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  1. tokyojoe

    Your Greatest Contribution to TLW?

  2. tokyojoe

    Cat Pics

    Sorry about Art Mark. I'd go for C. They are bloody strong animals and they have an ability to sort themselves out. All the best Art.
  3. tokyojoe

    Christmas Adverts

    I am utterly sick of the whole Christmas thing and have been for as I log as I can remember
  4. tokyojoe

    The world of a woman.

    She's just yelled upstairs to me 'how many fish fingers do you want?' Now I can hear her moaning about something else. This one is gonna last.
  5. tokyojoe

    The world of a woman.

    I really haven't got fucking clue what goes on inside their heads. Me and Her Indoors haven't been speaking for a couple of days over something utterly trivial. Anyway she calls me over and says 'try this on'. It's a new winter jacket that she has just bought for me out of the blue that is ideal. I say lovely thanks, thank you. She's still not talking to me.
  6. tokyojoe

    The world of a woman.

    That's it though isn't it? They always assume you know everything that you haven't been told about.
  7. tokyojoe

    Never mind the bollocks

    No one was overated as much as fucking Queen.
  8. tokyojoe

    Hey Champ!

    Have a good one Cath.
  9. tokyojoe

    Happy Birthday Liverpool Lad

    Have a good one Mark. Trust that has summed it up for you.
  10. tokyojoe


  11. tokyojoe

    Cat Pics

    How is the other cat (is it Art?) getting on with the new arrival?
  12. tokyojoe


    The've got to fucking go.