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  1. tokyojoe

    The Who at Woodstock

    Woodstock was a defining moment in music history. The level of talent there is impossible to replicate. FFS Joni Mitchell was pissed off she didn't perform.
  2. tokyojoe

    The Railways

    TYpo. I meant locked in. Fucking pervert.
  3. tokyojoe

    The Railways

    Be careful with South West trains. I nearly got logged in the bog on the way home from Southampton.
  4. tokyojoe

    The world of a woman.

    They have absolutely no concept of time. We were supposed to be going out at 11am to do a bit of shopping and then go for lunch. 1.10pm and we're still at home. Any decent eating places will be full.
  5. tokyojoe

    The world of a woman.

    Her Indoors had to go out tonight to pick her family up for a Pub quiz night. No time specified. Anyway she dozed off, woke up and went into panic mode. Apparently all my fault.
  6. tokyojoe

    The world of a woman.

    Why are people like that allowed to have kids?
  7. tokyojoe

    Belated birthday wishes, dave u

    Happy Birthday mate.
  8. tokyojoe

    The world of a woman.

    You know the answer to that mate. We (men) all do.
  9. tokyojoe

    Idiots in good jobs

    I have worked with four people on and off who became Knights of the Realm. With one exception they were fucking useless. Just got lucky and fell into the right place.
  10. tokyojoe


  11. tokyojoe


    What a waste of fucking money.
  12. tokyojoe


    Keep going mate. We all want everything to work out OK for you.
  13. tokyojoe


    Just learnt that the son of a friend of a friend died last week from this fucking disease. 16 years old. Fucking 16.