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  1. cochyn

    Alcohol consumption during lockdown

    Same here. Been making some mean margeritas lately. But because I can't be arsed to make sugar syrup, I substitute it with the sweet AF foreign liqueurs we have stashed in the back of the drinks cabinet. Fucken', rocket fuel...! Also, where the fuck sells decent tequila in this country (Hornitos, Corrallejo etc..)?
  2. cochyn

    Boris Johnson

    Interviewer: What's the definition of countryside? Stephen Fry: Murdering Piers Morgan. Hahaha!
  3. cochyn

    Keir Starmer

    Fucking treble post? Fuck you Chrome.
  4. cochyn

    Keir Starmer

    double post
  5. cochyn

    Keir Starmer

    All social media is a feminine space according to my Doctor friend. Make of that what you will..
  6. cochyn


    Is she Limmy's wife...?!
  7. cochyn

    Alcohol consumption during lockdown

    Rule No 2: If you can't stand a spoon in it, it's just pisswater.
  8. cochyn


    SA banning alcohol sales? First step to revolution. From what I've seen round my way there's folk openly flouting social distancing advice. Most don't but many do. I think by easing restrictions gov.com is hedging on giving people just enough rope for them to take matters into their own hands. The merest hint of liberation and people will take the piss. Gov.com can then be content in knowing it has at least fulfilled its legal requirements, Remember, we're a nation replete with over-eaters, piss-heads and fuck-the-worlders. Given the choice most would choose self-serving nihilsm over informed obedience. Job done, crack on. Aw, sad old Doris has died - she's had a good knock, but we need to live.
  9. cochyn

    The Space Thread

    Sounds like Mission: Impossible.
  10. cochyn


    Ruthless, aloof, unsociable, dismissive, disrespectful, ungrateful...
  11. cochyn


    One of my missus' students was off ill in December. Took to his bed for a week, then cracked on over Chrimbo. Symptoms were identical to Covid-19. Doctors have called him in for antibody tests. This has been going on way longer than were told. Either your Da' and this student were isolated cases. Or, it's been spreading since before Christmas (three months earlier than we thought). Given the increased activity over the festive period it's possible a huge amount of people have had it. An yet things only got really bad in March? Certainly raises a lot of questions..
  12. cochyn


    And a good thing too, in the right places. Should we have 'mask zones', or 'mask tasks'? (I'm not in any way being facetious). I'm not convinced wearing masks outside the home at all times is feasible, or helpful in many everyday circumstances (in classrooms for example). Its a conundrum, surely?
  13. cochyn


    Common sense also tells you driving at 10mph is safer that driving at 50mph.