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  1. cochyn

    Better Call Saul

    I'm not so sure. Given Saul/ Jimmy's straightened circumstances at the start of BB, I reckon she pulls a switcheroo on him to leave him in the lurch.
  2. The problem is quite simply overpopulation, humanity's rush to a misplaced definition of prosperity and over-reliance on motorised transport. So I do what I can - We're mostly vegetarian, I walk to work and have no kids. Everything else is just an elastoplast. Winds me up how the so-called developed world has effectively outsourced most of its manufacturing industry to China in the last 30 years. And then have the brass balls to crow about how we've reduced emissions in that time and shouldn't the naughty Chinese now clean up their act? But I digress.. I'm not advocating a childless agrarian life, but we should definitely be creating a global, non-profit, carbon-free energy grid as a matter of urgency. And I'd be wanting to see nuclear energy right in the mix. Energy and clean water should be a global right divested of any profit-motive.
  3. cochyn

    The Space Thread

    Even today - 52 years on - the sheer scale and vision of this achievement is astounding. Getting a 3500 tonne thermos flask into space is one thing. Getting the little capsule atop with three astronauts in it to the moon and back safely is still the pinnacle of humanity's quest to explore what we know, in my mind. Truly, awesome.
  4. cochyn

    Katie Hopkins

    GB news will take her in. Honestly, the treasury should hit her and her ilk with a 'shitweasel tax' of 90% that goes straight into funding immigrant training schemes.
  5. cochyn

    Bluetooth ear pods - worth it or not?

    Got them Sony ones too. Sound quality is amazing, but the battery lasts 90 minutes tops before you have to recharge them. Gone back to using my Sony wired ones I got for £40.
  6. Sea fishing. Never done it, never had a desire to. Until we went on a family holiday to Saundersfoot, South Wales in 2012. Under cloudless skies, my brother in law and I fetched up on the fishing boat at 6:00 am, handed our loot to the skipper in exchange for a flimsy rod, some bait and a constant supply of the best bacon butties and strong sugary tea I've ever known. We shared that wee cabin cruiser with three ex-coppers and a hardened angler from Cornwall. On the first run to catch some sprats I landed a 3lb Black Bass. Fuck me. What a start. As we headed to the depths, a pod of dolphins dove and bobbed aside us. Sonar brought promise and the morning's catch of mackerel went well. As we headed out into Tenby Bay The Skipper hoisted some poles off the bow "just for fun" as the six of us on the boat traded tales and north/south Welsh banter. I'd secured myself a handy perch sat on the starboard side, legs on the edge on the boat and my back to the cabin. I drank the tannin tea and smoked rollies whilst chatting shite and watching my rod bow with the next catch..It was a calm and bliss I'd never known. Then all hell broke loose. "we've got one"! shouted the skipper. One of the poles at the bow bent and swayed in anger. "Who wants it"?! Skipper shouted. I volunteered. The next half hour was a total blur as I grabbed the errant pole and wrestled with what I was told would be a bottom feeder, "maybe a 20" catfish". As the action came, this piscine cunt pulled me hither and yon until the skipper yelled "stick the pole in your bollocks and pull like fuck"! Which I did, 15 minutes later, I and my crew-mates had landed a 5-foot Huss. an uglier, meaner fish you never did imagine lurked those depths until we bought it to air. I was fucked, I'd pulled several muscles my shoulder in the process. And then, after regarding this monster's lack of aesthetic or culinary values, three of us lobbed that cunt back into the briny, for it to fuck with another unwary soul. Back on dry land, we barbecued our catch with my dearest loved ones . Whisky eased my knackered shoulder as I and all my beloved laughed at my recounting of our travails and watched the sun set over the bay.
  7. cochyn

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Final)

    Haha. I was out and about last week, wearing my LFC top when some woman walking past me started whispering "it's coming home...". My first reaction was to think "Oh do fuck off". Suprised myself there as I'm usually a live and let live kinda guy. But she got my goat so I'm glad someone else sees the cringe factor behind it. I'm no England fan by any means so the whole wailing and gnashing of teeth that's followed in the media hides a simple central truth: the better team won. and that's all there is to it for me. Everything else is just noise.
  8. cochyn


    Does it also increase the risk of waking up to find Chris De Burgh incantating at the end of your hospital bed?
  9. cochyn


    Absolutely mate. The wet market origin is a red herring (pardon the pun). I’ll wager there’s tens of thousands of wet markets across China where the worst you can hope to catch is salmonella. So why did this mutation of SARS originate in Wuhan? The fucking irony is that Trump’s xenophobia clouded a timely investigation, whereas the more pertinent line of investigation should centre around the US taking advantage of China’s less stringent and ethical laws around biomedical research to do its dirty work in the field of animal to human coronavirus transmission. There’s clearly been an oversight and It’s blown up in their face and in my mind, both superpowers should be on the hook for the whole shebang. America foremost.
  10. cochyn


    Good article here on potential Wuhan lab leak, and the US complicity in wanting to smother any substantive investigation: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/06/the-lab-leak-theory-inside-the-fight-to-uncover-covid-19s-origins Tl:dr: America paid China’s Wuhan labs to conduct research into effectively weaponising SARS. What could possibly go wrong…?
  11. cochyn

    UFO's: do you believe?

    Our future selves are the 'aliens'.
  12. cochyn

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    My own vomit would be a more stable currency than Venezuelan Bolivars.