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  1. tokyojoe

    TLW Deathpool 2021

    Fixed it for you.
  2. tokyojoe

    Happy Birthday Rico

    Have a good'un mate.
  3. tokyojoe

    Israel - A Rant

    You two should have your own forum.
  4. tokyojoe

    Fascinating Liverpool pictures

    Fucking beans?
  5. tokyojoe

    Liverpool 2 Aston Villa 1 (Apr 10 2021)

    'May as well not bother watching it live anymore and just watch the highlights later'. My feelings exactly Dave. All the spontaneity of the celebration has gone.
  6. tokyojoe

    Prince Philip...

    Far more appropriate than the endless bollocks we've had to put up with here.
  7. tokyojoe

    Prince Philip...

    Wonder why that was? What a fucking embarrassment.
  8. tokyojoe


    I wouldn't do that. Just tell them their Royal Protection is ending. You've got 48 hours.
  9. tokyojoe

    Prince Philip...

    This will get infinitely more news coverage than 9/11 got. Still, only 3,000 innocent hardworking people murdered that day so the're not as important.
  10. tokyojoe

    Prince Philip...

    Brazilian rainforest cut down 10 x faster than usual for the Daily Mail.
  11. tokyojoe

    Prince Philip...

    Just called someone in Ireland. Being greeted with great hilariity there. I'm going out for my walk (exercise) shortly. I swear if I see someone with a black armband I will fucking kill them.
  12. tokyojoe

    Prince Philip...

    This will of course be all our fault.
  13. tokyojoe

    Prince Philip...

    Commentator already selected for the funeral.
  14. tokyojoe


    Poor Sharon and Maya. Don't forget to curtsy. Thick arse licking bints.
  15. tokyojoe

    Prince Philip...

    This will be fucking grim. Has the f******* all been called off yet? Suppose they won't have to worry about those naughty scousers taking the piss during the silence so it may go ahead.