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  1. cochyn


    I really hope so mate. And not to be pendantic:,But we had the recipes for h bombs and jets in the 1920’s. We know sweet Fanny Craddock about how to vaccinate against CV. A workable vaccine using genome manipulation will be genuinely next level science.
  2. cochyn


    A vaccine for human coronavirus? That'll be a first. A miracle, even.
  3. cochyn

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Schindler’s List. Was hanging Sunday so decided to have a slump in front of a long film I’d not seen before. It’s undoubtedly a cultural landmark and one that describes humanity in the modern era more vividly than almost any other artwork. It’s prescient given we now -again- live in times where our politics and media hammer wedges into the the perceived differences between us all to drive us further apart. This film shows us where this can end. That said there’s the usual Spielbergian tropes that underpin the narrative in amongst the raw moments. It’s the balance that makes this a great film as well as a parable. 9/10
  4. Cheers mate, and you're right - it is cool as fuck: 380 bhp and it'll do the tip run and hump an IKEA blowout back home no fuss. That photo is on the ferry to Varenna on Lake Como. Drove from Leeds to there and back and it averaged 29.8 mpg. Including many a 'spirited' blatt on the autobahns where I topped out at 161mph with plenty to spare. I bottled it when the front end started to lighten up a bit. But fuck me, it got me after that road trip. I@ve often hankered after a 996/7 C4S but it would mean chopping in the RS4...
  5. I've generally spent 75% of my driving years running and servicing old sheds. I love a good old shed - no fucks given, stress-free motoring and just weigh them in for scrap when the bills get too big Twice I've splashed out on something 'decent'. The first was an Audi coupe quattro, which looked the bollocks and was built like a Panzer tank; it weighed as much as the Queen Mary and was considerably slower - spent more time under it trying to fix it than driving it. Second was a 40th birthday prezzie to myself - an Audi RS4. I absolutely fucking love that car - I'll probably ask to be buried in it: Worst car was some 2000's volvo convertible that would crab around bends if the roof was down. Hateful poncemobile that was.
  6. All car ads these days. Same old tropes: small car = You'll have fun times in a big city with your wacky selection of colourfully dressed mates. Big car = you'll be a square-jawed child-saving hero by taking them out of the city and onto a mysteriously deserted road to camp by a lake. Utter bollocks, whatever you'll chose, you'll be stuck in traffic handcuffed to a long lease that'll punish you financially after some Doris has smashed her car door into your front wing in Asda car park.
  7. cochyn

    The Local News Thread

    Love to know what the 'swift action' entailed...
  8. cochyn

    Stuff you find in the man drawer

    Ancient beer bottle opener with the weird spike thing for piercing pre-ring-pull cans. Origin unknown. Set of earbuds tangled around fucking everything sharp and metallic, whose sole purpose in the modern age is to make a good rummage almost impossible. Tiny scissors. Odd black plastic bits that could be a wine stopper, could be the bits from an old bulb holder. But you keep it 'just in case'. Sand.
  9. cochyn

    Katie Hopkins

    Jon Ronson did a decent interview with her in the Guardian a few years ago asking the same question: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2015/jul/18/katie-hopkins-jon-ronson-interview Playing devil's advocate here: there's no doubt she writes some bilious shite. But people's reactions just makes her double-down on the hate. She and her detractors are caught in a seemingly endless negative spiral where, repeatedly, she seems to be the one most harmed by the fallout.
  10. cochyn

    THE Sopranos thread

    I always thought it was the NY mob (Butch maybe)?. The NJ crew are all but wiped out and as we see when Patsy Parisi's doing his rounds - corporate America is moving in and wiping out the Mom and Pop businesses that is their bread and butter. A hollowed out NJ mafia with declining market share is ripe for decapitation.