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  1. cochyn


    Pun intended?
  2. Seeing Salah eye up the penno. Soon as that went in I knew it was ours to lose. Both sides we're ring-rusty on the night. It's weird, but I had an inkling we'd turn Barca over at home. Knowing we'd give them a game like no other and their mislaid faith in just needing one goal is so utterly against their ethos. I'm not saying they played within themselves as such, they just set their sights a lot lower than we did, and we had to go out all guns blazing. Also, I was hoping we wouldn't get Ajax in the final as they're an unknown quantity. Spurs we could handle in the context of Kiev, but Ajax could have surprised us.
  3. Great review that, Dave. It was such a surreal game in a sense that despite our lacklustre performance I just felt it would all work out just fine. I was in a daze for days after the madness of Istanbul. This though, feels like a righteous justification of our standing in European footy.
  4. cochyn


    Got tired of my sub-ohm tank ripping the shit out of my throat so went back to my old Vaporized vape pen (yes, I'm a lightweight)! Trouble was the pen leaks everywhere. Got myself a Tigon Aspire tank with a drip tip. It fits my arc pico box mod perfectly. Runs of a third of the wattage the sub-ohm did but has the smooth, airy vape of the pen with all the flavour. it's only a 2ml tank (as seems to be the norm nowadays). So far its been great.
  5. The one Liverpool fan in the bar at final whistle: Bet this lad was about to burst!
  6. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Dead Man's Shoes Life of Brian Mesrine 1 & 2 Network Where Eagles Dare American Movie Interstellar High Plains Drifter Team America
  7. cochyn

    Top 10 films you haven't seen

    All the Harry Potters All the LOTRs Schindler's List Sixth Sense The Third Man Any of the Avengers Straw Dogs Casablanca Seven Samurai Debbie Does Dallas
  8. cochyn

    Worst British Sitcom Ever?

  9. Been on that Beer 52 thing for a few months now. To be honest, a lot of their stuff either tastes like dishwater or some generic citrussy IPA. There's been some decent ones too though. this French wheat beer was astounding: Once I figure out how to post my own photos, I'll share a few more of my 'finds'.
  10. I know it's ubiquitous now, but "can I get ...?" fucking raises my hackles. No, you cannot simple 'get' the chattel you have requested. You may have it once I bring it to you upon your request. But if you 'get' it, I'll call the manager and have you in chokey for pilfering.
  11. cochyn

    Quantum nonlocality

    There's a Brian Cox (Infinite Monkey Cage) podcast where Nick Bostrom (Philosophy professor at Oxford) reasons that we can only be existing in a simulation. The logic being: any advanced civilisation would reach a technological maturity capable of simulating itself. An advancement of that theory is that these simulations would run ad infinitum to extrapolate infinite versions of that civilisation. Which tallies with an idea of a multiverse. Prove the multiverse, and you prove (?) we live in a simulation
  12. cochyn

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    Except- right-wing media aside- they didn't did they? There was effectively a media black-out during the trials. Since then, the discourse has mainly been around the vulnerability of the victims. I think maybe you're conflating the furore around Tommy Robinson et. al. in the wake of this and what actually happened? There's a difference between grooming for a shared vision of nationhood and grooming for the gratification of the perpetrator though, surely?
  13. cochyn

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    The girl's as thick as mince so there's no way she was discreet and calculating in her communications with her overseers, prior to her flight back in 2014-2015. So I'd imagine her social media and internet chat history are enough to incriminate her beyond any reasonable doubt in any court in the world. And let's face it, wherever she fetches up - her chosen nation won't be on diplomatic terms with ISIS, So, choice is either 'banned'-camp (hoho) forever. Or the certainty of porridge, anywhere that'll have her. Surprised she hasn't sought shelter where chokey's a breeze. Scandinavia maybe?