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  1. Same. Except every button I press results in GBH/ ABH on an opponent's er, partcipant. I'm lucky to finish with 7 of my own participants in this unmentionable you mention.
  2. Early mornings. I went through a stage of having an early night and getting up around 6.00a.m every day to 'sieze the day'. I'd be wiped out by 1 o'clock and need a nap which turned into three hours of proper sleep. Wake me up at 9:00 a.m and I can power through to 3:00 a.m no trouble and wake up fine at 9:00a.m again on the dot the next day. I love early mornings and the promise being up at the lark brings. But can I fuck do it productively.
  3. It's easy to forget just how tribal and polarised popular music was when Oasis burst onto the scene. Rockers rocked and ravers raved and never the twain would meet. Then all of a sudden everyone dropped their cudgels and got behind Oasis in a way I'd never have expected. Big anthemic tunes delivered with a swagger and a proper fuck you attitude: Rockers to ravers loved it equally. For me, Oasis smashed the fallacy of tribal music fandom to pieces.
  4. cochyn


    Thanks mate. The staff have in the main been excellent at containing previous cases so I'm hopeful it won't spread beyond the wing it's been identified in. Worrying times though, and so unneccessary. It baffles me how anyone working with vulnerable people can be so selfish and callous. I've concluded these theorists and deniers simply aren't capable of comprehending the enormity of events they don't understand. They ping-pong between the denial and anger stages of grief, and never push through the cathartic stages to acceptance. they're mental midgets, sadly. The only way out of this whole situation now is through, and we're all going through it.
  5. cochyn


    Fucking livid. Two of the carers at the home my Dad's in refused the vaccine before christmas. Now there's a covid outbreak amongst the residents. They've been locked down since March last year with only one case in all that time. Antivaxxers really are the fucking pits.
  6. cochyn

    Dua Lipa

    Gizza job! Gotta start somewhere..
  7. cochyn

    Dua Lipa

    Imagine that being your job, keeping step with Dua Lipa's arse. Madone! Fucking 'careers guidance'..
  8. Gone with Toots again, as I saw both bands towards their dotage. The Dubs were like a cruise tribute band, Toots tore the roof off.
  9. cochyn

    Must have kitchen appliances...

    As Rushie's Tash said, it's amazing how much easier meal prep becomes with a proper sharp knife. @TheHowieLama Whetstone and a leather strop for sharpening and honing knives. Nothing else comes close.
  10. cochyn

    Static Caravans

    Just no. Had a few great family holidays in them when we were little kids. But we were little, so the caravan didn't feel small. I'd imagine as an adult, it'd feel claustrophbic in there. Especially after being in there for three days straight due to the worst of our glorious 'weather'. And, you'd be going to the same place, again and again. Again. No.
  11. Dunno, does the lab consent? But seriously, I can't think of any reason -other than wanting to be a contrary tit- why someone would ethically object to lab grown meat. I once drunkenly told a girl that all unused donated blood is used to make vegan black puddings. After all, the blood was given consensually by its donors. She was horrified. Needless to say, I didn't pull that night. But I still sometimes ponder the market potential of human-derived protein. Obviously, it's completely immoral on all levels. But someone somewhere would be game. Probably the same person who would take a stand against lab-grown 'meat'.
  12. More stiff competition..
  13. Would the Bee Gee's even win a 'Best Australasian band' contest?
  14. cochyn

    Poverty in the UK

    And why weren't non-profit enterprises like the Real Junk Food Project considered for this? https://trjfp.com/activities/food-for-individuals/too-good-to-go-magic-boxes/ TRJFP intercept perfectly good food destined for landfill due to our wasteful society and actually feed those in need with it. Leeds Council in their wisdom have engaged them in feeding the most vulnerable around the city. If ot can happen here, it can happen everywhere.