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    A new John Carpenter movie? "No Escape From New York"
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    Rate the last film you watched...

    Running through a bunch of oldies. Pick of the bunch so far is "House of Games" ('87). A psychiatrist gets mixed up with a bunch of con-men.
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    The "half-a-corona virus"?
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    Blood pressure

    Lifesource UA-705 My second lifesource model. Both have worked well.
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    Decent source of information (and graphs): https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
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    If you want to keep putting the complicated ones up, please do. The simple and the complex are both good.
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    As someone who grew up in a family of ten, in a four-bedroom house, that did make me laugh. Though in our case it wasn't death but the older kids getting married off, thankfully.
  10. That last episode really did add to Blackadder. Brilliant. But it's FT for me, just. In no small part due to an episode that also concerned the war, (though I hesitate to mention it).
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    In Trump's defense, it did prevent him dying from the coronavirus.
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    Rate the last film you watched...

    "The Day the Earth Stood Still" dir: Alan Smithee I'd give this one a miss. Did an okay, if slow, job of building up some significant existential dread, and like the best Hitchcock most of the really bad stuff has occurred off-screen (to this point); but unlike your typical thriller, I'm really really not sure what's going to happen. Should I be terrified? Or just bored? Worst of all is it's not over yet, I don't know when it's going to end, and I can't just stand up, throw my popcorn at the screen, and walk out in a huff. I hope everyone is hanging in there. Strange days indeed.
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    Other Football - 2019/20

    Someone should wake Lloris up.
  14. Fit for tomorrow, according to the BBC.
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    Getting Old

    Dry hands. Trying to turn the pages in a book, or pick up something small off the counter, I'm licking my fingertips like Eric Cartman at KFC. And now they're telling me I shouldn't touch my face? I'm fucked.
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    How is this lockdown in Italy going to work? How restrictive is it? Can you go to the grocery store? Are the grocery stores being restocked? Are the utility workers still out there ensuring the water runs and the electricity flows?
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    Tunes that are just fucking ace.....

    I just noticed it last night. Planning to watch it later this week.
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    What looks to be a comprehensive compilation of what's known about the virus to date: First death here in BC, and Canada, today.
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    Donald Trump

    Dow's down another 1500 points (5%) this morning. It's down 5000 points (17%) in the last 3 weeks. At some point, this turd just won't polish.
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    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Just finished "The Outsider". I quit reading King's novels about 20 years/books ago, but this was very enjoyable. A bit too long, of course, but a good, simple story, well told and acted, with a beginning, a middle, and an end. I might dig out "The Stand" and give it another go. Pick up some pointers to prepare for the coming post-Corona-Virus walkabout.