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  1. tokyojoe

    Alcohol consumption during lockdown

    Hardly touched it despite plenty of booze in the house. I may have the occasional can but that's it really. A can of Abbot Ale may go down well later tonight but no intention at all of getting bladdered.
  2. Just down the pub. Got plenty of booze in the house so I'm not desparate though, just pissed off being indoors. On the plus side with all this I chose a good time to break my hip. Could't do fuck all anyway.
  3. tokyojoe

    Frank Zappa

  4. tokyojoe

    Facemasks, PPE and Preppy Thread

    It was a nurse who told me.
  5. tokyojoe

    Facemasks, PPE and Preppy Thread

    Those N95 masks only last about an hour.
  6. tokyojoe

    The world of a woman.

    Her Indoors seems to be convinced that if she watches wall to wall news coverage, 24 hours per day of this coca cola virus or whatever the fuck it's called she'll be immune.
  7. Who's that cunt in the corner reading the S*n?
  8. tokyojoe

    Cat Pics

    Looks like she's changing colour. You could call her Chameleon. Either that or your camera's fucked.
  9. tokyojoe

    Getting Old

    Not yet!
  10. tokyojoe

    Getting Old

    Just had a new passport photo. Talk about grim. Looks like I've done a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson.
  11. tokyojoe

    Getting Old

    Over 60 and prescriptions are free. Saved me a fucking fortune as I've had to have regular bandaging for an ulcerated leg. Nothing to do with breaking the hip last year. Was a bit of a downer though. I went to get the first prescription and I offered this fit bird behind the chemist's counter some pkastic to pay and she says, oh we don't need that, you're over 60. Mixed emotions there.