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  1. the chimp


  2. the chimp

    Dog Pics

    Cheers for the kind words from Winston. He's been for a walk and is relaxing watching all the celebrations from back home.
  3. the chimp


    I have a lot of affection for @KMD7 so I was genuinely worried opening this. Great news and a big thanks @Toxteth O'Grady for letting us know. I'd be more than happy to send some money on.
  4. the chimp

    Best bit part characters in a TV show?

    Bobby Singer from Supernatural Legend.
  5. the chimp

    Dog Pics

    Winston. 11 week old Amstaff and just fucking boss.
  6. the chimp


    Please PM me Paul if you ever need to chat. As I've said to another sound lad off here, given the time difference I'm always up when it's dark there and things might be lonely. Glad the new medicine helped, but very sorry to hear you've been through the mill mate.
  7. the chimp

    Best British Actor of All Time

    Academy award winning (best actor) Scouser, sexy Rexy.
  8. the chimp


    When all is back to normal, I'm going to head to Melbourne mate - and try and see if I can time it so Nath is there too. We'll have a good day on the lash and hopefully celebrate the other code in the other hemisphere too.
  9. the chimp

    Adidas Trainers

    Ooooh they are lovely! I've got an old pair of TRX in the same colour ('McVicars'). I'd love a new pair of them but can't justify the cost. These could do very nicely instead.
  10. the chimp

    The Seventies

  11. the chimp

    Best Power Ballads

    This is beautiful. Bruce live in London '75. As an aside, lovely to see so many on here. Hope you and yours are all well. Best wishes and stay safe, Chimp.