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  1. Been on that Beer 52 thing for a few months now. To be honest, a lot of their stuff either tastes like dishwater or some generic citrussy IPA. There's been some decent ones too though. this French wheat beer was astounding: Once I figure out how to post my own photos, I'll share a few more of my 'finds'.
  2. I know it's ubiquitous now, but "can I get ...?" fucking raises my hackles. No, you cannot simple 'get' the chattel you have requested. You may have it once I bring it to you upon your request. But if you 'get' it, I'll call the manager and have you in chokey for pilfering.
  3. cochyn

    Quantum nonlocality

    There's a Brian Cox (Infinite Monkey Cage) podcast where Nick Bostrom (Philosophy professor at Oxford) reasons that we can only be existing in a simulation. The logic being: any advanced civilisation would reach a technological maturity capable of simulating itself. An advancement of that theory is that these simulations would run ad infinitum to extrapolate infinite versions of that civilisation. Which tallies with an idea of a multiverse. Prove the multiverse, and you prove (?) we live in a simulation
  4. cochyn

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    Except- right-wing media aside- they didn't did they? There was effectively a media black-out during the trials. Since then, the discourse has mainly been around the vulnerability of the victims. I think maybe you're conflating the furore around Tommy Robinson et. al. in the wake of this and what actually happened? There's a difference between grooming for a shared vision of nationhood and grooming for the gratification of the perpetrator though, surely?
  5. cochyn

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    The girl's as thick as mince so there's no way she was discreet and calculating in her communications with her overseers, prior to her flight back in 2014-2015. So I'd imagine her social media and internet chat history are enough to incriminate her beyond any reasonable doubt in any court in the world. And let's face it, wherever she fetches up - her chosen nation won't be on diplomatic terms with ISIS, So, choice is either 'banned'-camp (hoho) forever. Or the certainty of porridge, anywhere that'll have her. Surprised she hasn't sought shelter where chokey's a breeze. Scandinavia maybe?
  6. cochyn

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    Ha, class! Supporting... Daesh Mode?
  7. cochyn

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    My bad. He'll be dead to her for surrendering in shame and not dying a martyr to the cause. Their reunion would be one episode of 'Surprise Surprise!' I'd watch though. Where's Cilla Black when you need her?
  8. cochyn

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    End of the day, she's a widow with two dead kids, another on the way. She's seen her husband killed at war, she's 'seen things' all before leaving her teenage years. If this were 1985, she'd make a great 'Jackie' magazine photo story. Where's Max Clifford when you need him?
  9. cochyn

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    And so it begins. Whether she comes back or not is almost moot. Despite lack of consular support, it is her right. Due process will prevail. I suspect she'll do some low-cat chokey whilst her kid goes into the care system. What you can guarantee though is the army of shonky advocates using the ensuing shitstorm to get their noses in the trough of litigation. Looking to sue the gov.com whilst using the eposure to further their own 'human rights' creds. Fucking scumbags..
  10. cochyn

    ISIS - To Attack or Not?

    Begum be gone. Get over it.
  11. cochyn

    Rate the last film you watched...

    No mate, the guy Viggo Mortensen played is Tony Lip. Soz for the confusion.
  12. cochyn

    Rate the last film you watched...

    The chauffeur (Tony Lip) played Carmine Lupertazzi in The Sopranos. Whaddaguy!