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Israel - A Rant


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16 minutes ago, TheHowieLama said:


One for the strange world.


Former Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard has said Israel should have silenced families of hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza, and even imprisoned some of them, in order to avoid public pressure to reach a deal with the terror group.

Channel 14 airs a clip of Pollard making the remarks, saying the remarks came during an online call this week with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim of the Shilo Institute.


“When we declared war, the first thing that the government should have done was to declare a state of national emergency and told all of the hostage families, ‘You will keep your mouths shut, or we will shut them for you. You will not interfere in the management of this war. You will not be used by the international community or by our own leftists, who managed the Shalit deal, as a weapon against us,'” he says.


"And if that means imprisoning, to silence certain members of hostages’ families, then so be it. We’re in a state of war,” adds Pollard, who served decades in US prison for espionage before being released by former US president Donald Trump and allowed to move to Israel.


Only democracy in the region remember...... 

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25 minutes ago, Jurgen Knows said:


I can’t help you then. 


Actually you have helped. I phoned the number you posted, told the man my grievances and he was awfully nice. He offered me an all expenses paid holiday in Turkey for one. I'm being met at the airport and driven straight to the Saudi embassy to collect my spending money  What a result. 

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11 hours ago, Section_31 said:

Gnasher I used to think you were alright but I'm starting to suspect you're sat in a former tractor factory in Belarus and doing this for money.





Almost every news agency across the world are using information affiliated to Hamas. The BBC and others also use Hamas information to estimate the current desth toll in Gaza  The information can't be guaranteed but they've been proven to remarkably accurate in the past. I'd suggest far more accurate than some of the nonsense spouted by the IDF this past month. 




Not sure what the Belarus quip means but if it relates to the Ukraine thread  the three links i provided the other day were from Reuters, a mainstream American morning talk show and the BBC.

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Do you know all these command centres etc that the IDF are finding under/in hospitals etc, isn’t it a bit strange how Hamas, a terrorist group who had the competence and wherewithal to pull off a huge attack in Israeli territory, are fucking off from these places but leaving loads of their weapons behind? Even when they know that they’re likely to need them for upcoming close quarters fighting and when they’ve had adequate opportunities to take their weapons with them before the IDF raids took place? 

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5 hours ago, Jurgen Knows said:


Here's the full tweet for people to click on which can be open to interpretation. I'm not a fan of his use of language. The study is linked at the bottom. 


Dr. Areilla Oppenheim from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, did the first extensive DNA study in 2001 on Israelis and Palestinians, and concluded that emigrants on ships to Palestine before it became Israel were 40% Mongolian and 40% Turkish. There was no Semitic blood associated with the original Hebrews of the Middle East 4000 years ago in Jerusalem or the biblical territory. This was confirmed by another DNA project by dr. Eran Elhaik at the McKusick-Namans Institute for Genetic Medicine at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, 2012. His conclusions were the same!* Ashkenazi so-called Jews never migrated from the Middle East!* At the same time, extensive DNA evidence revealed that the Palestinians were 80% more or less, Semitic blood in their ancestors who were therefore found to be true Israelites. White Jews whose ancestors boarded ships in 1882 for Palestine before it was named Israel---are not Israelis. The truth hurts* once again. These white Eastern European descendants of Germans, Russians, Poles, Austrians, Georgians, etc., are frauds who claim to be God's Chosen, but they are the descendants of the ancient Khazars of the Khazarian Caucus and they have denied this scientific evidence because they have invented myths about their own histories, in which many Americans already believe throughout the century, that is, Schofield's Bible. Because, the real history of the newly established "Israel in 1947." --'today this is not a secret!* And Palestinians have been found to be almost more or at least 80% Semitic. The so-called people who are on "the wrong" side of history.







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You gotta take your hat of to these Israelis. They all seem so calm and reasonable. No hyperbole. So reasonable we should all be giving them credit for not dropping a couple of Atomic bombs. 



They've dropped the equivalent anyway and he was probably thinking along these lines.







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