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  1. cochyn

    It’s Champ’s birthday today!

    No way! We drove past the queue to Betty's this morning. Hope you were safely enscone-ced within!
  2. cochyn

    It’s Champ’s birthday today!

    Weekend birthdays are boss. Hope you've had a fab day in't Yockshire!
  3. cochyn

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Everyone just needs to man the fuck up and crack on.
  4. cochyn


    Picked up this little cracker on our recent hols to Portland: https://www.eastsidedistilling.com/burnside-oregon-oaked-bourbon/ If you;re ever out that way, or passing through. Pick one up (it was $30 a bottle). It's probably the best bourbon I've ever tasted.
  5. cochyn

    Best 3 film run for an actor/director

    Matthew McConaughey's renaissance started well: Dallas Buyers Club Wolf of Wall Street Interstellar
  6. cochyn

    Violence Against Burglars

    Most new builds are equipped with shitty eurolocks which can be hollowed out with a battery-powered drill. Anyway, should anyone want to know the law of the land should they be confronted with a burglar. https://thesecretbarrister.com/2018/04/05/bashing-burglars-and-the-law-of-self-defence/
  7. cochyn

    Liverpool 3 PSG 2 (Sep 18 2018)

    Spot on that report. Thought we were a bit hesitant in front of goal for much of the game allowing the opp's defence to swarm on us in the box (much like we were in the first 20 minutes against Real in the final). Do we get stage fright against these vaunted 'big sides' when we find ourselves carving them open? We shouldn't, we're clearly a side.
  8. cochyn

    Anyone been to Budapest?

    Go. Last time we were there we dined like royalty in some of its finest restaurants for about £30-40. Food was decent but not knockout. Good hearty fare generally served with gusto - and cheap beer - they proper like to eat & drink out there. Gelert Spa is amazing - stay in the hotel and you'll have it to yourself. The opera is worth it - though the very Hungarian (apparently) tradition of applauding every song will grate after the third hour.
  9. cochyn

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Ready Player One - Typical Spielberg romp with all the usual semi-autobiographical tropes: Abusive paternal figure, downtrodden mom, neglected kid escapes unto a make-believe world to find his self. OTT Spielberg by numbers and Mark Rylance is criminally miscast. Quite fun though. 4.82/10. Justice League - First ever DC/ Marvel type reboot I've seen. Pretty decent despite my scepticism for super-hero films. Gal Gadot though. Crikey... 6.44/10 Get Out - Could have been a bit shit, given the shlocky horror-sci-fi premise. But really well-done and some of the acting is top-notch. 7.82/10 Blade Runner 2049 - Second time around for me: Just too noir throughout and the dialogue in places lets it down. Still a beast of a film on the eyes and ears though. 7.68/10.
  10. cochyn


    I used to have a dabble and chill to music, which is heavenly. Can't fucked with it anymore as I am a massive control freak.. Some of my old mates who were regulars with it got on my tits after a bit: It's the whole superiority complex they assume around weed culture because they still think they're being a bit 'iconoclastic' and aloof from the 'straight-heads'. All the while, they are tedious to a man and none of them are quite meeting their lofty ideals.
  11. cochyn

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Finally got around to watching Downfall (2004) yesterday. Holy shit, what a film. The acting is superb throughout and they nailed the claustrophobia of the situation. Magda Goebbels seeing of her kids has to be one of the most harrowing scenes you'll see in anything. You do need to know a bit about who's who and what they did to fully appreciate the film I think. So for that I'd give it 9.15/10.
  12. cochyn

    Squeezing into a Thai boys hole.

    Did they get their ball though? Fuck potholing though - my worst nightmare that.
  13. cochyn

    Buying a house

    If it's any help, when we were looking there was precious little difference in price between houses that were basically knackered old doss-houses and those that were sorted - say 5-10% difference tops on the asking price. Find one you can live in straight off rather than one that's a bomb-site. It'll work out about £50-100 a month on your mortgage. Which will save you a load of grief. You need to live in a house for a year before knowing what improvements are actually needed.
  14. cochyn

    Most Demeaning Job Title Ever

    Worst 'I'm teaching at Cambridge Uni' boast ever... 3/10. Now if you were doing that at London Met, you'd be talking.