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  1. Vincent Vega

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    I think many fans had been willing to give the owners the benefit of the doubt, but they’ve absolutely burned their bridges with this. They’re going to be less popular than the Glazers’ now. They have done their best to drag the club’s reputation through the mud and it’s not the first time. That legacy fans thing will haunt them for as long as they’re here. We’re probably stuck with them for the foreseeable as well.
  2. Vincent Vega

    Super League Poll

    It won’t happen, it’s just a power play to give the richest clubs more of a say (and more of the money) over the running of European competition, and for the PL clubs to pressure the rest of the PL to do likewise in terms of the PL. It will probably work as well because you could see Steve Parish thinking fuck that when Neville was saying the other PL clubs should kick these six out. He knows where his bread is buttered and that other the 14 clubs in the PL ride on the popularity of Liverpool, the Mancs and Arsenal.
  3. Vincent Vega

    Boris Johnson

  4. Vincent Vega

    Working from home excuses

    Internet problems wouldn’t work would it? Our place would just tell you to connect to your phone and use 4G.
  5. Vincent Vega

    Next Tournament Ideas

    You’ve got all the legwork to do, so it’s up to you Stig, but I will struggle to narrow it down to 5 for the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Some really great films will end up missing out.
  6. Vincent Vega


    Lorraine Pascale is 48 so definitely qualifies as a milf.
  7. Vincent Vega

    Next Tournament Ideas

    As this tournament was my suggestion I fully approve. I think we should be able to nominate 10 for each decade though as otherwise I suspect most people’s top 5’s would be pretty similar.