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    First day back in work today after 2 months off with it, ruined me physically and mentally but i'm over the worst now fingers crossed.
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    Baseball caps - 3 for £2.50.
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    I don't watch any Champions League stuff other than our games but they took about a minute to give a perfectly good goal for us the other night & by the time they gave it, I was almost past caring. It doesn't belong in Football. At all. Goal line technology, fine but this shite needs fucked off back to wherever it came from ASAP.
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    Always think it's shitty when people post stuff like queues at Primark on social media. Big fucking wow, people have been under house arrest for months at the cost of their mental and physical health and now they're legally allowed to do something. They're so sad, unlike me who hangs out of windows filming queues on my phone and posting it on twitter. The amount of judgment that's been passed on others during this pandemic is fucking shit, people with money and gardens and families passing judgement on people who are holed up in tomb-like student digs or flats, or people losing their marbles because they haven't spoken to anyone for weeks or months. Everyone is fighting a battle here, as long as they're not deliberately placing people in danger they should be left the fuck alone.
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    I loved St John's Market as a kid especially upstairs. All the blag gear and the smell of vinegar on chips and beans. Essentially would walk around, my mum ignoring all the shit I wanted but randomly stopping now and then and holding a pair of shite jeans against me.
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    I grew up in Prescot on a street backing on to the old BICC Cables wasteground (Its a big Tesco retail park now) and every now and then travellers used to park up on the site. Great for us we used to have running battles with the lads etc. Superb times but one day a big land rover drove down our street obviously looking for things to steal and one of the girls only my age (8 or 9) was out the car window like that. Seriously the most stunning girl i've ever seen in my life. A week later I saw her have a shit and not wipe her arse.
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    Not a lot to aim at all, he should have reversed it to Milner, the selfish cunt.
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    This is why I don't get how people can be so blasé about it. Glad you're on the mend, anyway
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    "It brings us great sadness to learn that His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh has died - Mid Devon Leisure" https://middevonleisure.com Thanks for letting me know, Mid Devon Leisure...
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    This from the Guardian open forum is quite far fetched, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least, given how far fetched the show is anyway. "Since Lee Banks was in contact with Ted while in prison during season 5 I suspect he might be an undercover cop. Which makes me suspect Banks didn't really kill Lakewell. It was a show put on in front of Buckles so everyone would think Lakewell is dead, so Lakewell could then disappear into a witness protection programme with a new identity. As Arnott had promised him. Which means Lakewell had already told Arnott all he knew about the OCG."
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    From just by where I grew up. Stanley Road, with the Roundhouse in the distance, and Tilottsons. , who used to make packaging for BAT, which was just the other side of Sandhills Lane
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    I've missed loads of games this year. The euphoria has gone, even last year when it came back was the same. Remember going mental at Stamford Bridge when Mereiles scored, the relief when stevie hit that worldie in Cardiff, countless others which seem like nostalgia now. Those moments are gone. You'll notice it when the crowds are back, celebrations won't won't as wild or as loud because of the prospect of VAR. When is a goal not a goal? When a Virgin draws a wonky vertical line
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    This will likely be the last year I watch every game. The fun has been going out of it for a long time and I've know seen us win the league and been old enough to enjoy it. But this shit and the whole twitter banter, wind up bollocks has killed off any lingering love for the game. I'll watch on and off and stream the odd game from time to time but that'll probably be it. Sport as a whole has been turned into a greedy shit show. A place for regimes and dodgy businessmen to flex muscles and sportswash their image.
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    'May as well not bother watching it live anymore and just watch the highlights later'. My feelings exactly Dave. All the spontaneity of the celebration has gone.
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    I’d be happy for Keeley’s DNA to be all over my house.
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    Don’t know why we’re cry arsing over VAR yesterday as it seems to me we dodged a bullet at the end
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    It’s fair to say, he didn’t have a lot to aim at yesterday...
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    Yep, just wait til we replicate the massive 2019 summer spending spree.