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  1. tokyojoe

    Saudi Arabia

    Bits and Pieces - Dave Clark Five.
  2. tokyojoe

    Happy Birthday Liverpool Lad

    Hapy Birthday Mark, have a good'un.
  3. tokyojoe

    TLW Deadpool 2018

    Paul Allen, co founder of Microsoft dies aged 65.
  4. tokyojoe


    They just take the fucking piss don't they?
  5. tokyojoe


    Another session of Mr Wobbly hides his helmet has taken place again I see. Another massive waste of (our) money on it's way.
  6. tokyojoe


    Another shitload of cash down the pan. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-45746452
  7. tokyojoe


    It's not the 'rich' who celebrate mate. It's the deluded twats who read the S** and the Wail and similar.
  8. tokyojoe

    IPCC Report

    You should have kept your kecks on.
  9. tokyojoe


    Pity they can't offer it all the year round. Anyway, who is this pointless bint?
  10. tokyojoe


    That's quite difficult for them.
  11. tokyojoe

    Travel/city advice

    If you want to do the romantic bit Paris still takes some beating. Otherwise Bogner it is.
  12. tokyojoe

    The world of a woman.

    Unknown to me Her Indoors had decided to rearrange things in the kitchen to ‘put things in a logical place’. We all (men) know what that means. Can’t find a fucking thing.
  13. tokyojoe

    The world of a woman.

    Their ability to over complicate things is really quite phenomenal Her Indoors Mum is having a significant birthday bash over at her other daughters place. This involved transporting a few carrier bags and a couple of boxes of beer about 30 yards. Yes, yards not mile So what happens? Her sister has to get the bloody car out to pick things up and you know who has to load it. Same person had to walk over the road and unload the bloody thing after the car had reached its destination. At the same time I just carried another bag over. To be fair to HI she did agree that walking it was easiest. Anyway after all that there are still two boxes of beer and another carrier bag with wine in it. I suppose I will just carry it over in the morning unless her sister has planned on chartering a 747 freighter.