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    A mate of mine lost his mother a few months ago, he's a functioning alky with a well paid, responsible job, 2 kids whom he sees on weekends. My mate lives probably about 20 miles away, by himself, in a rented bungalow in a small village in the middle of nowhere. About 4 months ago my mate got done for drink driving. No-one got hurt or killed but he was massively over the limit and he had zero reason to drive other than he was a drunken dickhead. My mate was convicted and sentenced a couple of weeks ago; licence disqualified for 18 months, suspended jail sentence. He was fucking lucky imo. Amazingly his long term employer stood by him, he hasn't lost his job, they've sorted him out an electric bike and computer system to allow him to work from home whenever possible. For several months now this mate has threatened to kill himself. I'm part of a WhatsApp group that this mate is in, along with a load of other mates (most of whom know this lad far better than I do), and at 8pm tonight he posts a pic of a load of empty tablet strips, suggesting that he's taken an overdose. I posted a message to the other lads asking them if anybody knew his address and if they did then to phone for an ambulance immediately. Nobody knew it. I phoned my brother (who'd dropped this lad off at home a few times before) but all he could tell me was, "the bungalow to the left of the pub which is at the top of the hill in xxx village" I figured there wouldn't be many pubs in the village and a Google search revealed only 5, one of which is called The Hilltop. I phoned the ambulance service on 999 and this was enough and they were on their way. One of the other lads, who lives in Somerset, also phoned the police. They also had an address for him (2 addresses in fact, but 1 of which matched the address I'd given the emergency services) and they contacted Durham police to send somebody too. My mate sent a picture to the WhatsApp group about an hour ago; he's on a hospital bed, looks like he's pissed himself but he's alive. I'm equal parts ecstatic, relieved and angry as fuck. Angry because my own mother died only a month ago, I've only just been discharged from hospital myself, I'm exhausted by this covid and I was about to go to bed when I flicked through my messages to see if there was anything outstanding. I'm so glad I did. I really have no idea what awaits my mate at this stage, because he lives alone in isolation, with the only support available being us via a flipping WhatsApp group, I imagine that if he's discharged and he's free to return home, then it's only a matter of time before he tries to take his life again. Maybe next time he'll succeed. I'm extremely fucked off, relieved, a little shaken, and fucking knackered. I hope the daft bastard is ok.
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    The problem with the anti vaccination thing is that it rarely if ever comes from a sane position that can be reasoned with. You could sit these people down with boffins for a presentation and they'd still believe they were lying. This is the untold damage the likes of Trump, YouTube wankers and grifters have done to society. I don't remember anyone not having their BCG when I was in school, and if their parents claimed they suspected it was being used to implant a homing beacon in their kid's arm, social workers and mental health professionals would have rightfully been called forthwith. This is how far we've fallen, we quite frankly indulge, tolerate and even encourage far too much of this shit from dickheads, attention seekers and morons.
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    Great post. I have a mate who has turned into one of these dickheads. He really pissed me off over the last few weeks. He likes a drink and his favourite tipple is Heineken, so I've started commenting on every one of his photos where he is drinking one with "Heineken causes Penis Shrinkage", and backing up my statement with the assertion that you don't need any evidence these days. If he and people like him can say what they want about Covid19 and vaccines without evidence, then I can reverse that play and say "Heineken Causes Penis Shrinkage" with the aim of getting into his and others' thick heads.
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    It wouldn’t be compulsory, but you’d lose the right to certain things by not having it. Like you don’t need a driving licence to drive on your own land, but to use the roads you need to have passed the relevant test. That’s not controversial.
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    Cheers Cath and Dec, that means a lot. Suddenly feeling well and having clear lungs as a baseline is very strange after a lifetime, but truly incredible. I could feel the meds working within literally an hour, haven't coughed once since the day after I got them 7 weeks ago - it made my mum well up when I saw her as she's so used to me doing so constantly - and started Couch To 5k last week, which was seriously painful but previously unthinkable. The whole thing is mental, even more so for coming in the middle of Covid, having been locked down on my own for much of the year. To see how happy it's made family and friends even during a shitty time all round has been life-affirming.
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    County Donegal, way up on the North West. I'm biased but it's a really beautiful county. We have some derelict buildings on the site that we'll demolish and use as stones for a brick wall for the front boundary of the site.
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    I don't think it should be made compulsory, as in forcibly jabbing someone (jokes aside) but pubs, airports etc and possibly even schools have every right to treat you as a potential health risk if you've not had one.
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    You really do come across as representing the gobshite element of our support.
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    Except they haven’t. Minamino was an impulse purchase because of his release clause. VVD had burnt his bridges at Southampton and both clubs just wanted it done as a premium. When we did really need backup in Roggo’s potential title season they wouldn’t cough up.
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    Klopps the best thing to happen to us since we signed Kenny.
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    You are incredibly stupid, and a self righteous, passive-aggressive bellend to boot. Despite your towering academic accomplishment in getting a degree in Ecology, you've been massively wrong at every stage of this. Your attempts to invoke 'civil liberties' re vaccination are as laughable as your initial assertions about the response to the virus being 'embarrassing' or your weaselling about a second wave. A second wave fully defined by your own chosen criteria, I should add. A definition which you never thought would be met, and yet one which you couldn't being yourself to acknowledge. I genuinely hate you for continually popping up in this thread and spouting your bullshit while people on here and their relatives are suffering. Your reckless behaviour in going abroad, your bitching about wearing a mask while shopping (ffs) and now you're complaining about a fucking vaccination. What's the matter with you?
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    They're always slagging him off, but they can fuck off too. Johnson and Cameron were spawned by the system the likes of Heseltine spent their lives protecting and propagating, Eton, backscratching, all that bollocks. The only difference now is Johnson has taken a massive shit on something he values, therefore it's time to open one's mouth. All these cunts are silent though when bedroom tax and food banks and the likes are on the agenda. They're all cunts, past and present.
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    I'm fucking sick of the sight of this cunt. Ever since he let the worst kept secret out, it seems like hardly an hour goes by where his fucking face isn't infesting my telly.
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    Just bought a small site in rural Ireland, we can't wait to begin the house planning. Couldn't go too far off grid because we have the kids in school, but it's in the countryside on a road that is only shared by one other house. We monitored the traffic over the space of 18 hours one day and there was only one tractor passed the entire time. The only sounds you can hear are the animals and wildlife in the adjoining fields that stretch for kilometers north, south, east and west. Views over a huge lough and on out over the Atlantic Ocean.
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    My dog is an utter nobhead. He see's me leaving the bed for whatever reason as his opportunity to steal my spot. Then literally sits looking at me as if to say "What? This is my house too. Deal with it" Bellend.
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    Reminds me of the old Asimov quote: The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."
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    Yes Rhys got done for pace but the way Alisson get into position and adjusts his feet to make the save is top class.
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    We woke up to a thick covering of snow this morning. Monty has only ever seen a light dusting before and didn't know what to make of it. Two steps out of the door and he was excited beyond belief and had an amazing time at the park. We were there so early that there was hardly anyone else about. Bliss.
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    Of all the terrible things you've had thrust upon you lately, something like this is the last thing you need and yet there you are putting somebody else first. You're a good man C.D.
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    Fucking awful that, CD. I've been through something similar with one of my best mates who has made a few suicide attempts in the last couple of years. (In truth, they've been fairly half-hearted attempts, but if he tries again his already-damaged internal organs might just decide they can't take any more of his shit.) It messes with your head massively to find yourself simultaneously worried, sympathetic and angry. I hope you've got someone non-judgemental that you can talk to to unburden all your feelings.
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    He is not disagreeing with that. How the hell did I become Creators interpreter??
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    Bayern wanted to sign him a few years ago. They could have fielded a team that included Botman and Robben.