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    • Is the right decision. Agreed, the lad must be gutted at how he was crippled by that cunt. How many of our players have been put out of action and forced into a major lay off by those yarddogs?   Hendo needs to come out and do the same and say he isnt available for the Euros even though he knows it will be his last major international championship.   Trent also needs to phone in sick for the Euros as well as Ive a sneaky feeling Southgate will call him up due to the increased squads they're allowed.
    • Just when I thought he couldn’t make my Dijk harder.
    • I guess forking out 250K to the Scudamore farewell gift some time ago means the club can't afford to unfortunately.    
    • Salah has played in 48 games this year and has 5 assists. That is less than half of what he got the previous two years (12 and 13) - and a third of what he had his first season. (16) We have been brutal at finishing but that seems strange.
    • Good thing, I reckon. Guardiola's style generally is to bludgeon his way to a massive lead, then watch the others fall away as the scoreboard pressure mounts so that the closing stages of the title race are more of a procession. The only exception really was 2018/19 but we saw the following season the effect that had on him and his team. This season has been more of a normal Guardiola title - except they started their charge a bit later (but got away with it as his main challenger has been Ole's united, which says it all).   If he's under pressure from Jurgen and Tuchel from the off next year I think they'll struggle to hit their usual rhythm - not saying they won't win it, but it's a good thing IMO.
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