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  2. Vincent Vega

    Father Ted

  3. Vincent Vega

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I think your avatar said it best mate.
  4. 1. Whitney Houston becomes a crack whore. 2. Frank Bough is revealed to be a sex dungeon dweller. 3. Marti Pellow of boy band Wet Wet Wet and Dave Gahan of 80’s boy band Depeche Mode become smackheads. 4. Gerald Sinstadt gets caught knocking one out in a sex cinema. 5. Martin Edwards of Manchester United fame is caught peeking under the doors of the ladies bogs. Any more pop pickers? (I’m assuming Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris weren’t that much of a shock to most of us.)
  5. Vincent Vega

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    I think Gini is going to stay, unless he has a move to one of Spain’s big two I don’t see why he’d even contemplate leaving. I think we will shift Keita, probably for around the same money that is being talked about for Thiago Alcontâra. His stock is probably still high in Germany so maybe he’ll go back to Leipzig or on to Dortmund?
  6. Vincent Vega

    Pubs Re-Opening

  7. Vincent Vega

    Pubs Re-Opening

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    Indeed. We’ll be in the same mess as the States in 6 weeks time. What a time to be alive.
  10. Vincent Vega


    This hiding of the pillar 2 testing is a fucking outrage. Massive jump in the numbers of people testing positive in Runcorn and Widnes now the actual data has been released, no doubt this will be the same for large parts of England. It’s only going to get worse with everything opening up from tomorrow, especially the booozers.
  11. Vincent Vega

    Nike deal

    I quite liked the look of those trackie tops but then saw this. Couldn’t agree more with the sentiment of this Tweet. If the backs of those trackies were plane, I’d be all in on getting one.
  12. We used to go on unbeaten runs all the time in the second half of the season when we completely out of the title running and all the expectation had gone. Once the pressure of a title challenge was off, the players were able to put a run together. It will be a different story next season when the games are coming thick and fast in the autumn and their fans have allowed themselves to get carried away by a strong finish to this season and the expectation that will bring. I expect them to improve, but I’d be surprised if they finish next season within 12 points of us and City.
  13. Vincent Vega


    I know all of this chaps, it was more wishful thinking.