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  1. We might miss them, we will miss them but it’s not right that housing costs here prevent them from moving on like we did
  2. Champ

    The Foodie thread

    I would like a frying pan I can put in the oven. Any recommendations?
  3. Champ

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    They’ still talking about it on BBC Radio London
  4. Champ

    Important stuff

    And the plate from 1967
  5. There’s something about the way many young Americans speak, and I include him in that, that kind of creaky voiced, dead eyed, expressionless features, that I find very difficult to read. So when that was how he came across I didn’t want to condemn him immediately and I have to say the cctv footage seemed to support his testimony that she had been drinking but was not drunk. And you’re right, it was uncomfortable that we never saw the woman or anyone who could speak for her but the evidence provided by his former supporter did for him in the end. And then just as women’s voices seem to be reaching the mainstream there is Trump acting to restrict the powers of the universities to hold such men’s actions to account. Really chilling
  6. Champ

    Important stuff

    Some magnificent looking examples in that link
  7. Have we had ‘back in the day’ yet?
  8. Speak with instead of speak to Diarise Myself and ‘other person’ instead of ‘other person’ and I
  9. I was trying to be non judgmental Or with an ‘e’ do you think?
  10. Very very plausible...and then not so much
  11. Nah. When I signed up I wanted a gender neutral name. Our (glory hunter red neighbour) calls everyone 'Champ' and it seemed to fit the bill. Although, not very clear, Betty Boop has Champ written across her top
  12. I can’t imagine how that happened
  13. Champ

    Important stuff

    My teeth are crying just looking at that
  14. She’s young, tall and slim. I can’t see what there isn’t to like ;). Edit. On second thoughts that wink should be tears of impotent rage
  15. Really? I think I’m a bit in love with her or want to be her or something
  16. But just a bit the same in everything? Although she was very good in Tyrannosaur
  17. Champ

    Important stuff

    They’d call it a roll and sausage, would they not? The weirdos.
  18. She’s a bit Emperors New Clothes, isn’t she?
  19. There’s not an ignore function for WhatsApp groups is there? There’s a woman in one of mine and she’s relentless. In the last week we’ve got to go mountain biking, we’ve got to go to see some Beatles tribute band, some show her friend’s in and dancing to 80s music. Just calm down, would you?
  20. Champ

    Important stuff

    Was it a present? I’ve never heard of anyone buying anything for themselves from them
  21. Champ

    Important stuff

    A mixed marriage, eh?
  22. I have the remote to myself tonight. I’m planning a Fleabag and Shetland fest. I’d love to recommend Fleabag to my friends but I think they’d be horrified by it. And me
  23. Champ

    Important stuff

    Do you work in a cafe?
  24. Champ

    Important stuff

    And no butter
  25. Champ

    Important stuff

    But surely that’s 2 slices of bread?