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  1. cochyn

    Russia v Ukraine

    I'm sure their leader's 'SS' tattoos are just his wee tribute to Mike Read's Saturday Superstore, which he enjoyed watching on TV a child.
  2. cochyn

    Russia v Ukraine

    Yes, it's proper fog of war stuff the numbers of 300/ 200s recorded by the RFA. I say recorded, there's ample evidence to show they simply refuse to recover their dead or wounded and therefore just register them as MIA: It dukes the stats and saves them the compo owed to the fallens' families. We may never know for sure. But I suspect some enterprising journo like Bellingcat could get to the bottom of it by bribing russian mobile phone carriers to divulge the numbers of sim cards that became inactive/ lapsed since February 24th (much like China's 'true' death toll was estimated during Covid). There's always a way.
  3. cochyn

    Russia v Ukraine

    Fucking pinko leftie commie rag.
  4. cochyn

    Russia v Ukraine

    Ukraine's Minster of Defense's latest speech Looks like the world will have to buckle in for the long-haul: Oleksii Reznikov at the EU Foreign Affairs Council on the level of Defense Ministers with the participation of the NATO Secretary General | Міноборони (mil.gov.ua) So depressing. The longer this rabble is allowed to devastate Ukraine the greater the rest of the world suffer too as the ramifications ripple out. The Russians gangsters are determined to drag the world down to their level of fear, hatred and depravity. We simply cannot let up and allow them to prevail. They are a cancer on the world.
  5. Mitre Deltas - difficult to swerve since 1983. If that was an, adidas Tango, both of Diaz's curled shots are postage stamps. And I'd have slightly less white hairs as a result.
  6. cochyn

    Russia v Ukraine

    One thing that's come out of this is how toothless the UN is in actuality. Specifically the UN security Council. With Russia's veto they can't propose any meaningful mechanism to do what they were set up to do, in Ukraine. Hence we're left with the real prospect of the war going into an attritional phase with both sides dug in and scrapping like it's 1916. The obvious answer is to expel Russia from the UNSC but that's fairyland thinking (though they have been replaced on the UN Human rights Council by Czechia - so that's a start I guess). Been watching the 1420 vlogs on YT - some lad interviewing 'the people on the streets' of Moscow about their thoughts on the war. In amongst the kool-aid drinkers who just toe the line there's some brave fuckers giving it their all against the war. The comments from Russian YT users is telling though: The prospects for the next generations of Russians are not looking good at all. Getting their futures destroyed by their state and the generation above them for some redundant irredentist ideology. Sad.
  7. cochyn


    Hi mate. I caught the bastard the other week while on holiday. Laid out proper for three days and felt shit for two weeks after. Still getting the tiredness (but that's ebbing away). Going to go out on the bike this aft before the unmentionable and see how it's affected my lung capacity. I'm hoping the jolt to my CV system will get things moving again. But yeah, the aftereffects do seem prolonged. Hope you feel better soon.
  8. cochyn

    Led Zeppelin Thread

    I'm sure he said somewhere it was going to be a regular thing, like when Cillian Murphy did his shows (which were ace). Percy did Desert Island Disks too recently, well worth a listen.
  9. cochyn

    This is Spinal Tap for £2.99

    Spinal Tarp
  10. cochyn

    Russia v Ukraine

    Looks like the Ukrainians baited them and than walloped them with that river crossing.. Tom was concerned about.. Tally ho!
  11. cochyn

    Russia v Ukraine

    Whatever happens, you can guaran-fucking-tee the Azovstal plant will be a map in the next Call of Duty game. The Chairborne Division will be all over it like white on rice.
  12. cochyn

    Russia v Ukraine

    Sheesh, what's a bit of starvation after they've murdered, raped and looted their way through the country? These cunts need cunting right in the bastard.
  13. cochyn

    Russia v Ukraine

    Saw a graphic on reddit the other day with bar charts comparing (admittedly slightly speculative) Russian and Ukrainian losses. The gist of it was: Russia's getting leathered - but at a cost. I'll try and dig it out.
  14. cochyn

    Russia v Ukraine

    Either he's lying through his arse, or he's being flannelled by his military 'advisors'. Or both. Definitely both.
  15. cochyn

    Russia v Ukraine

    Probably the only one in his unit who knew how to use an indoor toilet. Them posh types always get a leg up the ranks.