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  1. cochyn


    Woodford Reserve is my 'cooking bourbon' of choice and has a permanent mooring in my drinks cabinet. Pushed the boat out recently as I don't go out to drink these days. Tried Wild Turkey Longbranch (£40 Tescos) and Michters US*1 (£55, Waitrose). Both are well worth staying in for. The Michters is king, but bang for buck over and above the Woodford, I'd say the Lonbranch is well worth the extra few quid. Also, Twats in the US are currently hoovering up small-batch bourbons by the barrel-load. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Michters US*1 at well over £60 a bottle by Chrimbo.
  2. Don't really listen to either to be honest. If anyone else is undecided, consider their respective movie roles; Iggy Pop was in the brilliant Coffee and Cigarettes, whilst Willie Nelson was in The Duke of fucking Hazzard. Meh.
  3. Ooft! Love both: TJHE BBC sessions is right up there on my list of go-to albums. But Elvis is miles ahead of Jimi as a songwriter.
  4. Little Richard. True fact: whenever arguing with Daily Mail-reading 'friends' I'd always mispronounce Richard Littlejohn, Little Richardjohn. Without fail. I'm not sure which of them would be the most offended if they knew of my faux pas.
  5. Probably warming up for his bout against Prince. Or Conway Twitty. Fuck knows.
  6. cochyn


    As much as I hate to break up the bickering (almost as much as trawling through 1864 pages of debate...) Genuine question: How comfortable is the forum with the American National Institute of Health's (NIH) funding of Bat Coronavirus in Humans program which was undertaken largely by the Wuhan lab prior to this outbreak? Call me a cynic, but it's clearly a line of enquiry. If I were even more cynical, I'd suggest the USA has been complicit in selecting foreign agents to undertake the type of research it's domestic agencies are prevented from doing on ethical grounds. Basically - getting other agencies with less transparent ethical barriers to do their dirty work and dressing it up as research? Dunno....
  7. But did Sam Cooke write and perform an entire album by himself, beating Beyoncé to a Grammy award? Did he fuck. The no-mark.
  8. Nah, it’s about the music and then some. Elvis is the ur-performer. If it weren’t for Elvis, we’d be comparing Russ Conway with Russ Abbott in this thread.
  9. Gone with the songwriter, rather than the stooge.
  10. cochyn


    FWIW, it was Corona in Queens that showed the 68% antibody results: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/09/nyregion/nyc-coronavirus-antibodies.html?searchResultPosition=6 The gist of the article seems to be there are a number of macro and micro-effects where immunity levels vary almost by postcode. The same could be true in the UK: I'd wager some of the hardest hit boroughs of London are closer to herd immunity than the leafier suburbs. Immunity also seems most prevalent amongst teenage boys. It seems to me the gov.com on he one hand making a half-assed attempt at achieving herd-immunity in the young by keeping schools an colleges open. Whilst doling out paltry lockdown measures for the general populace with the other. It's like watching a five year-old trying to work out how to drive a train. There needs to be targeted antibody tests and some clever maths to give a better picture at postcode-level. Working out how this has occurred and factoring it to any future modelling. But gov.com would rather spend billions in emergency money employing the thousands of extra customs officers we'll need to make Brexit happen....
  11. cochyn


    I think you're right. The NYT ran an article a few weeks ago on the results of antibody tests in various boroughs of New York. The area of Brooklyn mostly affected in March-May now demonstrate up 68% of the population tested positive for antibodies, thus achieving herd immunity. Crucially, it was the people living in these neighbourhoods that had to do the lower-paid essential work over lock-down and had to resort to neighbourhood child care. It was carnage - bodies piling up in refrigerated artics for weeks. AFAIK, this is the only community in a temperate climate that has come out the other end of Covid with herd immunity in place. Scary.
  12. Even Gene Pitney's mum would vote for Satchmo here.
  13. Sympathy vote for the Modfather from me. Gutted he's out already. Well, y'know, I'm sure he'll manage.
  14. cochyn

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    You see? That's a totally new market opened up right there that simply didn't exist before. Brexit is off to a flyer, boys!