DIAL 999
  9. tokyojoe

    Stig should also be banned

    Cheeky cunt.
  10. tokyojoe

    Thomas Cook on the verge of collapse

    Hmmm. Only banks normally get that.
  11. tokyojoe

    Stig should also be banned

    Stig did take the piss out out of me for trying to climb over a fence. Forgive and forget. Have a good day mate.
  12. tokyojoe

    The Local News Thread

    Eddie Waring will be turning in his grave.
  13. tokyojoe

    Mugabe Dead

    Which would buy you a loaf of bread. Don't wait till tomorrow though, price will have gone up at least 50%.
  14. tokyojoe

    Marvin Gaye

    The best album ever made. The best album that ever will be made. By anyone.
  15. tokyojoe

    Shit things people do on their hols.

    He's missing his old bos. Leave the lad alone.