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  1. Vincent Vega

    Mohamed Salah

    He must be worth a few quid to us commercially as well. He’s one of those amazing players who are good enough to attract those idiots who follow players ahead of teams. As a Moslem with amazing talent, playing in the most followed league in the world, he must attract hundreds of thousands of fans in the Moslem world to select Liverpool as their English club of choice. He’s such a good lad who lives his life as a professional should, he even gets the respect of other English football fans. It’s a complete no brainer to get him signed up, I’m sure FSG know that and I suspect they are waiting for an opportune moment to get it done and then bask in the glory. I also think Mo believes his best option is to stay with us, as he’s absolutely loved and is playing at the highest level and competing for the top prizes.
  2. Vincent Vega

    Can Martin Samuel get any lower?

    Football 365 Media Watch have absolutely taken his piece apart. https://www.football365.com/news/newcastle-united-takeover-racist-mediawatch Object to the Newcastle United takeover? You’re a racist… Date published: Friday 22nd October 2021 11:43 - Editor F365 The Newcastle United takeover objections stem from racism, according to Martin Samuel of the Mail… There is a very quick four-word answer to Martin Samuel’s question ‘Why is Saudi money worse than cash from a bunch of white guys in America?’ in the Daily Mail… ‘Because of the killings.’ …but such a ludicrous question – asked several times over a long article liberally littered with whataboutery – deserves a much longer answer. But keep in mind ‘because of the killings’ because that is important. It starts here: It’s a strong start in which Samuel has immediately compared one thing with something else entirely different. Don’t just trust us, listen to Kate Allen, Director of Amnesty International UK, who literally said the cases of Newcastle and Sheffield United were “very different”. And why are they “very different”? Because the Newcastle deal basically gives ownership to the sovereign wealth fund of the Saudi state – which has a terrible human rights record – while Prince Abdullah is a private businessman who has a masters in engineering and is largely concerned with the manufacture of paper products. The Wikipedia page of new Newcastle owner Mohammed bin Salman reads thus: Now take a look at the Wikpedia page of Sheffield United owner Abdullah bin Musaid Al Saud: Does it sound like Prince Abdullah – one of many thousands of members of the royal family in Saudi Arabia – is exactly the same as Mohammed bin Salman? We’re now over 400 words into Mediawatch and we have only covered the headline and opening line of Samuel’s piece so we may have to skip along a little quicker. No, Saudis not linked to the systematic repression and killing of human rights activists, dissidents and journalists, they can handle. Now this is fair comment, though taking money from the Saudi Arabian government is definitely further down the list of crimes against humanity than being entirely owned by the Saudi Arabian government. And the fact that nobody really knew about that Manchester United deal before the whataboutery began in earnest last week proves that this particular attempt at sportswashing has been really quite unsuccessful. Not fine, no, but considerably more ‘fine’ than being owned by a country that has a horrendous record in human rights. Because of the killings. Well, they didn’t meet to discuss how to place limitations on Newcastle, did they? They had a call with the Premier League at which Richard Masters explained their decision to wave through the takeover. As Craig Hope and Mike Keegan wrote in the Daily Mail itself: ‘There were raised eyebrows that Newcastle had not been invited onto the call, although the point was made that an open conversation would have been difficult had they been present.’ Now this is excellent. Is Samuel really claiming that any fuss about Newcastle United’s takeover comes from ‘racism’ and that Kick It Out should be more concerned about prejudice towards murderous regimes than the cultural appropriation of the Geordie fans? But Samuel has form here; he once wrote that John Terry calling Anton Ferdinand a ‘f***ing black c***’ was ‘ultimately meaningless’ because it was made for private consumption. So if you ever want a definition for harmful racism, ask this particular middle-aged white man. Because of the killings. Yes, that is exactly what happened, Martin. And they definitely were not two of nine clubs punished by UEFA on exactly the same day in May 2014 for similar breaches of FFP. Not even sure where to start with this, but a white man telling Kick It Out how to fight racism is really not a great look. Especially when that white man thinks vile racist abuse – when just between two men – is ‘ultimately meaningless’. Samuel then goes down a long, long road – via Uber and Deliveroo – to argue that Newcastle United’s new owners should be able to put whatever value they choose on the sponsorship of the shirts. It’s bollocks but we have run out of steam now so we will ignore that particular bollocks and concentrate on the final paragraphs: They don’t ‘instinctively treat them like crooks’, they instinctively treat them like human rights abusers using the purchase of a Premier League club to sportswash their crimes. Because of the killings.
  3. Vincent Vega

    Mohamed Salah

  4. Vincent Vega


    Government plans leaked.
  5. Vincent Vega


    The hopeless bastards are back in March 2020 mode.
  6. Vincent Vega

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    “We all shit in the bed and rolled in it” - hahaha.
  7. Vincent Vega

    Dua Lipa

  8. Vincent Vega

    The GF's Favourite Ever Song - Nominations

    Just realised that All The Young Dudes by Mott The Hoople should win this tournament and I didn’t even nominate it in my top three.
  9. I posted this a year earlier than I should have done, but I didn’t anticipate the shitfest that football behind closed doors was, and had no idea we would end up playing with our reserve reserves at centre back. Anyway, every word I posted back then is relevant now.
  10. Vincent Vega

    Total Recall

    I have no idea why a film made in 1990 needed to be remade, especially considering the original was such a bona fide classic in the eyes of us simpletons who love gratuitous Paul Verhoeven classics. But anyway, I have decided to watch the 2012 remake on Film 4 and unbelievably it’s actually worse than I imagined. I mean just look at the acting here: