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  1. the chimp


    Big hugs and much love Mike. Thinking of you and your pop, buddy.
  2. the chimp

    Black Sabbath

    Ozzie rather than Sabbath, but a boss story from Dana Strum and something I never knew.
  3. the chimp

    Dog Pics

    I thought I'd posted but apparently not. So sorry to read this mate. I'm guessing that everyone who posts in here and a number of those who visit this particular topic can appreciate or at least imagine how tough this must have been. Thoughts with you buddy and big hugs.
  4. the chimp

    Nike deal

    A great bunch of lads,
  5. the chimp

    Euro 2020(21)

    Thinking about home, and all that that means A place in Barlinnie for Druncan and thee?
  6. the chimp

    Anyone on here play the saxophone?

    Agree with all of that. I really like the sax in this though...
  7. the chimp

    The 96

    I'm genuinely sickened by this. That no one will give a fuck and there will be no recourse is equally galling.
  8. the chimp

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    I really enjoyed this below and thought what's suggested - from my own perspective at least - would have made the ending so much better, and given what had been such a fantastic series generally, the ending it really deserved.
  9. the chimp

    FAO stevebaby

    Once all returns to some form of normalcy, perhaps those of us who can, should ensure we organise a get together at the Rocks and have a few scoops in honour of the great man.
  10. the chimp

    Bird fancying amnesty thread

    She'll be disappointed when she looks back on that/you need a bit of that. Obviously depending on how depraved you are - which given this forum is a fucking scary thought.